It might be winter vacation for a lot of students, but class was in session on Wednesday at the Men’s Collegiate Varsity race in Hartford. Collegiate riders traded their studies of the three R’s for the three M’s – mud, mud, and mud. Brannan Fix (Colorado Mesa University) aced his mud exam and earned his Stars-and-Stripes jersey with a dominant performance from start to finish.

Fix jumped out to a fast lead from the opening whistle. After climbing and descending the iconic embankment, he held a 15 second lead on Henry Nadell (Fort Lewis College) and Jonathan Anderson (Fort Lewis College) while a chase group formed behind them. Fix would continue to extend the lead each lap by powering through the muddy straights and staying swift through the many running sections. He would eventually win the race by 55 seconds to take home the National Championship.

The mud was very slippery and this run-up challenged racers all day. Collegiate Men Varsity - Hartford, CT. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

The mud was very slippery and this run-up challenged racers all day. Collegiate Men Varsity – Hartford, CT. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

Fix said he was stoked about racing in the mud, “I love this weather. I was hoping for it all week, just checking the forecast over and over again. I’m glad we got some mud finally this season. It feels good to come here and do what I’ve been waiting to do all season.”

Brannan fix crosses the finish line in victory. 2017 Cyclocross Nationals, Varsity Collegiate Men. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

Brannan fix crosses the finish line in victory. 2017 Cyclocross Nationals, Varsity Collegiate Men. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

Despite his love of the mud, it was the power straights where Fix really made the difference, “I did my first year over in Europe a couple of years ago and did a couple of races with a lot of tractor pull and had good results there. I love getting onto those straightaways and just putting the head down and pedaling hard.”

The Fort Lewis duo of Nadell and Anderson had a spirited team battle for the silver medal. The two rode together for the first half before Anderson started to pull away from Nadell with two laps to go. He kept the gap at eight seconds heading into the last lap and kept his teammate at bay to take second. Nadell held on for the bronze, Cody Cupp (Fort Lewis University) finished fourth, and Liam Earl (Colorado Mesa University) took fifth. Full results below.


2017 CX National Championships Hartford Day 2 Results Collegiate Men Varsity

1228FIXBrannanColorado Mesa University45:32:00
2263ANDERSONJonathanFort Lewis College46:27:0055
3259NADELLHenryFort Lewis College46:31:0059
4261CUPPCodyFort Lewis College46:50:001:18
5227EARLLiamColorado Mesa University47:01:001:29
6280NYSTROMAndersMarian University47:12:001:40
7284BICKMORECadeMarian University47:59:002:27
8271MCGILLScottBrevard College49:53:004:21
9258TRUJILLOSkylerFort Lewis College50:06:004:34
10275BECKETTCarsonBrevard College50:19:004:47
11243MULLALYKeithBelmont Abbey College50:45:005:13
12270SHAWWalkerBrevard College51:00:005:28
13285BENDERZachMarian University51:18:005:46
14241GREATHOUSETristanBelmont Abbey College51:33:006:01
15251MEADVANCORTJonahLindenwood University52:33:007:01
16262BUCKLEYHarrisonFort Lewis College52:33:00s.t.
17268VALDEZZacharyBrevard College52:40:007:08
18236BAILEYAndrewMilligan College53:00:007:28
19279SCALA JRHugoMarian University53:08:007:36
20286WINTERSSamMarian University53:27:007:55
21267DOBROZSISamuelLees-McRae College53:37:008:05
22283FLETCHERVanceMarian University53:57:008:25
23265HOOVERAlecLees-McRae College54:19:008:47
24257VICKERYSamFort Lewis College55:11:009:39
25282HOFFMAN JR.JohnMarian University55:54:0010:22
26274DANGELMAIERRayBrevard College56:03:0010:31
27264PERRYJackLees-McRae College56:18:0010:46
28235FINCHAMSeanSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta56:43:0011:11
29233SAGATArturSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta57:05:0011:33
30250OLESONReeceLindenwood University57:37:0012:05
31273KINGSBURYTreverBrevard College45:47:00@1Lap
32254GOMESAustinLindenwood University45:58:00@1Lap
33240CAREYThomasBelmont Abbey College46:06:00@1Lap
34238BROOKSHIREGraysonMilligan College46:22:00@1Lap
35278MORKAL WILLIAMSSamuelWarren Wilson College46:24:00@1Lap
36237BALDWINAndrewMilligan College46:49:00@1Lap
37272LOWDENZacharyBrevard College46:54:00@1Lap
38255COTEDerekLindenwood University48:06:00@1Lap
39260FROEHLICHERBryanFort Lewis College48:41:00@1Lap
40232SCARANOAndrewSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta48:42:00@1Lap
41230TANKERSLEYNolanKing University48:43:00@1Lap
42247CARMELZacheryMars Hill University49:11:00@1Lap
43253JOHNSONLaneLindenwood University49:43:00@1Lap
44229ELLISKyleKing University50:36:00@1Lap
45248HAKENathanMars Hill University51:21:00@1Lap
46288SCHOONOVERNathanielLindenwood University51:50:00@1Lap
47234FOERSTERPeterSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta@1Lap
48269STANIAKZackBrevard College52:10:00@1Lap
49266HARDINWilliamLees-McRae College52:53:00@1Lap
50252JOHNSONColeLindenwood University53:57:00@1Lap
51245GUELZOAndrewPiedmont College54:29:00@1Lap
52244OWENMatthewKing University54:58:00@1Lap
53256COLESTOCKJasonLindenwood University56:29:00@1Lap
54226COOPERGregoryPrescott College58:38:00@1Lap
55231VARGASWilmanSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta1:01:12@1Lap
56277WAGNERHarrisWarren Wilson College1:01:42@1Lap
57287MOOREFIELDSilasLees-McRae College52:07:00@2Laps
DNF281MCSHANEIanMarian University
DNF246CANTRELLDylanPiedmont College
DNS239WENTWORTHSamuelMilligan College
DNS276WESTBergenWarren Wilson College