Van der Poel Wins U23, Toupalik Takes Junior Race at Heusden-Zolder World Cup – Full Results

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Zolder World Cup 12.26.13-2483

EuroCrossCamp representing at Zolder World Cup. © Dennis Crane

In the U23 race at Heusden-Zolder, it was no surprise when Mathieu Van der Poel took the win, followed by Wout Van Aert, and Mike Teunissen. On the American side of things, Curtis White just slipped into the top 20, while Logan Owen managed to snag 23rd. Cody Kaiser took 31st, Tobin Ortenblad, 37th, and Spencer Downing, 42nd.

In the Junior race, Adam Toupalik took the win followed by Yannick Peeters and Thijs Aerts. As for the US racers, Peter Goguen finished 18th, Maxx Chance in 27th, Austin Vincent in 35th followed by Cooper Willsey in 36th. Garret Gershar took 39th and Ian McShane finished right behind him.

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Heusden-Zolder World Cup 2013 Junior Results

1Adam TOUPALIKCZE1743:47:003030
2Yannick PEETERSBEL1743:54:002020
3Thijs AERTSBEL1743:56:001515
4Joris NIEUWENHUISNED1743:58:001212
5Kobe GOOSSENSBEL1743:58:001010
6Max GULICKXNED1644:09:0088
7Jelle SCHUERMANSBEL1744:19:0066
8Thomas JOSEPHBEL1744:38:0044
9Roman LEHKYCZE1744:52:0022
10Elias VAN HECKEBEL1744:55:0011
11Stijn CALUWEBEL1744:59:00
12Pascal EENKHOORNNED1645:00:00
13Eli ISERBYTBEL1645:00:00
14Manuel TODAROITA1745:13:00
15Sieben WOUTERSNED1745:23:00
16Johan JACOBSSUI1645:30:00
17Gianni VAN DONINKBEL1745:31:00
18Peter GOGUENUSA1745:38:00
19Fabio JAKOBSENNED1745:41:00
20Stefano SALAITA1645:43:00
21Moreno PELLIZZONITA1745:46:00
22Jens TEIRLINCKBEL1746:06:00
23Koen VAN DIJKENED1746:07:00
24Timon RUEGGSUI1746:22:00
25Briek HERMANSBEL1646:26:00
26Nick VERHEYENBEL1646:41:00
27Maxx CHANCEUSA1746:44:00
28Adrian SIREKCZE1747:05:00
29Lo•c HENNAUXBEL1747:07:00
30Jo‘l GRABSUI1647:08:00
31Matej ULIKSVK1647:15:00
32Leo APPELTGER1647:19:00
33Rico SEIDELGER1747:21:00
34Ken MUELLERLUX1747:23:00
35Austin VINCENTUSA1747:23:00
36Cooper WILLSEYUSA1647:25:00
37Mario JUNQUERAESP1647:27:00
38Martin DEJMEKCZE1747:30:00
39Garrett GERCHARUSA1747:31:00
40Ian MCSHANEUSA1647:37:00
41Martin MATEJCEKCZE1648:32:00
42Dominik VRANACZE1748:59:00
43Jakub KURTYSVK1650:08:00
44Ludwig CORDSGER1650:17:00

Heusden-Zolder World Cup 2013 U23 Results

1Mathieu VAN DER POELNED1849:08:00100100
2Wout VAN AERTBEL1949:19:006060
3Mike TEUNISSENNED2149:27:004040
4Tim MERLIERBEL2149:30:003030
5Stan GODRIENED2049:31:002525
6David VAN DER POELNED2149:32:002020
7Gianni VERMEERSCHBEL2149:34:001717
8Michael VANTHOURENHOUTBEL2049:34:001515
9Laurens SWEECKBEL2049:36:001212
10Toon AERTSBEL2049:36:001010
11Jens ADAMSBEL2149:37:0088
12Gert-Jan BOSMANNED2149:43:0066
13Yorben VAN TICHELTBEL1949:50:0044
14Michael BOROSCZE2149:55:0022
15Quinten HERMANSBEL1849:57:0011
16Tomas PAPRSTKACZE2149:58:00
18Jonas PEDERSENDEN2150:21:00
19Martijn BUDDINGNED1850:28:00
20Curtis WHITEUSA1850:37:00
21Daan SOETEBEL1950:37:00
22Severin SAEGESSERSUI2150:38:00
23Logan OWENUSA1850:41:00
24Diether SWEECKBEL2051:06:00
25Jakub SKALACZE2051:28:00
26Lars FORSTERSUI2051:30:00
27Dylan PAGESUI2051:34:00
28Felix DRUMMGER1951:43:00
29Gioele BERTOLINIITA1852:04:00
30Matej LASAKCZE2152:27:00
31Cody KAISERUSA2152:47:00
32Dominic GRABSUI1852:52:00
33Lukas M†LLERSUI2152:55:00
34Toki SAWADAJPN1952:57:00
35Andrew DILLMANUSA1953:06:00
36Lukas MEILERGER1853:10:00
37Tobin ORTENBLADUSA1953:52:00
38Ondrej GLAJZASVK1953:52:00
39Karel SVRCINACZE1854:36:00
40Fabian LIENHARDSUI2055:01:00
41Nikolaj Ruud OSTERGAARDDEN19
42Spencer DOWNINGUSA18



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