2018 marked the 12th year of the Almanzo 100 gravel race held on the unpaved roads around Spring Valley in southeastern Minnesota. After a 2017 race that was marred by 35-degree temperatures and rain, this year’s race was drier and dustier, with temperatures reaching the 70s and the sun peeking through the clouds at times.

Conditions were dry and the course covered in dust. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

Conditions were dry and the course covered in dust. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

Almanzo is known for its laid-back approach to gravel. Participants register by sending in a postcard to event organizers and as it has been every year, the event is free. There are no podiums at the finish, but many folks stick around to share stories, light up the grill and re-connect with old gravel friends from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and beyond.

The event—which began with a ride from Rochester to Mankato in 2007—is named after Almanzo Wilder, who was the husband of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Anyone who has read the “Little House” series knows the family moved around quite a bit, and the race is so-named because the family spent time on Wilder’s family farm outside Spring Valley. Fittingly, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway passes through the town of Spring Valley.

The Almanzo 100 event features three different race lengths. Saturday’s shortest race, at an actual distance of 101 miles, is the “marquee” race that draws the most participants. There is also the 162-mile Royal race that starts earlier on Saturday morning and the 380-mile Alexander that starts at the crack of dawn on Friday. This year, 550 riders finished the 100, 37 the 162-mile race and 3 for the 380-mile Alexander.

The Almanzo 100 starts in downtown Spring Valley, which is located south of Rochester. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

The Almanzo 100 starts in downtown Spring Valley, which is located south of Rochester. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

Like all gravel events, the Almanzo lets participants choose their flavor of riding. Want to race? Head to the front behind the ambulance lead-out from downtown Spring Valley out onto the (this year) dusty roads. Taking on the challenge of finishing? Enjoy the scenery and stop at the three checkpoints along the way to help make sure you make it back to Spring Valley in one piece. As a special treat, the recently retired Guitar Ted was at checkpoint three handing out bacon, licorice and drinks to help riders tackle the home stretch.

Part of the appeal of the Almanzo 100 event is that it is by no means an easy ride. Southeast Minnesota has its fair share of hills and river valleys, and in total, the 100-mile event includes 6,000 feet of climbing. The Royal 162 route adds more elevation gain as the route heads further south into northern Iowa.

Climbs were aplenty at Almanzo, with over 6,000 feet of vertical gain for the 100-mile race. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

Climbs were aplenty at Almanzo, with over 6,000 feet of vertical gain for the 100-mile race. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

For those racing, an early climb of over 200 feet near mile 10 presents an early challenge to clear to stick with the lead group. As riders who traveled from afar to race at Almanzo experienced, climbing in the Midwest means something a little different than it is in some other parts of the country. Most climbs are on short, steep hills that require brief 1-5 minute efforts followed by a strong recoveries. Riders who tackle the Almanzo 100 challenge would no doubt report that the short bursts add up with the miles.

Like many events, the toughest part of the Almanzo 100 course seemed to come in the second half of the ride. Starting around mile 65 or so, the gravel turned from a light layer on a hard pack base to a slog of freshly laid stone. Riders at the finish talked about how their groups rode the grass on the side of the road trying to find some respite from the energy-sapping stone, ala Paris-Roubaix and the lines riders choose to get off the cobbles.

Many riders worked to find a clean line around the thick, freshly laid gravel. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

Many riders worked to find a clean line around the thick, freshly laid gravel. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

There is a creek crossing at mile 80 and then the dreaded Oriole Road climb at mile 90. The creek crossing is a memorable part of the race no doubt, but there is no way it shares the dread inspired by the Oriole Road climb. Riders turn right onto the road to face a steep gravel incline that at that time, probably resembles a wall. Hike-a-bike is a common occurrence, even for those near the front of the race.

The creek crossing is a memorable part of the Almanzo race. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

The creek crossing is a memorable part of the Almanzo race. 2018 Almanzo 100 Gravel Race. © Eric Wynn

Top Almanzo Honors

After last year’s brutal slog in the cold, wet conditions, this year’s race was fast and dusty. Finish times for many were quick and spirits were high in the party zone at the finish. Although there were no official podiums, riders had number plates on and you know what they say what happens when you put a number on…

Top honors in the Men’s Almanzo 100 race went to Luke Russell of Minnesota who finished in 5:14:38. Parker Bloom and Tyler Curtis rounded out the podium that did not actually exist.

