For the first time ever, Behind THE Barriers crosses the Atlantic Ocean! Season 2 Episode 8 follows Jeremy and the Rapha-Focus crew to Plzeň, Czech Republic for the first World Cup on the UCI Calendar! Jeremy and his team settle in to a week’s worth of life in Prague, getting of to a rocky start as they blow the circuits to their floor in the hotel where they’re staying! And that doesn’t even have anything to do with Jeremy firing up his turntables to pass the time with some of his favorite beats! After getting together the necessities for a world cup weekend — never go anywhere without some astroturf — and seeing the sights, it’s off to Plzeň to ride the course and get ready for Sunday’s racing action. Hop on board as Jeremy takes you through the best parts of a lap of a World Cup course, as he goes out preriding with Tim Johnson and Jamey Driscoll. Finally, it’s back to the hotel to recover, unwind and mentally prepare for what could be the most successful race of Jeremy’s career.

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