BTB TV Presents is switching it up a bit this week! Back at CrossVegas, BTB TV got the chance to sit down with Telenet – Fidea’s Bart Wellens, a two-time Cyclocross World Champion and a three-time Belgian National Champion. We managed to sit Bart down and talk about the future of cyclocross both in his native Belgium and around the world. Bart is a major proponent of the globalization of cyclocross, and has, for many years, been at the leading edge of European stars coming to the United States to race. In our talk, Bart talks about the challenges of cyclocross’ globalization, the challenges of traveling long distances to races, and the unique pleasures that come along with the sport. Bart also talks about his plans for the future, both long-term and in the next few years, which will definitely continue to revolve around his bicycle.