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Mile 40 at the 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Mile 40 at the 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Breaking Up the Pack

Up at the front, Kessler was already pushing the pace to force a selection, and managed to avoid all the crashes. “I’m pretty bad at being patient,” Kessler told Cyclocross Magazine. “I put in a pretty big attack at the beginning. I kinda sacrificed myself a little bit and made people work to catch up, and that worked out pretty well.”

His two course recon companions followed his aggressive move, and Prenzlow, staying true to his plan of staying with McGovern, joined the trio, and the final selection for the pro men was made.

The race featured aid stations every 20 miles, but the quartet had a gentleman’s agreement to skip the first two stations and continue to build their gap over the other racers. The four would experience smooth sailing through mile 60, but the roads and pace would get more severe.

Just one of the offerings at mile 58's aid station. 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Just one of the offerings at mile 58’s aid station, but the leading four didn’t take part. 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Prenzlow, racing carbon wheels dressed with Challenge cyclocross tubulars at 40 psi (Chicane front, Grifo XN rear, without a spare), was nervous about flatting on the rougher roads and downhills.  Under Kessler’s relentless pressure, he fell back on the major descent as he rode conservatively in attempt to avoid a puncture miles from any aid station or support.

Kessler kept turning the screws, and his companions started to suffer. Soon, he was off on a solo effort and on his own on the biggest climb of the day, a ten-mile, 3000 foot slog of a climb at mile 74.

On the climb, McGovern flatted, and soon after, Burt, according to Prenzlow, started talking jokingly about finding a sag wagon. Meanwhile Prenzlow, after nursing his tubulars down the rocky roads, found his second wind, and motored past a flat-fixing McGovern and a spent Burt. Prenzlow’s best hope was to hold off the two for second place, and expected them to catch up.

Prenzlow hit the top of the climb and got “pretty motivated.” “It was 16 miles to go,” he told Cyclocross Magazine, “I was hammering it in, and then a motorcycle told me I had one minute, and I didn’t believe it.”

100 mile participants were on the bike from 5.5 to 10+ hours. 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

100 mile participants were on the bike from 5.5 to 10+ hours. 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

But up ahead, Kessler still had something left in the tank, and would open up his winning margin to over two minutes by the end, finishing the 100 miles in 5:31:16 to start his gravel career with a big win.

“That was just about the hardest day I think I’ve had on a bike I’ve had in quite a while,” Kessler told Cyclocross Magazine after his solo finish. But it wasn’t the end of his racing for the weekend, as he’d line up the next day for the Downtown Auburn criterium to try to defend his last year’s win (He would finish third, behind Joshua Carling and fellow Lost and Found participant Tobin Ortenblad). “I’m starting to get into some stage racing, so I guess it’s good practice for Cascade.”

Come fall, Kessler plans to race cyclocross for the Ghetto CX team, a new focus for the versatile racer.

Left to right: Prenzlow, Kessler, Burt - 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Left to right: Prenzlow, Kessler, Burt – 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

On the women’s side, the pro women had just two finishers, with Masters Marathon XC Mountain Bike National Champion Julie Young powering away in impressive fashion from Caro Gomez Villafane, finishing the 100-mile race in 6:36:45.

Just two pro women finishers despite more starters at the 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Just two pro women finishers despite more starters at the 2014 Lost and Found gravel race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Stay tuned for bike profiles from the 100-mile contenders.

Notes: the top four men raced on carbon cyclocross bikes, and all but third place used cantilever brakes. Kessler used a WTB Nano 40c front tire, but a 32c Cross Wolf rear tire due to his Ridley X-Fire frame’s limited rear clearance. Prenzlow, riding a Focus Mares frame, raced his 33mm Challenge tubulars without flatting to second place. Tara Stone of the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship is excited about the success of the initial event and is already planning for 2015 and hopes for a similar event date.

See our photo gallery from the 2014 Lost and Found gravel race below, as well as our video interview with winner Jared Kessler. Full results at the bottom of this post.

