The second stop of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Iowa City over-delivered with top-notch competition, a tough course, and for some, even tougher conditions. The sun came out on Saturday, drying out the course a bit, but making for some of the warmest and most humid racing some European women and men have ever raced.

JingleCross 2016 Elite Women hit the mud on lap one. © D. Mable / Cyclocross Magazine

Jingle Cross 2016 Elite Women hit the mud on lap one. © D. Mable / Cyclocross Magazine

The end result was a race dominated by North American-based racers, sweeping the first six spots, and led home by 12-time National Champion Katie Compton.

Full 2016 Jingle Cross Elite Women’s results below. Stay tuned for the report and photos.

2016 JingleCross UCI Cyclocross World Cup Women's Results

1Katherine COMPTONUSA3837:08:00200
2Caroline MANIFRA2937:26:00160
3Kaitlin ANTONNEAUUSA2437:31:00140
4Katerina NASHCZE3937:56:00120
5Ellen NOBLEUSA2138:16:00110
6Catharine PENDRELCAN3638:30:00100
7Sophie DE BOERNED2638:43:0090
8Eva LECHNERITA3138:54:0080
9Helen WYMANGBR3538:58:0070
10Amanda MILLERUSA3039:05:0060
11Rebecca FAHRINGERUSA2739:05:0058
12Courtenay MCFADDENUSA3139:26:0056
13Sanne CANTBEL2639:46:0054
14Ellen VAN LOYBEL3639:53:0052
15Loes SELSBEL3139:57:0050
16Emma WHITEUSA1940:18:0048
17Sunny GILBERTUSA3740:48:0046
18Amanda NAUMANUSA2741:15:0044
19Joyce VANDERBEKENBEL3241:32:0042
20Crystal ANTHONYUSA3641:50:0040
21Sofia GOMEZ VILLAFANEARG2241:56:0039
22Kathryn CUMMINGUSA3042:08:0038
23Jena GREASERUSA3042:30:0037
24Arley KEMMERERUSA3242:39:0036
25Amira MELLORGBR1943:14:0035
26Emily KACHOREKUSA3643:14:0034
27Sidney McGILLCAN1743:15:0033
28Caitlyn VESTALUSA3143:52:0032
29Mical DYCKCAN3444:19:0031
30Ashley BARSONCAN2644:25:0030
31Cindy MONTAMBAULTCAN3344:26:0029
32Ruby WESTCAN1745:11:0028
33Maria LARKINIRL2927
34Cassandra MAXIMENKOUSA3326
35Siobhan KELLYCAN2025