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  • How To Train For Cyclocross — ’Cross Continuing Education

    Berden hopping the barriers on the last day of Jingle Cross Rock 2013. © Mike McColgan

    One of the beauties of cyclocross is the relatively small training time commitment. ’Cross is a 60 minute (or less) affair. With such a short race, you might be wondering how to train for cyclocross if you’re coming from a…

  • Top 5 Things ’Crossers Can Do Now to Prep for Race Season

    Vos winning her sixth World Championship, Compton winning her 10th National Championship. © Nathan Hofferber / Mike Albright

    Want to be a winner next ’cross season? So do we, and there’s no time like the offseason to start getting race-ready. Last week we talked about getting into running in the offseason, but that’s not the whole equation. September…

  • Should You Be Stretching More? — Issue 23 Sneak Peek

    Got knee pain? We have answers. © Jeff Rosenhall

    This article originally appeared in Issue 23 of Cyclocross Magazine and talks about injury and how you can avoid it, simply. To read the full story, make sure you get an archived copy or an All-Access Digital Subscription by visiting…

  • Wahoo Fitness Releases Indoor Training App with Strava KOM Segments

    Don’t like riding on the roads but miss the thrill of competition? Already dreading winter trainer sessions? There might be a solution to make training a bit less painful, and keep your Strava going strong. Wahoo Fitness has announced their…

  • Coaching Corner: Getting Ready for Commitment

    Ladies got a chance to practice their skills in a fun, casual environment at the first women's cyclocross clinic.

    by Jacob Fetty If ’cross is your primary partner, what should you be doing over the coming weeks to insure that you are giving the relationship your best once ’cross Season starts? There are four simple things that you can…

  • Look Back: Cyclocross Training Camp at World Cycling Centre with Geoff Proctor

    Danish elite Margriet Kloppenberg hammering the sand. © Francisco Castro Santos

    What do serious Juniors do in the off-season? A six-day training camp at the World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland, under the guidance of coaches Beat Wabel and Geoff Proctor, of course. Wabel is a former Junior World Champion, nine…

  • Introducing Our New FAQ Section: Info Every ’Crosser Should Know

    Kaitlin Antonneau Women's Clinic Group Circle by Joe Bellante

    Lately, we’ve been covering the latest tech news, featuring great races, talking summer training and getting in-depth with some great racers. But we realized that with the season coming up quickly, and with cyclocross being the fastest growing field of…

  • Why You Should Attend (or Host) a Pre-Season Cyclocross Clinic: How To

    Testing out barrier hopping skills at the Dirty Deeds clinic. Andrew Blake

    Summer: a time to relax, have barbeques, hit the beach, and … get ready for cyclocross season. If you finished last season feeling like your technical skills weren’t quite up to par, or you hit the buffets a bit too…

  • Training Tuesday: Matt Fitzgerald, Sports Nutrition Extraordinaire

    Nutrition and race weight are just as important to cyclocross as they are to any other kind of racing. puuikibeach

    Because no one has written much on nutrition for cyclocross racers, we at Cyclocross Magazine decided to ask Fitzgerald for some cyclocross-specific advice. As ’crossers, we have interesting nutritional needs: we race in all types of temperatures and climates, we go hard for 45 minutes two days a week and then recover to do it all again and of course, we do love the beer tent. We’re a nutritional enigma, trying to eat healthy surrounded by waffle carts and chocolate-covered bacon and trying to stay svelte for a long season that often isn’t a racer’s main season is a challenge in and of itself. It gets even harder when racers’ schedules demand a lot of recovery and travel time, and little by way of long hours on the bike. Luckily, Fitzgerald had some tips for us.

  • Coaching Corner: Building Your Own Barriers

    15 minutes and 15 dollars is all you need to build a set of practice barriers. © Molly Hurford

    Building a set of collapsible barriers with PVC pipe is a piece of cake! If you’ve ever attending a cyclocross practice session, you probably have seen a set of PVC barriers erected. For one thing, they’re incredibly easy to break down and set up. An added bonus is that if a newer, more unsteady rider crashes into them (or if a seasoned pro comes in too hot and crashes into them), it won’t really hurt anything but his or her pride.

  • The Benefits of a Pre-Season Cyclocross Camp

    Practice basic skills like barriers at a clinic. Frank Overton

    On Friday, we talked a bit about what to look for in a training camp. But today, we want to look at what exactly you can expect to get out of a training camp, so you know what to look…

  • Cyclocross for Newbs: Lessons Learned Looking Back on My First Season

    Helen Wyman Dominated both days of racing at Gloucester. Will she repeat in 2012?

    by Seth Lincoln Going into the 2012 cyclocross season, I had exactly zero racing experience and searched high and low for information that might help me to prepare to race ’cross. While there are some good articles out there, I…

  • Considering Coaching? Nationals Winners Weigh in on Their Coaches—Or Lack Thereof

    Adam Myerson coaches riders at the Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Camp. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Now that the season is over and you’ve most likely taken some time to think about your results from the fall and winter, and evaluated if you met your goals or not, you might be thinking about hiring a coach….

  • Training for Cyclocross – An Off-Season Plan for a Strong Next Season

    Jeremy Powers Cinci 3 Win - ©jeffrey jakucyk

    Done for the season? Put on a few extra pounds? Want to race better next year? While some of you may be hitting the trails and mountain biking, and others are beginning their road seasons, for some of you, cyclocross…

  • Coaching Corner: How Much Time is “Enough Time”? How Can I Fit It In?

    Dedication is a 5 AM alarm clock setting.

