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  • Psychlo-Mom In The Kitchen: Earth-Shaking Granola Recipe


    Earthquake?! Feh.

    That was our sexy MAC cyclocrossers warming up! We’re three weeks away from ’cross season … so boys are crashing through city parks and then running from the cops seconds before they get told to leave. You can feel it now, right? What you eat matters, and now is the time to start experimenting with what goes down easy and stays down, what keeps you going and what revives you so that you can get up and do it all over again the next day. So, I’m baaaaack, because what you eat, when you eat it and how it performs occupies so much of my brain space that I thought I might as well get it out here with the only other people I know who aren’t on Weight Watchers: cyclocrossers.

  • End of Season Celebration with an A.P. Cake – A Column by Psychlo Mom

    End of season celebration, in bundt cake form. Photo via flickr by pjinomaha

    As the domestic season starts to wind down, Psychlo Mom bids adieu (auf wiedersehen?) to her Swiss charge and commemorates the occasion with – of course – food. Aunt Phyllis’ cake, to be more precise. In case you missed her…

  • Getting Your Ducks in a Row & Brisket on a Roll – A Column by Psychlo Mom

    Brisket on a roll for post-race celebration. Photo via flickr by rfduck

    Summer break is over for Psychlo Mom, and it’s back to juggling real-world work, family life and her home for cyclocross boys. Not only is her racer-son Julz Meier under her roof, but she’s also playing host to Elite Swiss…

  • Pre-Season Freak-Out and Naked Banana Bread – A Column by Psychlo Mom

    An easy way to meet high caloric intake requirements. Photo via flickr by neil conway

    In this week’s adventure, Psychlo Mom confronts the sheer volume of foodstuffs two young ’crossers can put away. Her answer? Good humor and “Naked Banana Bread.” Did you miss Psychlo Mom’s debut article on “The Calm Before the Storm and…

  • Introducing Psychlo Mom – The Calm Before the Storm and a Recipe for Kick-Some-Ass Oatmeal Cookies

    Oatmeal cookies to placate and energize young crossers , via flickr by thepinkpeppercorn

    We couldn’t be more excited to bring you Psychlo Mom’s fresh voice. She represents a crucial segment of the ’cross community – the parents who nurture the up-and-coming generation of  Junior racers. This year Psychlo Mom will be going above…

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