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  • What is Cyclocross, CX, Cyclo-cross or ’Cross? — Cyclocross 101

    Sven Nys Wins 2013 Superprestige Hoogstraten © Bart Hazen

    Welcome to our newest section of the website, our Frequently Asked Questions. Now, as we add to our list of questions, we’ll be featuring them so new racers can get brought up to speed on the magic of ’cross. For…

  • Cyclocross Wheel Review: Williams Cyclocross Tubular Wheelset Review

    Williams Cyclocross Wheelset © Cyclocross Magazine

    Williams has brought to market a cyclocross specific tubular wheel set that is a strong performer yet durable enough for even the most aggressive Clydesdale. The wheels are built with stout 14 straight gauge spokes: 2-cross lacing on the front and 3-cross on the rear. The semi-aero, aluminum rim is robust, benefiting from a simple tubular cross section. The rims are completed with a brilliant white paint scheme, and their `cross-specific pedigree is emphasized by bold decals.

  • World’s Longest Cyclocross Race? Coming this June…

    Andreas' Mad Planning - Cyclocross Route Option #96 - Photo by flickr user bradleyolin

    Long-distance cyclist and ‘cross racer Andreas Vogel likes to ride his bike just as much as the next guy. He just likes to ride it longer than the next guy. He’s planned the world’s longest ‘cross race for this June….

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