WD40Bikes Presents Master and Elite Worlds Neutral Bike Washing

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The WD40Bike team hard at work at Masters Worlds. © Cyclocross Magazine

The WD40Bike team hard at work at Masters Worlds. © Cyclocross Magazine

The first day at Masters Worlds was low-key enough to allow us some time to prowl around the venue and see what was happening. And what caught our eye was the neutral bike washing and lubing available at the WD40Bike tent, arguably the most popular spot of the day for riders pre- and post-race.

Manned by Brian Dallas, the crew has been rolling around the country following the USGP circuit and peddling their new brand of bike-related lubricants and washes. While the classic blue and yellow can of WD40 is still heavily used (as Chris Bondus explained, it saved Elle Anderson’s bike at the Bend USGP), their new line of dry and wet lubes are what the racers have been lining up for.

We chatted with Bondus a bit about what they’re doing this week for Masters and Elite Worlds, and snapped some photos of the work that they’ve been doing. If you’re at Worlds, stop by, get your bike cleaned and lubed, and don’t forget to say thank you!

WD40 Bike Expert Dan Horndasch’s Guide to Bike Wash Etiquette:

  1. Keep your hands off the pressure washers! Let the professionals handle the cleaning and keep yourself dry.
  2. Stand back, otherwise you might get sprayed — and pressure washers hurt!
  3. Don’t forget, this is a free service, so pointing out a speck of mud still left on your sidewall is generally frowned upon. There’s a limited amount of water on site, and it needs to last!

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