20081211-IMG_0158.jpg Cyclocross Magazine is in Kansas City doing live coverage of the national championships and bringing you daily reports, photo galleries, while trying to do a bit of racing ourselves. Day 1’s report is below. Also see our live coverage archive, Day 2 and Day 3 reports along with our Collegiate and Singlespeed, Men and Women’s reports from Day 4 of the 2008 Cyclocross National Championships from Kansas City.

by USA Cycling

KANSAS CITY (December 11, 2008)-The USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships opened on Thursday with just over 50 master-aged male riders tackling the demanding course at Kansas City’s Tiffany Springs Park. Gary Thacker (Louisville, Colo./Chipotle-Titus), Phil Bannister (Putney, Vt./Putney-West Hill), Rob Lea (Taneytown, Md./Team Fuji), Walt Axthelm (Durango, Colo./Durango Wheel Club) and Ronald Riley (Aptos, Calif./Team Santa Cruz) won the first of 34 stars-and-stripes jerseys to be awarded at this year’s competition.

With sunny skies and temperatures comfortably in the 30’s the first national championship contest went off at 1:00 p.m. After the early week snow and the morning’s B races, the well-broken-in course made for a slow start to the master men’s 55-59 contest. The slick corners were however no problem for Boulder, Colorado’s Thacker who moved to the front on the first lap and never looked back. The 55-year old veteran mountain biker took up cyclocross only three years ago, but has quickly taken to America’s fastest growing cycling discipline.

“I spent most of the first lap just trying to get to the front,” explained Thacker, a first-time national champion. “There were some loose corners, but the course dried out as the race went on. This was a goal of mine from the beginning of the season. You have to do it while you are young, you know.”

Fred Wittwer (Charlottesville, Va./Van Dessel Factory Team) wrapped up second place, with a time of 39:02, nearly two minutes behind Thacker’s winning time of 37:09. Torre Smitherman (Gainesville, Ga./GTC) finished just over a minute later in third, but the real battle was for the last two podium spots with five additional riders finishing in under 42:00. After a fierce battle, Joseph Brown (Walled Lake, Mich.) and Michael Longmire (Missoula, Mt./Northern Rockies) ultimately rounded out the podium in fourth and fifth place.

In the men’s 60-64 contest it was all Bannister as he opened up a huge gap in the first pair of laps. With the majority of the 17-rider field dismounting for the off-camber downhill sections, Banister displayed superior technical ability, riding a few of the declines on the hilly course. Appearing to be at ease, the first-time national champion took control and went on to take the convincing win.

“I had a friend on his bike giving me readings all over the course, which deemed helpful,” said Bannister. “It was a really hard effort for me and luckily I was able to know how far out I was toward the end.”

Bannister’s only real challenge came from multi-time national champion John Elgart (Sacramento, Calif./Webcor-Alto Velo) who significantly closed the gap on the final lap. The 18-time national champ has four cyclocross titles to his name and although he was denied another today, he solidly rode to the silver. After 15 years of racing cyclocross, Elgart has as much experience as almost any American.

“The course is well-designed but tough as the off camber corners are slippery and it’s hard to go fast on this course,” said Elgart. “It would be a faster course with grass, but the mud makes it more technical. It’s great to see everyone out here as the sport of cyclocross has grown so much in the last decade or so.”

In the day’s most exciting finish, John Rubcic (Hemet, Calif./UC Cyclery-JW Flooring) won the sprint for third over Cal Giant’s Frank Cuaresma (San Jose, Calif.) who had to settle for fourth.

With six starters racing in a group with the 60-64 age division as well as the 70+ entrants, Lea took the men’s 65-69 title by three minutes over Joe Saling (Bridgewater, N.J./Team Somerset-Van Dessel). Axthelm won the 70-74 stars-and-stripes for the second year in a row, finishing in 50:37, while Riley came in at 52:28 to win the 75-79 national championship. Both riders were the only ones in their field.

The USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships will continue Friday, with both junior and master’s men and women battling for their shot at a national title.

