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  • Improving and Upgrading Your Rim Brakes for Cyclocross: Reader Mechanical Question

    Niels Albert's uses the TRP Revo-X carbon low-profile cantilever brakes to stop his Colnago Cross Prestige. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Your question: I’m not ready to go to disc brakes, but I want to improve my braking. Are there any upgrades or changes I can make? Answered by Drew Hager Without knowing what exactly you are experiencing with these brakes,…

  • Cyclocross Gift Ideas and Reviews: Get a (Better) Grip with New Brake Pads and Bar Tape

    The Carbon Red compound pads are one great gift option from Kool Stop. ©Cyclocross Magazine

    The holidays are a perfect time to celebrate the gift of cyclocross, and what better way to whoop it up than to share some last-minute ’cross love with others? Give a teammate a must-have tool (that you can borrow), introduce…

  • Mechanical Mondays: Upgrade Your Bike For Under $100

    bike shop

    It’s that time of year again: time to pull your cyclocross bike out of storage, take a good, long look at it and think, “Well, now what does it need?” Because we’re bike racers. And our bikes always need something, preferably something shiny and new. However, if you’re on a strict bike budget, there are some sneaky ways to upgrade or update your bike for the season, there’s an easy solution: accessories. (And yes, we realize that this piece reads like a fashion magazine article on making that Little Black Dress look brand-new by simply adding new jewelry or shoes.) Still, if you’ve been racing on — or just bought — a stock bike, we have some suggestions for how to dress it up so it stands out in the field (hopefully because you snagged the hole shot.)

  • Interbike 2010 Product Spotlight: Grammo ’Cross Bike, Serotta Forks, SwissStop Aluminum Brake Pads

    Interbike is winding down tomorrow and, not surprisingly, we’ve seen an overwhelming quantity of bike stuff – cyclocross and otherwise (check back throughout the weekend and next week for all the news). We ran into New Zealand company Grammo’s first…

  • New Product Spotlight and Review: Velo Orange Toe-In Adjustable Brake Shoes and Pads

    Velo Orange Toe-In Adjustable Brake Pads. © Cyclocross Magazine

    by Josh Patterson Riders who love Spookys, Empella Froglegs or alloy TRP Euro-X cantilevers, but don’t enjoy adjusting brake pad toe-in with a pair of vise-grips have other alternatives. One option is the TRP Inplace to-in adjustable brake shoes and…

  • Got Cyclocross Brake Questions?

    We have an upcoming feature on brakes and pads in our print mag, and we want to know your brake-related questions that you’re dying to have answered. Whether its about pads, setup, squeal, chatter, no question is a dumb question….

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