    Today, our coach-in-residence, Jacob Fetty, talks about being reasonable about training. And if you want to read even more about recovery, check out our Issue 19 article on the Six Secrets of Rider Recovery. by Jacob Fetty Most cyclists training…

  • Sneak Peek: Issue 19′s Feature on Recovery Rules


    In the spirit of holiday giving, we wanted to offer our readers a sneak peek at what’s between the pages of our latest issue of Cyclocross Magazine, Issue 19. With Nationals and Worlds just around the corner, this article couldn’t…

  • Coaching Corner: Lower Your Workload to Increase Balance and Reach Your Goals

    Dedication is a 5 AM alarm clock setting.

    by Jacob Fetty One cup of coffee. Two. Kids are up. Work is calling – literally and figuratively. You are already feeling the squeeze of your day and  you don’t even have your socks on yet.

  • Holiday Nutrition: the Cyclist’s Guide to Avoiding Weight Gain with Nationals Around the Corner


    by Jordan Dubé As a student of Sports Nutrition, I got into this gig because I wanted to know, “What the hell am I supposed to be eating, and when should I be eating it to optimize my performance?” A…

  • What Powers Cyclocross, the Surprising Truth: A Column by Adam McGrath

    McGrath is less about the bike and all about the chickens this season, though the bikes are still key! © Adam McGrath

    by Adam McGrath This cyclocross season has been a great success, and upon reflection I have only one thing to thank. I should say sponsors, great coaching, dedication, proper rest or focus, but no. I have small dinosaur-like creatures to…

  • Skills and Fitness on the Fritz? Consider a Clinic!

    A scene from a Jeremy Powers' Cyclocross Clinic. (File Photo)

    With so many clinics popping up in early September, we wanted to show this gem off again! Summer: a time to relax, have barbeques, hit the beach, and … get ready for cyclocross season. If you finished last season feeling…

  • Using Rollerblading as “Cross”-Training: John Arias Talks Inline

    John Arias on the trails, post-Rollerblading session. Phtoo courtesy of John Arias

    We’ve all heard that pro-cyclocrosser Adam Myerson started out roller speed skating. Because rollerblading has since declined in popularity, it’s not something you hear about every day. That is, until mountain biker and ’crosser John Arias got in touch with…

  • Training with High Intensity: A Look at the Cyclo90 H.I.T. Program


    by Molly Hurford Looking to get ready for cyclocross on the off-season but finding yourself short on time? We looked into the Cyclo90 H.I.T. Program last winter, but now might be the perfect time to get into it again, if…

  • Riding the Night Train – Tips and Tricks for Cyclocross Training at Night

    Gabby Day at the Midnight Ride of Cyclocross. Russ Campbell

    An oldie-but-goodie, we’re taking a look back at a great piece on training and riding at night. Now that the weather is warming up a bit, there’s time for those longer, dusky rides after work, since you aren’t battling to…

  • Women’s Wednesdays: Clinics Down Under

    Testing out barrier hopping skills at the Dirty Deeds clinic. Andrew Blake

    by Kate Lansell The first Dirty Deeds (the cyclocross series that’s growing the sport in Australia) women’s skills session was held last Saturday at Darebin Parklands. For a misty Melbourne morning, it was great to have a bunch of enthusiastic women arrive…

  • Women’s Wednesday: Off-Season Antics, Part II

    Genevieve Whitson battles mud and snow at Kalmthout. Photo Courtesy of Genevieve Whitson

    by Molly Hurford The off-season isn’t really much of an off season for any of our serious women racers, as we found out in our last edition of Women’s Wednesday. We heard from racers like Kaitlin Antonneau, Christine Varadaros and…

  • Training Workout Review: Cyclo90 H.I.T. Program


    by Molly Hurford We recently interviewed Graeme Street, the creator of the Cyclo90 H.I.T. Program, and now that we’ve had time to check out the DVDs in his collection, we’re bringing you a review of his program. Cyclo90 H.I.T. focuses…

  • Newbie News: Remounting (Video)

    Learning remounts and dismounts is key for taking barriers smoothly. Molly Hurford

    Here at Cyclocross Magazine, we’re excited to launch our first of many how-to videos. In this series, we’ll be asking elite riders to show us how they perfected skills like remounts, dismounts, cornering, barriers, sand and quite a few other tricks.

  • Lessons Learned – A Column by Lee Waldman

    Lee Waldman temporarily trades in his cyclocross bike for a spin on his mountain bike. © Lee Waldman

    It was just last year when I wrote that short-track mountain bike racing was the key to preparing for the upcoming ’cross season. Not racing the road, I still wanted to keep that edge that only real racing can give you. So, I turned to the C.U. Cycling Short Track Series. The fit seemed perfect -short, intense races that mimicked the effort and style of cyclocross racing. Because they were short, they allowed for more training on race days. I’ve added something else. Something even more intense and painful in it’s own way. Endurance racing.

  • In the Saddle with Todd Wells, Three-Time National Champion

    Specialized's Todd Wells takes the win at the 2009 USGP in Portland. © Joe Sales

    This marks the start of the new online “In the Saddle” feature for Cyclocross Magazine. Bi-weekly, we’ll be chasing down a new pro racer to ask them a series of questions that readers will help us decide on. Want to…

  • Bike Commute to a Winning Cyclocross Season

    Commuting to your strongest cyclocross season. by Dave Fayram on flickr

    With much of the country celebrating Bike to Work Month, Week or Day (today in the Bay Area), and (some of) the country finally getting spring-like weather, it’s a great time  to think about building your base for cyclocross season. …

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