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  • How-To: Singlespeed Conversion (in time for SSCXWC)

    Soulcraft's Convert Tensioner is one of our favorites. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Just in time for SSCXWC, we’ve got a how-to article on singlespeed conversions. This article is part of the Singlespeed Overdose feature in Issue 2 that also reviewed tensioners and covered the first edition of the Single Speed Cyclocross World…

  • Newbie News: Racing Cyclocross on Mountain Bikes

    Katie Compton Winning Mountain Bike Races to get Ready for Cyclocross

    Fortunately it was pretty easy to make one of my mountain bikes ‘cross worthy, and that was enough to get me by for a few seasons. I think any cross-country oriented mountain bike will work for cyclocross racing, with a few caveats. A hardtail is best, but a full-suspension bike isn’t a deal breaker. It’s like bringing combat boots to a 5K run. The equipment will work, but will probably put you out of contention for a podium spot. That being said, I’ve seen some sub-20lb, super-efficient, “no-bob” full suspension bikes with traditional front triangle designs, which would be fine to take to the starting line.

  • Gates Creates First-Ever Belt-Drive Singlespeed Cyclocross Team

    Has singlespeed cyclocross jumped the shark? Or are more people finally seeing the light? We’re fans of the simplicity and have shown how it’s easy to convert your current ride. And if you like the one gear way? SSCXWC awaits…

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