2008 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships
Kansas City, Missouri
December 11-14

Thursday’s National Champions:

  1. Men 55-59: Gary Thacker (Louisville, Colo./Chipotle-Titus)
  2. Men 60-64: Phil Bannister (Putney, Vt./Putney-West Hill)
  3. Men 65-69: Rob Lea (Taneytown, Md./Team Fuji)
  4. Men 70-74: Walt Axthelm (Durango, Colo./Durango Wheel Club)
  5. Men 75-79: Ronald Riley (Aptos, Calif./Team Santa Cruz)

Full results:

Men – B – 10-29
1Robin Eckmann00:46:25.001956CLIF BAR Development Cyclo-Cro
2Noah Niwinski00:46:25.001932Appalachian State University
3Robin Guillaume00:47:31.001918NA
4Christopher Dale00:47:31.001961Raleigh All Stars/Lees-McRae C
5Shad Schreiner00:47:31.001972University of Kansas
6Joseph Schmalz00:47:48.001938HRRC Trek Stores
7David Meyer00:48:05.001934Grumpy’s
8Brian Lawney00:48:24.001931Cornell University
9Mark Broadwater00:48:24.001944C3-Sollay.com
10Ryan Fawley00:48:24.001971NA
11Daniel Matheny00:48:24.001925Mafia Racing
12Andrew Coe00:48:24.001922SKC Racing
13Gordon Cottle00:49:13.001904Porcupine / Specialized Racing
14John Giles00:49:45.001903University of Kansas
15Ben Corbalis00:50:21.001960Union Velo/ RINET/ Lees McRae
16Zachary Edwards00:50:21.001937DRT RACING
17Jack Hinkens00:50:39.001964fccc
18Gregory Vigneaux00:50:51.001959Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling T
19Aspen Gorry00:50:51.001967University of Chicago
20David Hutton00:51:26.001954Hincapie Barkley
21kevin wilde00:51:26.001930Porcupine/ Specialized
22Garrick Valverde00:51:26.001947Mesa Cycles Racing Team
23Adam Mills00:51:49.001941HRRC/ Trek Stores
24Rich Bergstrom00:51:58.001950Gopher Wheelmen
25Jacob Florence00:52:09.001969Appalachian State University
26Lawrence Simonson00:52:32.001912GP Velo Tek
27Brady Irwin00:52:32.001926NA
28Mario Hernandez00:52:50.001952Vlaams Scythes
29David Thomas00:53:06.001955Team Magnus
30Patrick Goguen00:54:02.001905Cl Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM
31Michael Bowen00:54:20.001939REALITY BIKES / CAMP HIGHLAND
32Josh Patterson00:54:35.001909CycleCity Racing / CXMAGAZINE.
33Joseph Fox00:55:02.001921Cycle City Racing
34Syd Lea00:54:02.001900T.E.A.M. Fuji
35David Chiu00:55:27.001919NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Den
36Al Urbanski00:55:46.001943Chicago Cuttin’ Crew
37John Broussard00:56:15.001908nebc/cycleloft/devonshire dent
38Andrew Templeton1 Lap Down1968KHSnm.com
39Chris Hershey1 Lap Down1920Cycle City
40Eric Gardiner1 Lap Down1915Utah State University
41John Waller1 Lap Down1910Cycle City
42Greg Payne1 Lap Down1953GP Velotek
43Michael Dishman1 Lap Down1965NA
44John-Paul Russo1 Lap Down1901colavita
45Tristan Collins1 Lap Down1962Unattached
46Ryan Gabriel1 Lap Down1958Sun and Ski Sports
47Austin Roberts1 Lap Down1963CRRC
48Robert Thomas1 Lap Down1933Half Acre Cycling
49Benjamin Perkins1 Lap Down1966Midwest Cycling
50Seth Stover1 Lap Down1974Kansas State University Cyclin
51Adrian Silva1 Lap Down1906half acre cycling
DNSGeoffrey Pendry1902University of North Carolina -
DNSMartin Lang1907Mesa Cycles Racing Team
DNSMatt Monbouquette1911green mountain rehab
DNSMatthew Spinks1914Team Metra/Wendy’s p/b Victor
DNSJake Davidson1916Dickinsen College
DNSJake Davidson1917Dickinsen College
DNSTony Wieczorek1923Mesa Cycles Racing Team
