Although we get plenty of Canadian cyclocross and gravel bikes to review, highlighted by the huge majority of bikes from the north that can be found in Issue 29, we don’t often get a lot of off-road looks at the Montreal-based Argon18. That changed at Interbike 2015, where we got to see the company’s cobble and gravel machine, the Argon18 Krypton XRoad.

The XRoad is based off the company’s principles of creating a road frame with two zones: a power zone of stiffness in the chainstays, bottom bracket shell and head tube, and thinner top tubes and seatstays to absorb and dissipate vibration from the road.

One of the unique features of the Argon18 Krypton XRoad is in the head tube spacers, which are designed with the company’s proprietary 3D system. According to Argon18, the thick spacers almost act like an extension of the head tube, increasing the rigidity of the front by 5% with the stem set at 15mm above the headset and 11% at 25mm.

Frame weight is a claimed 1190 grams for a medium size including paint and clear coat, with the cut fork weighing in at 505 grams.

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Argon 18 RoadX Bike and Interbike 2015. © A. Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

The Argon18 Krypton XRoad at Interbike 2015. © A. Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

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