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By Andrew Davis

On a clear, brisk day at Ruddervoorde, Sven Nys (Landbouwkrediet-Euphony) stayed true to his Mr. Superprestige title by taking the win ahead of Niels Albert (BKCP-Powerplus) after the two commandeered the race in the early laps. Echoing last weekend at Kalmthout, the race turned predictable as it looked to come down to a two-up sprint. The only change in the script was Nys’ catching Albert out in the final, technical turns, and opening just enough of a gap to make his surge for the line a solo affair. Kevin Pauwels (Sunweb-Revor), unable to hold on to the two champions in the deep sand, nonetheless rode strongly for third, soloing in ahead of Klaas Vantornout (Sunweb-Revor), Tom Meeusen (Telenet-Fidea), Dieter Vanthourenhout (BKCP-Powerplus), and Lars van der Haar (Rabobank-Giant), the last of whom was the final rider to be shed by the two champions at the head of the race.

Sven Nys continues his Superprestige domination with his 56th win in the series. ©Bart Hazen

Sven Nys continues his Superprestige domination with his 56th win in the series. ©Bart Hazen

In the women’s race, Nikki Harris (Telenet-Fidea) took an early lead ahead of Amy Dombroski (Telenet-Fidea), Sanne Cant (BOXX), and Sophie De Boer (Telenet-Fidea). Once established, Harris never relinquished her lead, soloing in well ahead of second place De Boer. “I just wanted to go hard from the start,” said Harris. “After one lap I realized I had a gap, so I wanted to keep going. But yeah, it was hard work.”

The U23 race took a similar pattern to the women’s, with Mike Teunissen (Rabobank) taking the early lead and holding it to the end.

Elite Men: Nys and Albert again stand above the rest

The first round of the 2012-13 Superprestige Series kicked off to blue skies and tacky conditions on the twisty and technical Ruddervoorde course. U23 world champion Lars van der Haar, already starting on the front row in his first Elite season, launched off the front for the hole-shot in the dicey, narrow first corner. Tom Meeusen and Kevin Pauwels quickly took to the front in the first lap and created a small group containing Klaas Vantornout and Bart Aernouts. These leaders had a slim gap over a large chase group driven by Albert, Nys and van der Haar, who were a few seconds back going into the second lap.

Albert moved smoothly up the field with Nys in tow, and after closing to the lead group, made a hard acceleration that only Nys and van der Haar could cover. For a short moment it looked as if the youngest talent would spar against the legendary one, but Albert and Nys’ pace through the sand and around the technical parts of the course proved too quick, and van der Haar dropped off the lead.

Pauwels, however, began to show his form as he picked up the young Rabobank rider as he clawed his way back to Nys and Albert a lap later. But the Belgian and World Champions had no intention of making it a four-horse race, and used the long, deep sand section to strip first van der Haar, and then Pauwels, of their chances at the top podium spot. Heading into the sand, Pauwels was less than three seconds behind; by the end of the section, he had lost ten. The gap only continued to grow for the remainder of the race.

As Pauwels made a solo chase behind, Albert and Nys spent the remainder of the race attacking and counter attacking each other, with neither gaining a clear advantage going into the last lap. Recent history has shown that when the pair come together to the line, it is Nys that has the afterburners to take the sprint – would Albert be able to shake him before that happened?

Though Albert did his best, the answer was a resounding no, as Nys, always the tactician, made the move of the race in the technical penultimate corner, opening up just enough of a gap that Albert couldn’t draft as Nys hit the pavement first and accelerated uncontested to the line.

Arm in the air, finger to the sky, Sven Nys opened his account on the 2012/13 Superprestige season, taking his his 56th victory in the series and the first win of what could be his 12th series title.

Albert came in just behind, followed nearly half a minute later by Pauwels, then Klaas Vantornout, Meeusen, Dieter Vanthourenhout, van der Haar, Wellens, and Aernouts.

