June Upshaw (Verdigris) winning Cross for Lifeby Julie Popper, photos © Amy Dykema

Sunday’s Ed Brophy Memorial Cross for Life, a chilly roller-coaster of a race in Woodstock, IL, brought a fierce battle for the win in the Women’s 1/2/3 field and a landslide victory in the Men’s 1/2/3. Fans were out in force with the not-USAC-legal hot dog and beverage handups, and some vicious transitions from grass to pavement had riders running for the pit. The race benefited the Leukemia Society and organizers from North Branch Cycling put their hearts into building a hilly course with some great singletrack sections and some steep but serious climbs.

In the Women’s 1/2/3, from the first lap a battle between June Upshaw (Verdigris), Jessica Hill (Trail’s End), and Holly Klug (Killjoy) found its way off the front. They traded places for a lap or so before Upshaw began to make a gap on Klug and held off for the win. This promises an exciting series finale at Montrose, with Upshaw just 45 points ahead in the series standing, a gap Klug could make up with a little luck and some smart riding.

In the Men’s 1/2/3, nationally ranked Mike Sherer (Pony Shop) made the trip up north to once again slaughter the field from the beginning, lapping all but a handful of the field even on the long 2.1 mile loop. The real race was for second but was decided when a flat took contender Kevin Klug (Killjoy) off Scott McLaughlin’s (SRAM) wheel and back to DFL. He battled valiantly to come back for a fifth place finish, but McLaughlin seized the opportunity and rode a solid race solo for second, followed by Brian Conant (Pony Shop) in third. McLaughlin has officially clinched the series title in this category, but the state championship jersey will be up for grabs at Montrose.

Rider Andrew Nordyk (Chicago Cuttin’ Crew) made his presence in the Men’s 1/2/3 race known by riding past his team’s signature school bus and calling out his orders for handups: hot dogs, polish sausages, and beverages. His team kept him well fueled through the race with a reported three root beers and two hot dogs, resulting in his relegation from last place in the race to last place due to breaking not one but three USAC rules: two of them being support only in the pit, and no glass containers on the course. The Cuttin’ Crew has been bringing their brand of superfandom to the ChiCrossCup all season long and has raised the bar for noisemaking.The Pony Shop also made their mark at Woodstock with wins in not just the Men’s 1/2/3 but also in the Master’s 30+ and registering Pony riders for a whopping 18 races. For a small team, their commitment to cross speaks for itself!

With just one race remaining in the ChiCrossCup series, winners have locked the series title in all but the Women’s and Category 4 races. Still, racers will take the line at traditionally frigid Montrose Beach in two weeks to vie for the state championship title while fans try desperately to fight what’s always been a sub-zero windchill.

Full results:

