Colin Reuter, better known as ResultsBoy and featured in our Issue 12, has been running for the last four and half years. (You may remember our Issue 2 article covering the eBay auction of sandbagger upgrade points that prominently featured his site.)  Well, after working around the clock on the site when not doing his “real job” (something many of us are all too familiar with), Reuter evaluated his life and used his number crunching skills to come up with a valuation of his website.

The end result? It’s now owned by the folks at, and he’ll be paid a salary to run it on a full-time basis. Reuter describes the process, “So…emails were sent, valuations were crafted, phone calls were made, and when the coffee grounds settled I was left with an offer from to buy the site and work full-time for them.”

What’s next for Reuter and Reuter is not sure but we’re expecting big things.

“Where exactly we’re going with this isn’t entirely clear yet; the basic premise was, if this is how awesome I can make the site working 10-hour weeks at night during cross season, then imagine how awesome this thing could be if it actually had forty hours a week and a paycheck behind it.”

Congrats Colin, and good luck with the site.  But sandbaggers beware, as he’ll have five times the bandwidth to call you out!  Semi-official press release below.


After hours of intense negotiation, has been acquired by for the modest price of 6 Dugasts, a dented Cannondale, and a mostly-unused tin of embrocation!

But seriously.

Bikereg DID buy us.  They recognized that we are producing data-driven awesomeness at a steady rate, and that our output could be significantly increased if we were given a proper web server and an actual paycheck.  Not that we didn’t love doing this stuff every night during ‘cross season…

What does this mean for you?  That 2011 is going to be the year of CRAZY IMPROVEMENTS around here. So crazy, we might even make the site work in Internet Explorer.

Further updates as events warrant!