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  • The Benefits of a Cyclocross Race-Specific Bike Fit

    O'Dea demonstrates pelvis placement on my saddle. © Cyclocross Magazine

    by Molly Hurford Ask any cyclist about bike fits and there will be a different response. As one pro racer uttered under his breath when we started talking about bike fit over dinner in a group last month, “Everyone is…

  • The Search for the Perfect, Pain-Free ’Cross Fit

    Does your back hurt during ’cross? Setting up a new ’cross bike and wondering if your setup is really dialed? Spring and summer is the time to figure these issues out. We’re here to help. When it comes to cyclocross,…

  • Newbie News: Eight Tips to Starting Cyclocross

    Noob crossers discuss the finer points of the remount with Joes Garage pro Alec Donahue courtesy of Andrew J. Bernstein

    Over the year, and especially in the months leading up to the start of ’cross season, here at Cyclocross Magazine, we get a lot of questions from novice racers and people who are excited to be trying their first race in the fall. The main question we hear: “how do I get started?”

    In this new bi-weekly feature, Newbie News, we’ll be talking about how to get started racing cyclocross, regardless of skill level, budget or fitness. We wanted to start this column with a bang, and give you a preview of what’s to come as the weeks progress and the season gets closer and closer.

  • A Bike Fit: Possibly One Of The Best Performance Bargains

    A bike fit can make all the difference. Photo courtesy of Clifford Lee

    Summer has just begun and the road and mountain bike seasons are in full swing, but for those of us dedicated to cyclocross, the offseason is ending and training programs for the fall are coming together as the cyclocross bike is tuned up. Admittedly, my cyclocross bike never gets a rest and I’m always looking to tweak it to gain performance. In order to gain more performance, should I get a pair of carbon wheels, new tires, a sealed cable set, ceramic bearing bottom bracket? I hope that by reading Cyclocross Magazine, you will gain some insight to where your hard earned dollars should go.

  • Retuled Part II – the 3-D Bike Fit Experience

    by Josh Liberles In the first part of this article, Josh introduced the high-tech Retül bike fitting process he experienced in Portland’s Cyclepath bike shop. Here, he takes a look at moving that data over to other bikes, including his…

  • It’s Time for a Bike Fit: Get Retuled!

    by Josh Liberles Spring has (just barely, and not very convincingly in many places) sprung, and for many of us it’s the perfect time to take a good hard look at our bike positions. Or, better yet, have a well-trained…

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