Elite Men
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1Mike Sherer57The Pony Shop
2Scott McLaughlin58SRAM
3Brian Conant62The Pony Shop
4David Sachs63Vision Quest
5Kevin Klug56Killjoy
6Christando Lombardo54Verdigris
7Michael Hemme61Killjoy
8Eric Sondag65Vision Quest
9Brad Zoller149
10Louis Kuhn51The Pony Shop
11Bryan McVey64Vision Quest
12Brian Parker66xXx Racing Athletico
13Jacques Cartier60xXx Racing Athletico
14Roman Mandzij53The Pony Shop
15Ara Oggoian67Bicycle Heaven
16Paolo Urizar68xXx Racing Athletico
17James Brady52The Pony Shop
18Andrew Nordyke239Chicago Cuttin Crew
Cat 3
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1Scott Arrigoni234Verdigris
2Greg Heck226xXx Racing Athletico
3Devon Haskell220The Pony Shop
4Tim Yuska235Get A Grip
5Dave Norton232Johnny Sprockets
6Jacques Cartier230xXx Racing Athletico
7Jason Schisler59
8Jeffrey Wat223Burnham vitamin water
9Brian Parker227xXx Racing Athletico
10Jason Knauff216Burnham vitamin water
11Ryan Gingerich228
12Al Urbanski237Chicago Cuttin Crew
13Jeff Holland221xXx Racing Athletico
14Adam Clark238Chicago Cuttin Crew
15Andrew Daley218Burnham vitamin water
16Michael Seguin222xXx Racing Athletico
17David Pilotto219Flatlandia Cycling Team
18Geoffrey McFetridge224Mudfoot
19Mark Feary217The Pony Shop
20Michael Hoffart225Alberto’s
21Paolo Urizar233xXx Racing Athletico
22Adrian Silva231Half Acre Cycling
23Andrew Nordyke239Chicago Cuttin Crew
24Jason Para236The Pony Shop
25Timothy Strege240Half Acre Cycling
26Jason Alvarado229xXx Racing Athletico
Cat 4 A
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1Philip Szyjka304Johnny Sprockets
2Maxwell Riordan312Chicago Cuttin Crew
3Mike Conroy305Mission Bay
4Garrison Riegel336
5Cliff Golz301The Pony Shop
6Brandon Leach302
7Avi Neurohr320Chicago Cuttin Crew
8John Kurtz309
9Troy Crady306Mission Bay
10Ray Nelson326Clun Tread
11Christopher Sherpitis330xXx Racing Athletico
12John Lionberger327The Pony Shop
13Samuel Schaefer335The Pony Shop
14Colm Flannery322Boulder Cyclesport
15Joshua Bartyzal319
16Martin Michaelwicz328
17Keith Ortiz333xXx Racing Athletico
18Brian Stockmaster317xXx Racing Athletico
19Brandon Feehery307South Chicago Wheelman
20anthony rienks316Beverly Bike
21Patrick Morgan318Beverly Bike
22Ken Moll314
23Damon Nelson315Beverly Bike
24Allan Thom325Mars/Twin Six
25Helge Pedersen303Half Acre Cycling
26Mike Grimm329
27Stephen Feehery308South Chicago Wheelman
28Thomas Kenny311Team Extreme
29Bret Potredo323
30Jason Blake310
31Ben Fietz321South Chicago Wheelman
32Charles Rulich332
33Tom Noales331
34John Mohr324
35Robert Sliwinski334
Master 4 B
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1Kyle Fleener379Iowa Orthopedic
2Justin Merkey356
3Kyle Hagerman374
4mike morell362Chicago Cuttin Crew
5Adrian Redd375
6Adam Menzel363
7Brandon Leach353
8Chris Strahm378
9Michael Gregor377Mud Rudders Roscoe Village
10Lew Chin354Cycle Smithy
11John Villena355
12Martin Michalowicz368
13Robert Curtis359Bicycle Heaven
14Matthew Haiduk358Bicycle Heaven
15Joseph Maxwell370
16Christopher Jensen372
17Cameron Peasz371
18Leonard Anelli380
19Jorge Cerritos386Beverly Bike
20Joe Sutton381
21William McDade376xXx Racing Athletico
22Arthur Miles384
23Scott Hitchison382
24Jeff Bernaeyge364
25Jeffrey Perkins360Chicago Cuttin Crew
26Lee Messersmith387Weelfast
27guy graves352xXx Racing Athletico
28Alex Tweedie385
29Kenneth Benavides383
30John Dufford365
31Emanuele Bianchi388xXx Racing Athletico
32Mark Olson373xXx Racing Athletico
33Justin Andrews361
34Toby Simmons389
Master 30-39
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1Louis Kuhn1The Pony Shop
2Christando Lombardo3Verdigris
3Eric Sondag2Vision Quest
4Chris Strout4World Bicycle Relief
5Brian Dougherty9Verdigris
6Michael Naughton13Guiness/Wheel Werks
7Mark Feary10The Pony Shop
8Jason Meshberg19Flatlandia Cycling Team
9Edward Meyer15
10Walid Abu Ghazaleh7VanWagner
11John Gatto12Mars/Twin Six
12Ray Nelson6Club Tread
13Bob Karlow14
14Marc Moeller11North Branch
15Joseph Kallo5UCVC
16Jeffrey Whiteman8Northbrook/Garner
17Brad Dash16
18Kevin Perez17Turin Bicycling Society
19Tim Hieber18Columbus Bicycles
Master 40-49
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1Tim Boundy115Verdigris
2Christian Zauner112Verdigris
3Wayne Simon105Verdigris
4Thomas Taylor106PYOC
5James Linn127Turin Bicycling Society
6Chris Henning120Northbrook/Garner
7Steel Bokhof102Turin Bicycling Society
8Michael Stanley110xXx Racing Athletico
9Wm Huntsberger113DICE
10James Brady103The Pony Shop
11Peter Rolewicz116Comcast/Higher Gear
12Vincent Boyer109Village Cyclosport/Redline
13James Nowak107ABD Cycling
14Roman Mandzij104The Pony Shop
15Brian Kavanagh117The Pony Shop
16Andrew Hines119Team Mack
17Richard Prodans101Colavita
18Robert Schrank129Team Type I
19Duane Higgs111Villiage Cycle Sport/Redline
20Michael Stec126
21Scott Starbuck128The Pony Shop
22Scott McClement122Guiness/Wheel Werks
23Mark McNeill121
24Paul Rzewuski118
25Robert Antinelli124Colavita
26Kevin Flowers125
27Jeff Provisor123North Branch
28Chuck Judy108Turin Bicycling Society
Master 50+
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1Wayne Simon80Verdigris
2Phillip Curran83DICE
3Edward Bartley93Tower Racing
4john duncker84
5Greg Youngen88Blue Competition
6Albert Weigel81Velo Club Roubaix
7Thomas Swatek82
8Mark Wirfs90
9Walter Stoops87
10Julian Coupland85Velo Club Roubaix
11Tim Belton92Tati
12Richard Kryszak86South Chicago Wheelman
13Charles Carlson89
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1Brandon Feehery287South Chicago Wheelmen
2Josh Tromp288Turin Bicycling Society
3David Lombardo286Verdigris
4Daniel Gonzalez290
5Juan Carlos Gonzalez291
6Emmanuel Gonzalez289
Women 1/2/3
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1June Upshaw150Verdigris
2Holly Klug141Killjoy
3Jessica Hill148Trails End Cycling
4Leah Sanda149Flatlandia Cycling Team
5Rebecca Much146xXx Racing Athletico
6Pamela Loebig142Bikereg.com
7Debbie Pielet145Alberto’s
8Beth Christiansen144xXx Racing Athletico
9Gina Kenny151ABD Cycling
10Sue Semaszczuk143ABD Cycling
Place NameTimeBibTeam
1Emily Cocks181Vision Quest
2Lara Mele178
3Tamara Fraser171xXx Racing Athletico
4Caroline Schuster172Tati
5Amy Comstock179
6Rosanna Lloyd180
7Anne Barnes174Turin Bicycling Society
8Carolyn Golz173The Pony Shop
9Mary Roe182Team Apache
10Julie Popper177Half Acre Cycling
11Jule Pusateri176
12Lynne Arrigoni175Villiage Cycle Sport/Redline