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Issue 2 Cover

Our second issue (Late Winter) went to the printers last week, and should be a good one. We think we have about three typical magazines’ worth of content in this one (the upside of being young and not chock full of ads), so hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. But who said each issue should get easier? It certainly took longer than we expected — maybe we bit off too much? We had a lot of help with content, as many of you have offered support and contributed, but production was more of a challenge. We’ll have to ramp up in that area for our third issue for sure. Any volunteers? Design or editing skills can come in handy, and there are many perks too! If so, contact us.

Also, we’re trying to avoid the $2.16 per issue first class mailing cost we incurred last issue, so this one may take take a little longer to get to your doorstep, as we’re trying to use the appropriate bulk mailing options this time and not donate our life savings to USPS. Know of someone who’s been meaning to subscribe? Whether that’s you or a friend, there are just a few more days to get into that first mailing.

Here’s a hint of what’s to come:

Wellens reveals his Spirit of ‘Cross to Vardaros in a steamy Belgian trailer at Kansas City while Mo, CJ and 31 other riders eat ubeer oatmeal, thrash new bikes and gear, and race singlespeed balance balls pumped to 20 psi in Estacada wearing golden Speedos to win cool prizes. Hup hup!

Hope you enjoy it!



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Evil Gy
Evil Gy

One problem how many years are you going to wait for a Vanilla? 5 or more? I think not! You could get a custom Guru of Ti,carbon,or steel. In a couple of months from Guru. Forget Vanilla and his half a decade wait time. I like Desalvo,or a Pegoretti for a small frame builder in less than a year.

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