LOUISVILLE, KY—Gage Hecht continued his recent hot streak, taking the 2017 Pan-American Cyclocross Championships U23 Men’s race today at Joe Creason Park.

Eric Brunner and Cooper Willsey completed the podium.

The United States and Canada were the two countries represented.

Stay tuned for a full report.

2017 Pan-American Cyclocross Championships Results - U23 Men

RankBibNameTeamTimeSplit TimeLaps
13Gage HECHTAlpha Bicycle Co.- Groove Subar50:49:008:556
211Eric BRUNNEREVOL DevoElite Racing51:02:008:416
36Cooper WILLSEYCannondale p/b cyclocrossworld.51:17:008:246
44Lance HAIDETDonnelly Sports51:35:008:426
57Grant ELLWOODBoulder Cycle Sport51:51:008:586
612Denzel STEPHENSONEVOL DevoElite Racing52:13:008:456
75Maxx CHANCEEVOL DevoElite Racing52:28:009:346
88Trevor ODONNELLLakeside Storage Cyclocross53:02:008:536
944Caleb SWARTZTrek Cyclocross Collective53:21:008:526
102Spencer PETROVAspire Racing53:39:009:116
1114Garrett GERCHARClif Bar Development Mountain B53:52:009:246
1210Brannan FIXAlpha Bicycle Co.- Groove Subar53:59:008:586
1320Ross ELLWOODBoulder Junior Cycling54:15:009:056
149Cameron BEARDCannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld.54:26:009:376
1517Nicholas DINIZNCCH Elite p/b MGCC54:41:009:146
1613Brody SANDERSONCenturion Nextwave55:22:009:296
1716Michael OWENSHands-On Cycling p/b Guerciotti56:18:0010:096
1815Byron RICEStorm Racing Team56:26:0010:076
1921Anders NYSTROMClif Bar Development Mountain B56:27:009:366
2018Gunnar HOLMGRENTeam Ontario / Centurion Next W57:25:0010:016
2122Jack TANNERClif Bar Development Cross Team57:57:0010:026
2240Tyler CURTISSpin Racing58:28:0010:126
2319Christian RICCILakeside Storage Cyclocross58:58:0010:446
@1Lap23Keith MULLALYBelmont Abbey Collega10:034
@1Lap37Cade BICKMOREGroove Subaru Excel Sports10:314
@1Lap43Jonathan ANDERSONFort Lewis College10:224
@2Lap35Derek COTETeam ERRACE10:493
@2Lap39Jake INGRAMMatrix/RBM10:573
DNF38Jonah MEADVANCORTLindenwood University10:052