Van Gilder, Wells Take Wins at UCI Season Opener at Nittany: Day 1 – Updated with Galleries and Full Results

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Wells took the win day 1 at Nittany. © Cyclocross Magazine

Wells took the win day 1 at Nittany. © Cyclocross Magazine

In a town over from where he took the short track win at MTB Nationals two months ago, Todd Wells took the first UCI win of the 2013 cyclocross season at Nittany in a bunch sprint. Weston Schempf took second while Ryan Knapp took third.

On the women’s side of things, Laura Van Gilder did her new team—Van Dessel—proud with a sprint for the win, while Gabby Day took second and Arley Kemmerer took third.

While the fields were well-filled—almost 60 in the men’s and 50 in the women’s—we were disappointed that many of the teams didn’t have their new bikes ready for racing, and even the top racers—Day, Wells and Van Gilder included—were racing on last year’s models. Expect to see a lot of the new rigs premiering at StarCrossed in Seattle next weekend, or out at CrossVegas on the 18th.

Stay tuned for interviews!

Gallery from Scott Kingsley:

Gallery from Cyclocross Magazine:

Nittany Lion Cross Day 1 Men's Results.csv

1Todd WELLSUSA3854:58:00
2Weston SCHEMPFUSA3654:59:00
3Ryan KNAPPUSA2954:59:00
4Lukas WINTERBERGSUI2554:59:00
5Stephen HYDEUSA2654:59:00
6Anthony CLARKUSA2655:00:00
7Adam MYERSONUSA4155:15:00
8Jacob LASLEYUSA3655:20:00
9Craig RICHEYCAN2955:26:00
10Jared NIETERSUSA3655:30:00
11Edwin BULLUSA4155:35:00
12Justin LINDINEUSA2955:48:00
13Robert MARIONUSA3156:02:00
14Brendan RHIMUSA1856:13:00
15Cameron DODGEUSA2256:14:00
16Lewis GAFFNEYUSA2156:29:00
17Greg WITTWERUSA3056:46:00
18Travis LIVERMONUSA2556:51:00
19Andrew MESSERUSA3956:54:00
20Paul MESIUSA2956:54:00
21Joshua DILLONUSA3557:10:00
22Jacob SITLERUSA2457:16:00
23Nick WAITEUSA3057:18:00
24Stephen CUMMINGSUSA3357:31:00
25Charles SCHUBERTUSA3357:33:00
26Jordan SNYDERUSA3257:37:00
27Mike GARRIGANCAN3257:51:00
28Steven ORDONSUSA3057:55:00
29Wyatt STOUPUSA2358:03:00
30Adam ST. GERMAINUSA2958:03:00
31Gerald ADASAVAGEUSA2758:04:00
32Michael MIHALIKUSA3158:06:00
33Eric OISHIUSA3658:16:00
34Zoltan TISZAHUN4658:30:00
35Skyler MACKEYUSA1858:35:00
36Mike FESTAUSA3058:42:00
37Cody LACOSTAUSA2258:43:00
38Joe PIGGAUSA3558:45:00
39Tyler BERLINERUSA1858:48:00
40Matt TIMMERMANUSA3758:59:00
41Evan HUFFUSA2859:21:00
42William ELLISTONUSA4459:32:00
43Ryan FAWLEYUSA2859:46:00
44Andy BROOKSUSA271:00:10
45Andrew LYSAGHTUSA291:00:48
46Brendan MCGRATHUSA291:01:31
47Brendan MCGRATHUSA29

Nittany Lion Cross Day 1 Women's Results.csv

1Laura VAN GILDERUSA4938:12:00
2Gabriella DAYGBR2938:13:00
3Arley KEMMERERUSA2938:16:00
4Nicole THIEMANNUSA3438:19:00
5Stacey BARBOSSAUSA4738:27:00
6Julie HUNTERUSA2639:35:00
7Cassandra MAXIMENKOUSA3039:53:00
8Ally STACHERUSA2639:54:00
9Carolyn POPOVICUSA3540:07:00
10Jessica KUTZUSA2540:12:00
11Katrina DOWIDCHUKUSA4340:15:00
12Rebecca BLATTUSA3340:19:00
13Christina BIRCHUSA2740:21:00
14Frances MORRISONUSA2640:28:00
15Kathleen WULFKUHLEUSA3240:29:00
16Katherine SHIELDSUSA2040:41:00
17Jennifer TILLMANUSA3740:44:00
18Joanne GROGANUSA3840:58:00
19Katina WALKERUSA4640:59:00
20Bailey SEMIANUSA1841:06:00
21Vickie MONAHANUSA3841:09:00
22Erica YOZELLUSA3841:29:00
23Victoria GATESUSA1641:35:00
24Molly HURFORDUSA2641:41:00
25Linda MOLENDYKEUSA3041:52:00
26Allyson TUFANOUSA3341:59:00
27Dana MCALLISTERUSA2942:02:00
28Erin MASCELLIUSA4142:21:00
29Kristine CHURCHUSA3442:58:00
30Kim THOMASUSA4043:02:00
31Lisa MOSTUSA4343:16:00
32Lauren FESTAUSA2943:20:00
33Amy BREYLAUSA3743:29:00
34Heather HEINRICHUSA4143:48:00
35Kaitlyn LAWRENCEUSA1944:06:00
36Caitlin THOMPSONUSA2944:21:00
37Ginny JEPPIUSA1844:38:00
38Elizabeth STEELNZL21




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