The Women’s race was, aptly given the Midwest setting, a barn burner. In what was a new kind of bike race journalism for me, I had the privilege of riding with the lead group of women for the last 60 miles of the race. I guess there is no better way of covering a race than actually watching the race from in the race.

Starting around mile 80 after the post-creek climb, Dee Dee Winfield, Kristen Legan and Jenna Rinehart traded attacks as they tried to get space on each other. Legan won the unofficial “Most Courageous” award for her efforts in the thick, deep gravel, but when the trio hit the famed Oriole Road climb, they were still together.

Winfield opened a small gap on the recovery after the climb up the Oriole wall, but Legan again closed it down. After the last climb at mile 95, Winfield finally got a decisive gap and held it for the win in a time of 5:48:34. Legan finished in second a minute behind and Rinehart followed closely for third.

Long-time reader likely remember Winfield’s name from the latter half of the 2000s, when she was one of the top riders on the U.S. UCI circuit and a member of the 2007 Worlds team.

The top woman in the Royal 162 was Jill Suurmeyer and the top male was Ian Hoogendam. Dylan Morton led the three finishers in the Alexander 380 with a time of just under 30 hours, if my interpretation of the reported results is correct.

Full results for all three races are below. Results are provided as available on the Almanzo website.

2018 Alexander 380 Results

1    1006Dylan Morton29:57
2    1009Brett Stepanik39:58
3    1001Randy Brendal61:15

2018 Royal 162 Results

1    1230    Ian Hoogendam8:54:00    
2    1200    Andrew Aarons9:31:29    
3    1263    Steven Soltis9:34:12    
4    1297    Steve Goetzleman9:34:14    
5    1205    Joel Benton9:54:03    
6     1270  David Wargin10:45:26  
7     1294  Paul Carroll11:10:59  
8     1295  Kyle Sobota11:18:58  
9     1251  Matt O'Laughlin11:20:04  
10   1252  Jeff O'Neill11:23:20  
11   1240  Justin Kremer11:24:19  
12   1242  Brian Lewis-Jones11:30:04  
13   1267  Jill Suurmeyer11:48:51  
14   1299  Jacob Jungers11:54:34  
15   1218  Josh Gamble11:56:59  
16   389  Sandy Marshall11:57:07  
17   1210  Kyle Davis11:58:04  
18   1262  Henry Slocum12:14:54  
19   1208  Andrea Cohen12:15:59  
20   1261  Sue Schroeder12:19:13  
21   1245  Rob  Mosiman12:27:43  
22   1264  Jens Sonnichsen12:33:12  
23   1222  Ward Griffiths12:33:16  
24   1293  Jeremy Staff12:36:27  
25   1232  Gregory Ivey12:41:41  
26   1259  Kyle Schlink12:49:55  
27   1241  Mike Lee12:53:20  
28   1214  Andrew Dostal13:09:07  
29   1207  Kimberly Breuer13:09:14  
30   1233  Pete Jaros13:11:50  
31   1216  Erik Englund13:36:32  
32   1239  Dave Knox13:36:34  
33   1257  Craig Rittler13:36:39  
34   1256  Trenton Raygor13:36:43  
35    1274Anthony Wozniak13:59:55  
36   1250  Sean O'Donnell14:09:04  
37     1247Mike Nichols14:10:00