2014 Lost and Found Bike Ride Photo Gallery

Pro Men Winner Jared Kessler Interview Video

2014 Lost and Found gravel race results

PlaceNameCityBib NoGenderTotal Time
Pro Men 100 Miles
1Jared Kessler10M5:31:16
2Brent Prenzlow139M5:33:26
3Kenny Burt106M5:42:37
4chris mcgovern1M5:52:00
5Greg Golet14M6:01:36
6Ron Shevock2M6:12:11
7Jason Moeschler15M6:15:14
8Tobin Ortenblad125M6:15:17
9Percy Brennan136M6:15:18
10AJ Snovel18M6:16:29
11Garth Jackson16M6:20:07
12James Coats3M6:28:36
13Christopher Kelly4M6:34:13
14Aren Timmel8M6:36:58
15Clint Williams6M6:44:11
16Angus Nesbitt9M6:53:08
17Eliot Logan5M7:02:32
18dave montgomery13M7:03:22
20Corey Duren137M8:57:58
Pro Women 100 Miles
PlaceNameCityBib NoGenderTotal Time
1Julie Young23F6:36:45
2Carolina Gomez-Villafane21F8:09:31
Overall Finish List, Amateurs
100 Mile - Female Finishers
PlaceNameCityBib NoGenderTotal Time
1Naomi Haverlick110F7:18:24
2Sian Turner124F7:18:48
3Melanie Dominguez108F7:39:26
4Dawn Infurna-Bean140F7:51:31
5Krista Smith42F8:31:08
6Patricia Struve43F9:44:15
100 Mile - Male Finishers
PlaceNameCityBib NoGenderTotal Time
1Mike Castaldo Castaldo69M5:57:35
2Troy Deibert96M6:04:30
3Jesse Reeves123M6:15:13
4Rich Thurman93M6:15:21
5Chip Lomas72M6:19:31
6Herb Bool58M6:29:20
7Timber Weiss130M6:33:40
8Richard nielsen116M6:33:46
9Jason Snovel103M6:35:41
10Justin Eagleton113M6:36:13
11Kristopher Blee102M6:41:11
12michael campbell73M6:42:24
13Robert Meighan57M6:44:31
14SCOTT WEAVER56M6:47:56
15Peter Taylor29M6:48:10
16Paul Falvey30M6:48:50
17Chuck Bonovich31M6:50:30
18Rick Reynolds38M6:51:20
19Dan Goldsmith74M6:53:00
20Dan Warren78M6:54:30
21Dave Riggs52M6:55:09
22Ken Dick75M6:59:43
23Rex Johnson65M7:04:31
24Paul Niedringhaus134M7:06:10
25Joe Wolner129M7:06:30
26Troy Malmin100M7:09:09
27John Cheetham47M7:13:16
28Chris Hilsenbeck104M7:13:58
29Chris Noesser44M7:14:28
30Paul McKenzie40M7:16:22
31Doug Weseman39M7:25:22
32Carl Andersen105M7:31:33
33John Elgart33M7:31:59
34Dave Gane84M7:37:36
35Zac Stanley66M7:46:27
36Justin Morgan127M8:00:31
37Nicholaus Slone121M8:02:21
38Elias Crouch51M8:03:12
39Joseph Oneill81M8:03:24
40Justin Bucktrout88M8:03:47
41Bryan Yates85M8:09:29
42Brian Kelly122M8:10:57
43Rick Sutton24M8:11:00
44Ben Jackson119M8:17:31
45Brent Bolden138M8:17:51
46Eric Gustafson63M8:18:15
47John CollinsAtascadero CA101M8:22:09
48Matt Schwartz71M8:25:45
49Drew Landers61M8:28:41
50Rick Reynolds28M8:31:13
51Thomas SmithSuisun City CA37M8:31:13
52Jim Moyles41M8:33:17
53Bret Stastny62M8:33:30
54matt brost86M8:35:06
55John Castle161M8:37:22
56David Kamikaze Carmazzi135M8:40:32
57Blake Heinlein64M8:42:54
58David Berkstresser32M8:48:00
59Robb Wolf131M9:00:53
60Ron Franscella90M9:01:08
61Larry Sokolsky82M9:13:41
62Michael Sokolsky98M9:18:00
60 Mile - Female Finishers
PlaceNameCityBib NoGenderTotal Time
1hollie mcgovern172F4:13:41
2Debbie Hakansson168F4:15:26
