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  • Women’s Wednesday: Off-Season Antics, Part II

    Genevieve Whitson battles mud and snow at Kalmthout. Photo Courtesy of Genevieve Whitson

    by Molly Hurford The off-season isn’t really much of an off season for any of our serious women racers, as we found out in our last edition of Women’s Wednesday. We heard from racers like Kaitlin Antonneau, Christine Varadaros and…

  • Women’s Wednesday: How Women Are Training in the Off-Season

    The Elite Women fight for the best lines up the first hill. © Cyclocross Magazine

    by Molly Hurford Our Women’s Wednesday column is back, and this time we’ve asked around to find out what it is that female racers are doing in the off-season to prep for the upcoming cyclocross season. We checked in with…

  • Women’s Wednesday: The Highs and Lows of 2011

    Marianne Vos wins again at the 2012 World Championships. ©Bart Hazen

    by Molly Hurford Yes, it’s been a big year for cyclocross, and women’s cyclocross in specific. You’ve got Marianne Vos taking the race at Worlds in a dominant way, and a women’s race at Worlds that was just as well-attended…

  • Women’s Wednesdays: Czech Racer Katerina Nash

    Katerina Nash and Caroline Mani lead a race. Bart Hazen

    Czech racer Katerina Nash has had a busy season. She started with a win at CrossVegas, and spent much of the season racing on American soil, following the path of the USGPs, securing the overall title in that series, then…

  • Women’s Wednesdays: The Women Of Cyclocross Speak Up

    Women: just as tough as men on the cyclocross course. © Cyclocross Magazine

    We’ve heard, in past Women’s Wednesday interviews, from women who’ve said that finding sponsor money is harder, the payouts aren’t nearly as lucrative and being taken seriously in the sport is more of a challenge. Today, we asked all types of women cyclists the questions, “what is the hardest part of being a woman cyclist? And what’s the best part?” Answered ranged from serious to humorous, and I was amazed at how many women had a lot to say about the cycling scene.

  • Women’s Wednesdays: Genevieve Whitson, New Zealand’s Answer To Women’s Cyclocross

    Genevieve Whitson battles mud and snow at Kalmthout. Photo Courtesy of Genevieve Whitson

    This racer from New Zealand hit the cyclocross circuit in 2009, racing primarily in Europe, though she hopes to come to the States this season. First a mountain biker, now Whitson is trying her luck on the road circuit with an eye toward cyclocross in the fall. She took some time out of a travel-heavy road season to chat with us, and was particularly interested in talking about what it means to be a woman in our sport. It’s a topic that we don’t often think about, and the purpose of this column is to highlight great women in the sport, but also to focus on how women are looked at and treated within the cyclocross and cycling world.

  • Women’s Wednesdays: Racing, Training and Women’s Roles in Cyclocross with Amy Dombroski

    Since she started racing in 2006, Amy Dombroski has had a remarkable rise to fame. She’s also been a great contributor to Cyclocross Magazine. Lately, she’s been prepping for the fall season, mixing it up at various road and mountain bike events, most recently the back to back World Cup races in Dalby Forest and Offenburg. Lucky for us at Cyclocross Magazine, she had a few hours in a car this weekend, giving her time to answer our questions between races.

  • Women’s Wednesday: Checking in with the Pros

    Women: just as tough as men on the cyclocross course. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Today marks the start of our new bi-weekly column, Women’s Wednesdays, where the focus shifts to matters specific to women in the sport. This column will be dedicated to all aspects of women’s racing, from coverage of pro women to women-specific bikes to talking frankly about how to get more women involved in cyclocross. We begin this week by hearing from a few of our favorite ladies of ‘cross, finding out what they’ve been up to in the off-season and seeing what they’re looking forward to in the Fall.

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