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  • It’s Always A Good Day To Ride: When To Ignore Coach Crusty’s Program

    Sometimes, you need to ignore your training program and just have fun riding. Photo from flickr, courtesy of Jonf728

    It was one of those rare days this summer in Wisconsin: sunny, 75 degrees, mild winds. I was camping with a buddy in Boulder Junction, home of some beautiful northwoods roads and trails.

    My friend was going fishing, and I was headed out on the ride. The training program told me to ride zone 2 for 80 minutes.

    When I returned, my friend asked me where I’d been.

  • It’s Always a Good Day to Ride: Chase Fun, Not Points

    row of trophies

    During the season, I made sure I raced every race in the series, even races I don’t like, just to maintain my spot in the points for the trophy. To me it was purely a symbolic and tangible piece of evidence that I could still race my bike, just 18 months after the crash.

  • It’s Always a Good Day to Ride: Learning to Trust the Bike and Find Those Mad ’Cross Skillz

    Here, Paul works to perfect his cyclocross form. This year, mountain biking will help him with that.

    Like most riders who come to ’cross from the road, I sometimes struggle with technical skills.
    I’ve learned a lot in the past five years. Yet I still grab too much brake, don’t trust my tires enough, and slow down too much before barriers and corners.
    The remedy this season? Lots of practice in a park nearby and lots of mountain bike riding.

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