Bart Hazen Photo Gallery:

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1Sven NYSBEL1:04:43
2Niels ALBERTBEL1:04:43
3Kevin PAUWELSBEL1:05:10
5Tom MEEUSENBEL1:05:22
7Lars VAN DER HAARNED1:05:22
8Bart WELLENSBEL1:05:29
9Bart AERNOUTSBEL1:05:43
11Rob PEETERSBEL1:06:37
12Jim AERNOUTSBEL1:06:45
13Julien TARAMARCAZSUI1:06:55
14Martin ZLAMALIKCZE1:06:55
16Arnaud JOUFFROYFRA1:07:18
18Niels WUBBENNED1:07:28
19Philipp WALSLEBENGER1:07:28
20Aurelien DUVALFRA1:07:35
21Matthieu BOULOFRA1:07:35
22Thijs ALNED1:07:35
23Joeri ADAMSBEL1:07:38
24Gerben DE KNEGTNED1:07:42
25Enrico FRANZOIITA1:08:02
27Micki VAN EMPELNED1:08:12
28Patrick VAN LEEUWENNED1:08:16
29Twan VAN DEN BRANDNED1:08:34
30Nicolas BAZINFRA1:08:40
31Dave DE CLEYNBEL1:09:15
32Lubomir PETRUSCZE1:09:25
33Jonathan PAGEUSA1:10:21
35Steven DE DECKERBEL1:10:45
36Dries PAUWELSBEL1:10:51
38Gianni DENOLFBEL1:11:22
39Christoph PFINGSTENGER1:12:00

1Nikki HARRISGBR43:01:00
2Sophie DE BOERNED44:07:00
3Sanne CANTBEL44:25:00
4Arenda GRIMBERGNED44:32:00
5Ellen VAN LOYBEL44:42:00
7Reza HORMESNED45:30:00
10Nancy BOBERBEL47:31:00
11Lana VERBERNENED47:37:00
12Hilde QUINTENSBEL48:02:00
13Christine VARDAROSUSA48:22:00
14Anja GELDHOFBEL49:30:00
15Ilona METERNED49:49:00
16Jolien VERSCHUERENBEL49:49:00
17Hannah WELTERNED50:13:00
18Lotte EIKELENBOOMNED50:36:00
19Margriet Helena KLOPPENBURGDEN50:49:00
23Caitlyn LA HAYEBEL

1Mike TEUNISSENNED51:46:00
2Jens ADAMSBEL51:54:00
3Gianni VERMEERSCHBEL52:18:00
5Wout VAN AERTBEL52:34:00
6Toon AERTSBEL52:35:00
7Wietse BOSMANSBEL52:44:00
9Laurens SWEECKBEL53:04:00
10Diether SWEECKBEL53:11:00
11Gert-Jan BOSMANNED53:26:00
12Quentin JAUREGUIFRA53:28:00
13Corne VAN KESSELNED53:28:00
14Emiel DOLFSMANED53:45:00
15Tim MERLIERBEL53:56:00
16David VAN DER POELNED54:08:00
17Vinnie BRAETBEL54:12:00
18Joeri HOFMANBEL54:24:00
19Karel HNIKCZE54:34:00
20Ritchie DENOLFBEL54:43:00
21Daan SOETEBEL54:50:00
22Tijmen EISINGNED55:13:00
23Kenneth HANSENDEN55:13:00
24Matthias VAN DE VELDEBEL55:30:00
25Braam MERLIERBEL55:33:00
27Jeffrey MELLEMANSBEL55:55:00
28Yorben VAN TICHELTBEL56:13:00
29Hendrik SWEECKBEL56:23:00
30Luke GRAYGBR56:44:00
31Tim ARIESENNED56:48:00
32Niels KOYENBEL56:59:00
33Pjotr VAN BEEKNED57:18:00
34Tim DE SCHUYTERBEL57:39:00