Philadelphia Bike Expo. © Cyclocross Magazine

Build your own: bamboo and fiber joining it at the Philadelphia Bike Expo. © Cyclocross Magazine

When we saw that Craig Calfee himself would be giving seminars on DIY Bamboo Bikes, we thought he would just be talking about how he got into the carbon and bamboo business. But instead, he was revealing tidbits about his latest project: Frame-building kits! Classes for building your own frame have been increasing in popularity lately, but this is the first mail-order one that we’ve heard of.

While it hasn’t officially launched yet—Calfee says it’s coming in a few months—the schematics are all sorted out. Framesets will come in a variety of price ranges, from under $200 to $575, and the joint holders will be made from PVC (see the orange and blue above). Calfee’s intention is to offer a cheaper frame option for those intrigued by bamboo and custom bikes but not ready to commit to the cost of a full custom frame build.