2018 Almanzo 100 Results

1  536  Luke Russell5:14:38  
2  57    Parker Bloom5:18:22  
3  800  Tyler Curtis5:19:31  
4  822  Rick Curtis5:20:39  
5  9Jason Anderson5:20:51  
6  823  Drew Wilson5:24:56  
7  390  Steve Marshall5:25:05  
8  786  Aaron Wrabek5:25:11  
9  756  Jeff Barnes5:25:12  
1095  Chris Case5:25:22  
11702  Charles Wolf5:27:45  
1218  Jim Armstead5:29:05  
13522  Franz Rinkleff5:29:23  
14742  Justin Royster5:30:20  
15810  Brendan Kealy5:30:21  
16825  Tom Puzak5:30:24  
17759  Ted Martin5:30:26  
18912  Connor Dilger5:30:27  
19919  Gordon Hillque5:30:30  
20902  Chris Smith5:30:34  
21182  Neil Fortner5:30:57  
22910  Sam Morgan5:39:14  
23128  Brian Delaney5:39:22  
24509  Sam Rauchwarter5:48:03  
2514  Kieran Andrews5:48:04  
26299  David Jensen5:48:22  
27329  Brian Koenema5:48:30  
281272DeeDee Winfield5:48:34  
29560  Zach Schuster5:49:20  
30354  Kristin Legan5:50:27  
31819  Jenna rinehart5:50:37  
32423  Alex Morgan5:53:55  
33715  Lee Zettler5:56:15  
34704  Andrew Worth5:59:30  
35741  Timothy Tanner5:59:45  
36857  Jonah Tndson-Erdman5:59:49  
37285  Dan Hughes5:59:52  
38697  Robin Williams5:59:55  
39610  Eric Sundstrom5:59:58  
40537  Robert Rutscher6:01:19  
41718Bryan Greg14:20:25
42266  Ben Hey6:01:21  
4327  Lucas Barloon6:02:15  
44803  Joe Meiser6:02:21  
45175  Alex Flunker6:02:24  
46911  David Mainguy6:03:40  
47165  Jerome Ferson6:05:40  
48688  Brian Werner6:06:53  
49622  Troy Templin6:08:21  
50724  Yoshinori Fino6:10:17  
51471  Kevin Patterson6:10:57  
52574  Jason Simpson6:11:03  
53641  Jason Uhlenhake6:11:41  
54675  Ezra Ward-Packard6:12:01  
55489  Peter Phillips6:12:05  
56904  Ryan Stringfield6:12:08  
5769  Jedd Braunwarth6:12:10  
58617  Scott Swenson6:12:12  
59828  Zachary Burton6:13:26  
6043  Brian Bennett6:18:31  
61344  Dean Kusler6:18:39  
62571  Corey Shouse6:19:41  
63673  Mike Waltman6:19:50  
64854  Stephen Hunter6:19:54  
65925  Alex Schud6:19:59  
66639  Eric Tudor6:20:03  
67428  Erica Mueller6:22:18  
68200  Nicholas Garbis6:22:27  
69470  Josh Patterson6:22:29  
70240  Morison Hall6:22:33  
71775  Junior Mendes6:22:43  
72452  Kelly Nowels6:22:59  
73905  Frederick Von Hoenberg6:23:16  
74587  Sam St. Pierre6:25:03  
75488  Corey Philips6:25:06  
7650  Randall Bill6:25:07  
77750  Michael Rex Schumacher6:25:11  
78360  Jared Lewis6:25:13  
79849  Jon Kern6:26:47  
8060  Mat Boie6:27:27  
81566  Todd Shanafelt6:27:33  
82600  Danny Storm6:28:01  
83817  Chris Goettl6:30:35  
8440  David Bell6:30:36  
85316  Chad Kelly6:30:41  
86317  Justin Kelly6:30:42  
87625  Andy Tetmeyer6:31:34  
88110  Anthony Corradi6:32:35  
89457  Christian Oestreich6:32:48  
90210  David Giefer6:32:57  
912    yle Abernathy6:35:28  
92907  Joshua Schneider6:35:37  
93351  Dave Lawrence6:35:54  
94206  Tim Gerrits6:35:57  
95716  Marty Larson6:37:22  
96785  Casey Matthews6:39:26  
97102  Ted Clausen6:40:05  
98751  Slater Crosby6:40:07  
99923  Jason Rugnow6:41:29  
100117Jakub Cychowski6:41:32
