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  • New Product Spotlight and Review: Velo Orange Toe-In Adjustable Brake Shoes and Pads

    Velo Orange Toe-In Adjustable Brake Pads. © Cyclocross Magazine

    by Josh Patterson Riders who love Spookys, Empella Froglegs or alloy TRP Euro-X cantilevers, but don’t enjoy adjusting brake pad toe-in with a pair of vise-grips have other alternatives. One option is the TRP Inplace to-in adjustable brake shoes and…

  • Ask the Bike Geek: Spring Tension on TRP Euro-X Brakes

    TRP EuroX Cyclocross Cantilever Brakes

    We get a bunch of questions about bike setup and tech via email and our forums. Occasionally we’ll seek out answers direct from the manufacturer. Here’s one question from Dave Hutton we received recently. I am currently a TRP Brakes…

  • Sea Otter Has Cyclocross!

    The 2008 Sea Otter Classic, despite offering almost every type of cycling event, does not have an official cyclocross event. But there’s no shortage of  cyclocross love and eye candy at the event, with numerous vendors at its festival, and…

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