Sven Nys, Nickelodeon Launch Kids Cyclocross Clinics

Sven Nys, Nickelodeon Launch Kids' Cyclocross Clinics

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Sven Nys, the world’s number one cyclocross racer and his coach are teaming up with Nickelodeon, the children’s television network that brings you SpongeBob SquarePants, to host a series of five cyclocross clinics for children of ages 8 to 14. The clinics, titled “The Wheel of Sven,” will give kids a chance to get tips from Nys and coach Paul Van Den Bosch and test their improved skills on a cycling obstacle course.

The series is set for five different provincial areas only in Belgium, unfortunately, but as far as we can tell, registration does not require you to be a Belgium citizen. Perhaps a reason to splurge and take a vacation with the kids to Belgium?

It’s another example of how Nys, like many of the top riders in the U.S., is working to further the sport of cyclocross. Last month Nys released a cyclocross training book.

Visit the official website for more info on the clinics, or view an English translation here.

Not to be outdone by its Belgian office, U.S. Nickelodeon is helping kids stay indoors and develop computer game skills with a SpongeBob hoodie contest.