101579Aaron Smith6:42:43
10283  Russell Buri6:43:04
103591Danny Stevens6:43:16
104667Andy Wagner6:43:18
105649Chris Van Hoven6:43:20
106111Reed Cosgrove6:43:22
107837Thomas Quinn6:43:34
108761Mark McLain6:44:25
109801Martin Andrusiak6:44:30
110728Benjamin Cox6:45:42
111770Justin McBride6:45:43
112422Lance Moran6:45:50
113866Mark Engen6:46:02
114221Chris Grady6:46:27
115551Dennis Schmitz6:46:32
116858Shane Waskey6:48:36
117737Jim Bethea6:48:40
118638Brandon Trigger6:48:45
119862Eric Hamborg6:48:48
120788Mitch Nordahl6:48:50
121865Bob Chose6:48:52
122479Geoff Perrill6:48:55
123284Matt Hoven6:49:32
124592Patrick Steward6:50:06
125262David Herbert6:50:52
126877Jim Thornton6:50:55
127465Dave Ostrem6:51:32
128181Andrew Folpe6:52:07
129108Linda Cooper6:52:11
130811Todd Juhlin6:52:13
131387Robert Mark6:53:07
132754Jared Anderson6:53:33
133736Matt Henderson6:53:42
134802Paul Inkala6:54:04
135374James Lueth6:54:08
136762Tom Kvenske6:54:20
137795Lance Nelson-Harris6:54:53
138735Tyler Cowman6:54:59
139278Mark Holtan6:55:05
140158Erik Engness6:55:22
14124  David Baillargeon6:55:29
14262  Zach Bonzer6:56:50
1431260Jay Schneider6:56:53
144151Nate Edel6:56:57
145396Sean Mattner6:57:17
146790Emily Nordahl6:58:27
147463Matt Ostbloom6:58:35
148654Mark VanderWoude6:58:43
149653Brian VanderWoude6:58:44
150378David Lyons6:59:00
151643Nick Uniatowski6:59:03
152776Topher Valenti6:59:08
1531275Eric Youngner7:00:21
154311Andrew Karre7:01:05
155339Eli Kruit7:01:22
156915Jeffrey Hunt7:03:12
157405Greg Mealhouse7:05:05
1581220Brandon Gobel7:05:07
159633Sam Tobias7:05:19
160461Tina Olson7:05:23
161615Ben Swenka7:05:25
162315Brian Kelley7:05:27
163773Jim Massa7:05:58
164798Andrew Williams 7:06:01
16589  Samuel Calkins7:06:12
166879Robin Bennett7:06:17
167668Kirk Wahlstrom7:06:27
168808Peter Kaboli7:07:39
169542Darcy Sanford7:07:40
170607Jason Sumner7:08:27
171918Tom Gunderson7:09:29
17226  Joseph Balagtas7:10:17
173254Brian Headlee7:11:18
17452  Mike Binkowski7:11:22
175739Jeff Jasperson7:12:01
176393Chad Mason7:12:02
177293Chris Jacobson7:12:11
17831  Koen Bastiaens7:12:59
179373Andrew Luce7:13:31
180797Wayne Bishop7:13:39
181848Joe Treleven7:14:24
182146John Duffey7:14:27
1831204Randy Bell7:15:23
184836Kevin Ehlers7:15:25
185253Rod Hawkins7:15:32
186436David Neidhart7:16:49
18745  Mike Berkopec7:19:08
188276David Holm7:19:12
189205Anthony Gerlach7:19:16
190816Brian Porter7:19:27
191242Brad Hallett7:19:37
19232  Willem Bastiaens7:19:38
193901Matt Allen7:19:46
19488  David Butz7:20:27
195320Joshua Kent7:21:34
196734Ben Fife7:21:39
197231Matthew Gryniewski7:21:40
198101Andy Clark7:22:10
199484Randy Peterson7:22:20
200338Thomas Krenz7:23:30
201758Jesse Marzean7:23:33
202650Erika Van Kooten7:24:39
203777Phil Thomas7:24:41
204355Nick Legan7:24:47
205332Shinichiro Kondo7:24:50
206917Dustin Chambliss7:24:55
207497Jared Porter7:25:00
208605Jay Styba7:25:08
209138John Dilger7:25:11
21098  Eric Castren7:26:07
211769Steve Reid7:27:55
212214Paulie Glatt7:28:45
213486Michael Petesch7:29:06
214218Nathan Good7:29:11