3Kristin Fredricks214F4:15:39
4Susan Reynolds176F4:17:30
5Andrea Glassberg215F5:15:16
6Julie Comstock174F5:16:24
7Linda Elgart167F5:16:28
8Burt Jen216F5:19:19
9Shaney Emerson175F5:23:24
10nicole martin178F5:41:22
11Arianne Goodman144F6:04:50
12Debra Sellers128F6:05:21
13Emily Kachorek20F6:07:23
14Gabrielle Friedly111F6:19:18
15Maureen Kunz171F6:21:20
16Sandra Rosas112F6:22:05
17Carly Amatisto170F6:43:03
18Amber Newman107F6:43:35
19Frankie Mansfield142F6:46:49
20Dawn Lunsford177F7:06:37
60 Mile - Male Finishers
PlaceNameCityBib NoGenderTotal Time
1Jeff Cleeland141M1:02:55
2Andrew Heinemann212M3:58:06
3AJ Kennedy184M3:59:34
4Donald Pattalock196M4:01:56
5Daniel Hill148M4:08:29
6klaus grimm198M4:13:03
7Aran Watson77M4:13:39
8C. Scott Rossi76M4:13:42
9Chad DAVIDSON186M4:14:02
10Stan Sanderson26M4:15:40
11Jonathan Rayner199M4:24:27
12Allan King152M4:24:39
13Joseph Bromley89M4:29:58
14Cory Caldwell143M4:32:39
15Mickey Caldwell185M4:33:15
16John-Reed Thomson164M4:33:46
17Zachary Cunningham160M4:35:28
18Mark Bryson36M4:37:11
19Lance Ardans179M4:38:36
20Phillip Violett159M4:39:51
21Rico de los Santos195M4:40:09
22David Corthell145M4:46:18
23David Good209M4:47:42
24Matt Noel206M4:47:45
25Mark Regan203M4:49:16
26Tobey Hilliard192M4:50:17
27Chris Swartwood95M4:52:26
28Gavin Back157M5:02:52
29Jerry McNamara217M5:03:17
30Steven Hammond187M5:07:17
31John Tecklin211M5:08:54
32Brian Nakagawa207M5:09:28
33andrew yee87M5:10:51
34Stephen Ransom193M5:10:55
35Eric Lowe205M5:10:55
36Chris Hale189M5:12:33
37Elijah Goode133M5:15:26
38Joseph Lange154M5:26:04
39Matthew Hoffman155M5:26:05
40Scott Ritter182M5:26:09
41Alexander J. Blease115M5:26:13
42Alex Blease59M5:26:15
43Jeff Ochs210M5:28:21
44Chris Ivey99M5:37:39
45Roy Tsugawa79M5:37:48
46Shawn Hughes92M5:39:21
47Chris Lockwood132M5:39:47
48Elliott Brenner158M5:49:31
49Jonathan Miller150M5:50:34
50dylan hennings204M5:51:18
51Gary Parsons201M5:51:20
52Alan Taylor194M5:59:59
53Daniel Weintraub53M6:06:39
54Rick Humphreys35M6:07:25
55Spencer Goodwine117M6:19:00
56Jackson Harris II34M6:19:27
57Paul Droubay162M6:21:19
58James Albright70M6:29:19
59Alex Roth197M6:31:04
60Matthew Triska91M6:39:43
61Tim Smith45M6:43:27
62Eric Newman48M6:43:33
63Clint Holtzen118M6:46:55
64Brad Borgogno202M6:57:05
65craig fries188M6:57:06
66Dewitt Lunsford151M7:06:38
67Peter Brock146M8:47:43
30 Mile - Female Finishers
PlaceNameCityBib NoGenderTotal Time
1Margie LaPoint243F2:21:19
3Alex Waite241F2:49:01
4Geolyn Carvin244F3:17:08
5Maggie Bockius247F3:22:24
6Elisa Johnson166F3:44:54
7Kelly Laryle245F4:46:16
30 Miles - Male Finishers
PlaceNameCityBib NoGenderTotal Time
1Micheal Colella240M2:30:17
2Brock Riddle183M3:08:54
3Hank Mini147M3:09:25
4Curt Ferguson181M3:09:26
5Donn Calder246M3:22:23
6Gary Halpin208M3:35:29
7Dane Carlson46M3:38:05




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