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  • In the Saddle With Katie Arnold, Ohio’s Cyclocross-ing “Katie”

    The "other" Katie, Katie Arnold, on course.

    It seems like so many of the fastest women’s cyclocrossers are named Katie these days (Antonneau, Compton), and this one is no exception. J.D. Kimple introduces us to Ohio’s answer to cyclocross “Katies,” Katie Arnold. by J.D. Kimple

  • In the Saddle with Helen Wyman, Great Britain’s National Champion and Nine Time US Race Winner

    Helen Wyman took control in Gloucester © Natalia Boltukhova | Pedal Power Photography | 2011

    This time around, when the phrase “the British are coming!” was shouted at nighttime in Massachusetts, the British could not be stopped by the Americans. The Brit in question? None other than Helen Wyman, cyclocross National Champion of Great Britain,…

  • In the Saddle with Brian Joder, Promoter of the Sacramento Cyclocross Series

    Katerina Nash (Luna) Leads Emily Thurston (Missing Link) Laguna Del Sol, Sacramento Cyclocross Series

    Brian Joder of BicyclingEvents.com chats to Tim Westmore about this year’s series, sponsors, format and the “smiling dirty faces” of Sacramento.

  • In the Saddle with Adam McGrath, Pro Cyclocross Racer Turned Farmer/Racer

    New training buddies. Adam McGrath

    Pro racer Adam McGrath has gone from international racer to local farmer in the past year, though he hasn’t hung up his bikes just yet. He’ll be chronicling his new set of experiences in his new column for Cyclocross Magazine,…

  • In The Saddle With Malissa And Spencer Petrov

    Malissa and Spencer Petrov

    Malissa is a hard working mother of two/bike racer. Spencer is an up and coming Cyclocross racer. Both of them race and train together. When Spencer races, Malissa can be seen running along on the sidelines, cheering loudly. When it’s his Mom’s turn to race, Spencer and his brother Nick can be seen cheering loudly. They make bike racing a family event.

  • In The Saddle With Simon Burney: Cyclocross Author, Coach and Manager


    Today, we caught up with Simon Burney, the author of the seminal how to book on cyclocross, Cyclocross Training and Technique, now in its 3rd edition. He is a former professional cyclocross racer and has spent more than twenty years managing professional cyclocross and mountain bike teams, working with some of the top cyclocross racers in the world. Simon served as the Performance Manager for mountain bike at British Cycling and has raced, wrenched, or managed the national team at the Cyclocross World Championships for 28 years. He’s spoken with us before, but since the season is about to stat, we wanted to pick his brain for some tips for our new-to-cyclocross readers and get an idea of what he’s been up to lately.

  • In The Saddle With John Gatch, Race Announcer Extraordinaire

    John Gatch is a staple at races.

    John Gatch is a do-it-all-er when it comes to cycling. A long time racer, both in road and cyclocross. Announcer for some of the biggest races held here in Cincinnati. Promoter and organizer for the OVCX race, Gun Club CX. He even has a podcast. I was excited to have the opportunity to interview him. Despite his busy schedule, John took the time to answer some of the questions I have always been curious about. He is somewhat of a legend around the cycling community and I hope you enjoy his answers as much as I did.

  • In The Saddle With Geoff Proctor, “Jack Of All Cyclocross Trades”

    Proctor working with Yannick Eckmann at EuroCrossCamp last Christmas. Photo courtesy of Geoff Proctor

    Geoff Proctor truly is a Jack Of All Trades: not only does he manage to stay involved in cyclocross at nearly every level, from junior development to running camps to sitting on the UCI commission to racing, but he also manages a full-time job as an English teacher teaching AP Lit. He’s also responsible for EuroCrossCamp, a hugely successful venture that is now in it’s ninth year. That he had time at all to sit down and answer a few questions for us was amazing, especially since he just finished running his USAC Cyclocross Development camp for junior racers.

  • In The Saddle With Rob Brandt, Racer and Brand Manager For Stevens Bikes

    Brandt tears it up on the course. Photo courtesy of Rob Brandt

    When I began working with Rob Brandt, the brand manager for Stevens Bikes, I had lots of questions. Rob graciously took time away from a busy work life to provide me with answers. Some of the things he said surprised me, some confirmed my long-held opinions. I found Rob to be bright, insightful, and open. He told me about himself; how he came to cycling; about ’cross bikes; about ’cross in general – it’s present state and it’s future; even a bit about Stevens, the company he represents.

  • In The Saddle With Luke Keough, Two Time 17-18 National Champion

    Luke Keough relaxes during a mid-ride ice cream break. © Molly Hurford

    Luke Keough is remarkably mature for his age, and rightly so: though he’s only 19 years old, he’s been racing for 15 of them and is extremely serious about what he does. That’s not to say that he doesn’t love horsing around with his teammates, weaving around on the road during recovery rides so he can hop into ditches on his road bike, eating ice cream as recovery food or spending an evening at the mall goofing off, but when he’s on the bike, he’s all business. And as he should be: even at 19, his list of palmares surpasses some seasoned pros: he’s the two-time National Champion for the 17-18 field, placed tenth in the 17-18 field at worlds in Italy, won the Elite race both days at Northhampton at Cycle-Smart International in 2010 and the list goes on.

  • In the Saddle with Niels Albert

    Niels Albert at the Tour of Belgium 2011 © Jonas Bruffaerts

    Back in February, Cyclocross Magazine sat down with Albert in his mobile home before the final race of the Superprestige series in Middelkerke to put your questions to the new king of Belgian cross.

  • In the Saddle with Todd Wells, Three-Time National Champion

    Specialized's Todd Wells takes the win at the 2009 USGP in Portland. © Joe Sales

    This marks the start of the new online “In the Saddle” feature for Cyclocross Magazine. Bi-weekly, we’ll be chasing down a new pro racer to ask them a series of questions that readers will help us decide on. Want to…

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