215691Andy Weyrauch7:29:15
216363Gary Lindberg7:29:29
217598Bob Stoltz7:30:08
218212Christian Gilbert7:30:19
219434Darian Nagle-Gamm7:30:23
22074  Michael Broshat7:31:01
22184  Walt Burns7:31:04
222814Nicholas Pugliesi7:31:07
223855Matthew Broshat7:31:09
224154Scott Eising7:31:16
225713Rod Zamorano7:31:18
226548Vince Schaper7:31:22
227501Ed Prosser7:31:31
228721Bob Heitzman7:32:40
229824Curtis Wilson7:32:43
230397Chip Mauri7:32:47
231604Gail Strom7:33:09
232628Andy Thieman7:34:05
233167Johanna Ficatier7:34:06
234831Todd Dalberg7:34:20
235104Mike Colaizy7:34:23
236115Cliff Csiznar7:34:34
237838Balvindar Singh7:34:37
238267Bill Hicks7:34:44
23980  Jason Buckman7:35:10
240202Jessie Gascon7:35:13
24142  Rob Belz7:35:37
242295John Jarvis7:36:03
243163Mat Fassbinder7:36:07
244550John L. Schmidt7:36:27
245395Hiroshi Matsumoto7:36:31
246660David Volante7:37:15
247380Dee Mable7:37:17
248199Jeremy Gamm7:37:19
249565Kevin Seydel7:37:22
250251Brad Hautala7:37:41
251859Len Schmid7:38:00
252755Alex Rhead7:38:34
253549Brandon Schliinz7:39:27
254341Ryan Kucera7:39:32
255346Jim Lais7:39:37
256263Troy Herlick7:40:03
257508Justin Ratzlaff7:41:50
258708Hirokazu Yokoyama7:42:10
259682Paul Wegner7:42:53
260606Michael Sullivan7:43:18
261850Dave Berglund7:44:25
262260Dave Henry7:44:30
263453Mallory Nowels7:45:07
264270Timothy Hoffard7:46:18
265155Gary Elling7:46:21
266867John Oldenberg7:46:31
267658Jeff Viestenz7:46:34
268868Matt Webb7:46:48
269727Michael Kosobucki7:46:55
270782Brian Wautlet7:46:58
271781Benjamin Sawatzy7:47:01
272112Mike Courtney7:47:02
2731203Erin Ayala7:47:29
2741202Daniel Ayala7:47:31
275264Daniel Hernandez7:47:37
276832William Pass7:48:22
277767Jenna Christensen7:48:24
278109Chris Corley7:48:26
279766Liz Johnson7:48:28
280169Greg Fields7:48:30
281391Carol Marston7:48:32
28233  Ben Bastian7:49:01
283655Tim Vedder7:49:21
284720Ross Elford7:50:22
285779Masashi Matsui7:50:29
286764Chris Foster7:50:58
287820Chris Orthey7:51:00
28846  Brian Bernard7:51:04
289499Dean Potter7:51:05
290296Nicholas Jazdzewski7:51:08
291518Andrew Reitz7:51:30
292460Aaron Olson7:52:11
293459Ian Olsen7:52:48
294813Cale Swanson7:52:54
29567  AJ Brandt7:53:25
296420Reid Montgomery7:53:27
297830Thako Harris7:54:11
298468Robert Paetsch7:54:14
299424Angus Morison7:55:42
300619Bruce Talen7:57:01
301415Matthew Milone7:57:46
302634David Toews7:58:10
303841Nick Pearch7:58:51
304119Lydia Dahl7:58:52
305636Steve Tracy7:58:55
306456Patrick O'Connor7:59:32
307678Chris Warren7:59:52
308130Bobby Denton8:00:14
309362Stefan Liiste8:00:18
310408Steve Messenger8:00:46
311407Aaron Messenger8:00:51
312656Jonathan Ver Steegh8:03:29
313926Ken Zylstra8:03:44
314273Wayne Hoklas8:04:12
315347Jon Lane8:05:04
31661  Brett Bonebrake8:06:02
317845Scott Hoff8:07:28
318476Josh Pennington8:07:31
319306Doug Johnston8:07:33
320149Jeffrey Dullard8:07:42
321875Jason Johnson8:10:24
322876Tavis Westbrook8:10:26
323546Charlie Sawyer8:10:31
324227Don Griggs8:10:48
325576Bob Skidmore8:10:54
326323Mark Kikkert8:11:09
