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Debuting the new TRP dual hydraulic/mechanical disc brakes. © Jesse Pisel

Debuting the new TRP dual hydraulic/mechanical disc brakes. © Jesse Pisel

We’re checking out the eye candy at the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) 2013, and spotted the new TRP Brakes HyRd hybrid hydraulic brake. Two years ago, TRP introduced the Parabox at Sea Otter and Cyclocross Magazine got the first ride on the hydraulic disc brake system for cyclocross that allowed you to use your existing shift/brake levers. This year, they unveiled their newest offering a couple months early.

The new HyRd disc brake system can use a standard brake lever and cable to actuate the dual hydraulic pistons at the caliper. The double-piston hydraulic hybrid is making its debut at the show, and in a big way. Cable runs from levers to the brake, and the hydraulic master cylinder is on the brake itself.

What does this mean for your ride? All of the benefits of mechanical linkage with the self-adjusting pads of hydraulic disc brakes. Lever feel is expected to be lighter than with mechanical disc brakes, but you’re still subject to brake cable friction, housing weight and contamination, but don’t need to bolt an adapter like the Parabox or 324 Labs’ Brake Adapter to your handle bar or stem.

Stay tuned as we test out this new system in the coming months.

Stay tuned to our NAHBS 2013 page for more drool-worthy goodies coming up over the weekend!

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