Jamey Driscoll pushing past the beer garden on Day 1 of Gloucester. © Todd Prekaski

Jamey Driscoll pushing past the beer garden on Day 1 of Gloucester. © Todd Prekaski

While Jamey Driscoll didn’t secure the win at Gloucester today, instead taking third place, he certainly took home the “most aggressive rider” award, taking off on Lap 1 and holding the lead until the race was down to the final few laps. We caught up with the latest addition to the Raleigh-Clement team to find out what made him act so aggressively, and what being on the new team has been like.

On his fast start… The boss told me to go hard so I went hard. I was excited I could go that hard! It’s a first for this ’cross season so it seems like I’m ramping up. I was happy to be out there and throw the first punches even if I didn’t throw the last!

On looking relaxed… I’m glad I looked calm. I was hurting. I remember looking back and seeing Jeremy way back and I know he does that but it will never cease to amaze me how cool and collected he can be, to have the confidence to ride there.

On having a file tread tire in the back and a Clement MXP in the front… Because it was loose out there, there was a lot of turning, you needed to get around the tight, slow corner so it was faster on the front tire. The file tread was enough traction but faster on the pavement section. I was running around 30 PSI for the rocky sections.

On his new bike… It’s awesome. The bike, tires, wheels, brakes… It’s all great.

On racing with his Garmin… I’m looking at the time. There are laps but you don’t want to do the math in your head about how much longer the race is. It’s easier to look and see that you’re 32 minutes in or wherever. I have the time so I don’t have to do the calculations!

On winning the race tomorrow… I’m going to try my best.

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