327268Mark Hildreth8:11:23
328687Kurt Wendel8:11:55
329326Doug Klahsen8:13:33
330413Kevin Miller8:13:41
3314  Masayuki Aiba8:14:01
332464Brett Ostby8:14:08
333116Robert Cure8:15:36
334557Tim Schroepfer8:16:28
335211Alex Giese8:16:32
336291Keisuke Iwamoto8:16:40
33725  Shawn Baker8:16:51
338753Steve Bailey8:17:58
339752Luke Brager8:18:01
340201Jim Garrett8:18:04
341383Jeffrey Mandel8:18:05
342555Steve Schoo8:19:32
343726Keith Olson8:19:36
344492Kyle Platts8:19:41
345122Dan Davis8:22:01
346247Farran Hart8:22:03
347676Mike Warne8:22:21
348674Robert Walz8:22:27
34993  Jonathon Carter8:22:29
350852Brett Dalhgren8:22:33
351229Michael Groskreutz8:22:37
352603Scott Stroeing8:22:40
353853Brady Mueller8:22:42
354375Paul Lundberg8:24:23
355826Eric Leugers8:25:37
356140Alex Dobbertin8:25:40
357839Chris Marsden8:25:43
358358Peter Leugers8:25:46
359136Jon Dicus8:25:48
360840Michael Theiler8:25:50
361827Jill Juurmeyer8:25:53
362466Jim Pacala8:25:57
363851Bob Weil8:26:00
364672John Walthour8:26:03
365835Daniel Gold8:26:06
366558Dan Schue8:26:09
367454Nathan Nykamp8:26:14
368204Andrew Geppert8:26:38
369842Jeffrey Freidhof8:28:15
370129Jay Dellis8:30:15
371870Jeffrey Florence8:30:17
372410Jeremy Mickelson8:31:01
373369Joel Lokken8:31:06
374601Kristen Strawnacker8:31:31
375664Loren Waalkens8:31:33
376627Dennis Theis8:31:45
377626Dan Theis8:31:50
378431Eric Nacey8:32:10
379749Jeff Anderson8:32:28
380686Christopher Welch8:33:42
381379David Mable8:35:27
382878Tara Brick8:35:32
383621Robert Taylor8:37:09
384760Iris Tepaske8:37:17
385495Erika Pond8:37:20
386321Irfan Khan8:37:38
387580Harlan Smith8:37:40
388494Jeff Pokorney8:40:08
389844Geoffrey Wilson8:42:56
390846Stephen Wilson8:42:58
391796Benjamin Heimbuch8:43:01
392437Adam Nelson8:43:25
393906Jay Heine8:44:18
394490Chadd Piper8:44:27
395738Kathleen Porter8:45:22
396809Kevin Wood8:46:14
397812Tom Horner8:46:16
39865  Benjamin Braaten8:48:44
39912  Sarah Anderson8:49:31
400623Ryan Terpening8:49:36
401162John Ewen8:49:42
402188Carolyn Franzone8:50:10
403669Dana Wall8:51:51
404928Yergeniy Perzhu8:51:59
405717Steve Reid8:52:21
406659Paul Vogel8:52:24
407394Alan Matson8:52:27
408364Kristi Linder8:53:03
409467David Pace8:53:07
410662Ashley, David Von Edge8:54:03
411748Mark Kennen8:55:09
412401Tony McGrane8:57:22
413564Glenn Seager8:58:04
414563Brent Seager8:58:05
41534  Kathy Bates8:58:08
41615  Kate Ankofski8:58:11
417874Mason Thornberg8:59:12
418224David Greedy8:59:43
419533Blake Rowley8:59:48
420271Cory Hoffman9:00:02
421725Zach Anderson9:00:05
42222  Chris Babcock9:00:12
423789Bobby Johnson9:00:45
424703Thomas Woods9:01:30
425578Jordan Skophammer9:01:42
426834Andy Goodner9:02:31
427644Dave Urban9:03:31
42839  Brian Bell9:03:40
429652James Van Sloan9:04:17
430630Eric Thoerner9:04:19
431532Josh Rouse9:04:24
432319Earl Kendall9:04:34
433771Eric Schluttner9:05:42
43421  Anna Asleson9:06:46
435747Sarah Hardang9:11:21
436729Suzie Howe9:12:17
437730Joy Leighton9:12:19
438370James Longhurst9:14:47
439594Rene Stietz9:19:04
