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  • Mercury Cycling Wheels Adds Sub 300g Disc Rim, Wider Tubular Rims for 2013

    Mercury Cycling teamed up with Dash Components to build a sub-300 gram clincher rim, intended for disc brakes and tubeless-ready. Sounds perfect for cyclocross. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Mercury Cycling started out several years ago by offering frames and bikes, but quickly decided to focus on high-performance, high-value racing wheelsets. Over the last few years, they have had a few pro teams test their Mercury wheels with much…

  • Cyclocross Wheel Review: Williams Cyclocross Tubular Wheelset Review

    Williams Cyclocross Wheelset © Cyclocross Magazine

    Williams has brought to market a cyclocross specific tubular wheel set that is a strong performer yet durable enough for even the most aggressive Clydesdale. The wheels are built with stout 14 straight gauge spokes: 2-cross lacing on the front and 3-cross on the rear. The semi-aero, aluminum rim is robust, benefiting from a simple tubular cross section. The rims are completed with a brilliant white paint scheme, and their `cross-specific pedigree is emphasized by bold decals.

  • New Product Spotlight: Cole And Rolf Prima Release Wider Tubular Cyclocross Wheels

    With the increased popularity of cyclocross, more companies are coming out with wheelsets tailored to the unique needs of our favorite sport. For tubulars, the recent trend has been to widen the rim to give the tire more support, especially in cornering, and provide a bigger and better gluing surface.

  • Sneak Peak: Cole’s New Cyclocross Alloy Tubular Wheelset

    Cole cyclocross wheels, 23mm alloy tubular wheelset

    Cole Wheels and Richard Sachs Get Fat for Cyclocross Cyclocross Magazine got an exclusive first look at the upcoming Cole alloy tubular wheelset specifically made for cyclocross. The wheels were designed with significant input from Richard Sachs (Cole is a…

  • New Product Spotlight and Review: VCRC Team Handlebar and Stem

    by Clifford Lee 2011 VCRC Team handlebar and stem MSRP $79 (bar) $59 (stem) Alloy handlebar and stems are usually not glamorous. Once set up, they simply perform as they should in most cases, and we tend to take them…

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