44078  Joe Bruentrup9:19:07
441133Alan Dettmer9:19:08
442632Pete Thurmes9:19:18
44394  Tony Carter9:19:24
444743Trevor Bridges9:19:56
445701Mike Wittmer9:20:05
446568John Sheldrake9:20:24
447506Daniel Randolph9:20:51
448388Carol Markham-Cousins9:21:14
449861Josie Walton9:21:22
450927Valerie Rittler9:21:23
45192  Bob Carter9:24:20
452148Brian Dukek9:24:29
453575Deo Sioco9:24:31
454400Michael McDonald9:29:11
455150John Durham9:29:46
45671  Levi Bridges9:30:40
457595Guy Still9:32:48
458873Mark Butcher9:32:50
459829Jose Pascal9:32:54
460799Ronald Roberts9:32:58
461481Dale Peterson9:33:23
462731Nick Lanner9:34:13
463473Ken Paulman9:35:57
464616Casey and Elle Swenson9:37:32
465699Mark Winslow9:37:52
466922Brian Boehmer9:39:07
467581Steve Smith9:39:09
468921Curtis Peterson9:39:13
469496Ben Popper9:39:19
470230Trisha Groth9:41:31
471931Scott Gregory9:41:35
472913Kent Svestka9:41:52
473475Luke Pederson9:42:47
474123Jason Davis9:43:33
475903Nathan Good9:43:36
4765  Rich Albrecht9:43:37
477438Chad Nelson9:44:53
478135Tobiah Deutsch9:45:06
479552Pete Schneider9:45:08
480283Emily Houser9:48:53
48164  Eric Boyles9:48:54
48299  Jonathon Castrodale9:48:56
483657Jeff Victorin9:49:50
484863Michael McElhinney9:49:52
485856Randy Lewandowski9:49:56
486805Chris Fandel9:50:54
487516Kevin Regan9:54:58
48897  Sarah Castle9:55:49
489614Jan Swanson9:56:27
490613Alan Swanson9:56:30
491500Russ Price9:57:21
492195Atsuko Fukushi9:57:23
493722Sam Blackburn9:57:26
494292Bryan Jacobson9:57:50
495804Greg Knoll9:58:01
496512Joel Raygor10:05:29
497511Jackson Raygor10:05:31
498425Ray Mosbeck10:06:22
499178Andrew Foley10:10:35
500372Daryn Lowman10:12:15
501287John Ingham10:14:45
502647Trent Van Bemmel10:15:02
503646Alan Van Bemmel10:15:05
504226Christopher Griggs10:17:25
505908Rachel Morgan10:18:48
506833Mohamed Jetha10:18:50
507412Keith Miller10:20:35
508515Dick Rees10:20:39
50958Edward Boeck10:25:40
510642Josh Underland10:25:43
511768Jacob Ellefsen10:29:46
512573Rich Sierzputowski10:34:48
51313Tyler Anderson10:38:05
514933Elizabeth Rand10:53:00
515934Andrew Laack10:53:03
516213Frank Giresi10:58:29
517440Tim Nelson10:59:32
51879Brent Bruessel10:59:36
519914Wilhelm Solorzano10:59:52
520745Lynn Estes11:05:52
521535Michael Rusniak11:06:03
522528Matthew Rodriguez11:06:06
52311Lane Anderson11:11:54
52410Jenifer Anderson11:11:56
525427Tim Mozey11:22:25
526684Ben Weisner11:27:03
527763Daniel Lough11:27:08
528670Max Wallin11:27:19
529843Dillon Thonnes11:27:24
530733Jill Abruzzio11:31:04
531783Brian Ring11:31:07
532784Ruxton Smith11:31:09
533125Kevin Davis11:31:47
534286Andy Hyser11:31:49
535174Zachery Flash11:36:51
536173Amber Flash11:36:54
537787Shon Waery11:37:17
538707Devin Yoder11:41:34
539207Doyle Geyer11:41:37
540208Jacob Geyer11:41:40
541732Heath Delsell11:41:44
542569Emily Shelton11:51:57
543100Ben Chastek11:57:53
54447Greg Berry12:02:03
545930Evan Stewart12:02:19
546924Brenda Croell12:18:29
547869Brian Zglobicki12:18:35
548334Jocelyn Kovaleski12:20:28
549936Liz Alvorado12:59:28
550935Mark Moffa12:59:28