DNSTim Yuska1924Get A Grip Offroad
DNSRobin Guillaume1927Durango DEVO
DNSRobin Guillaume1928Durango DEVO
DNSBrett Billings1935The Bike Surgeon
DNSMat Siemens1936Team Mack
DNSGreg Battista1940University of Michagan-Ann Arb
DNSRyan Hardy1945C3-SOLLAY.com
DNSMatthew Willing1946Wheels In Motion
DNSDaniel Jacobsen1949gopher wheelmen
DNSJordan Humble1951Krystal/SCV
DNSCarl Hoffman1957Manchester Racing Club
DNSErik Ramirez1973unattached
DNFColin Krebsbach1913Oh Boy Oberto/Redline
DNFJeffrey Bahnson1929Secret Henry’s Team / Van Dess
DNFMichael Gavagan1942Secret Henry’s Team
DNFGabriel Masiulis1948Gopher Wheelmen
DNFAaron House1970Housatonic Wheel Club
Men – B – 30-39
1Brian Jensen00:42:39.002095HRRC/Trek Stores
2Andrew Messer 00:42:54.002088DRT Racing
3Andrew Crooks00:43:00.002060NYC Velo
4Tige Lamb00:43:00.002045Cow Town Cycling
5Craig Faulkner00:44:13.002037Crossniacs
6Kyle Bush00:44:37.002030SlimenundGrossen
7Matias Mendigochea00:44:44.002093Kahala-La Grange
8Jay Strothman00:44:44.002032NA
9Josh Taylor00:45:01.002005360 Racing
10Scott Brooks00:45:01.002038NEBC
11Matthew Opperman00:45:01.002051Pro Peloton Racing
12Matt Tillinghast00:45:01.002225Midwest Cycling Community
13Jamie Kilcoyne00:45:19.002004Chipotle-Titus Mountain Bike T
14Sean Yeager00:45:19.002003Altius Cycling Team
15Michael Gaherty00:45:19.002008SKC Racing
16Jason Gaikowski00:45:31.002068360 Racing
17Ryan Myers00:45:51.002015NA
18William Gault00:46:07.002066KCCX/Verge
19Chris Behrmann00:46:19.002031Sledgehammer Charlie’s Racing
20Oscar Jimenez00:46:57.002023NEBC/Cycleloft/DevonshireDenta
21Matthew Baugher00:46:57.002010Epic Cycling Team
22Steven Bullerman00:46:57.002089Bike Tech Racing Club
23Shea Bergman00:46:57.002077free state
24Andrew Yee00:46:57.002029HUP UNITED / CXMAGAZINE.COM
25Ross Cerniglia00:46:57.002018My Wife Inc.
26Joseph Hu00:47:26.002083SKC Racing
27Mike Heenan00:47:26.002000My Wife Inc.
28Douglas Plumer00:47:42.002080Free State Racing
29Jon Freckleton00:47:42.002090Aspire Performance
30Matthew Gilhousen00:47:42.002055Freestate Racing
31Wade Loberger00:47:42.002034Wheel and Sprocket
32Charles Erndl00:47:42.002098Riptide Cycling/Brielle cycler
33David Sheek00:47:42.002086OutsideAllDay.com
34Richard Hu00:48:16.002039SKC Racing
35Robert Love00:48:16.002025Blue Sky Velo
36Craig Piburn00:48:23.002007NA
37Keith Reynolds00:48:59.002057NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Den
38Kory Dillman00:48:59.002072Bicycle Shack Racing
39David Keesler00:48:59.002059
40Todd Pilger00:49:14.002002NM Team Cross
41Jeff Campbell00:49:14.002001ICON ONE RACING/JOE’S PRO BIKE
42Blaine Haskell00:49:14.002058Green Mountain Sports
43Craig Harding00:49:14.002020NA
44Ted Moore00:49:14.002006360 racing
45Douglas Anderson00:49:14.002049Hup United
46David McLeod00:49:39.002054Cycle City Racing
47Matthew Hennessy00:49:54.002065Team BBC
48Robert Schultz00:50:04.002043SKC
49Matthew Marchal00:50:04.002014Altius Cycling Team
50Chris Polonchek00:50:16.002094Free State Racing
51Travis Lukens00:50:23.002022Dale’s Pale Ale/Spot Brand
52Todd Crooks00:50:23.002075Unattached
53Josh Jewell00:51:00.002081CRRC
54Nathaniel Swanberg00:51:15.002074Crossniacs
55Wesley SMITH00:51:33.002053GBL-GBD
56Ryan Lindsay00:51:33.002097zephyr wheel sports
57Justin Bowes00:51:33.002084SKC Racing
58Patrick Angell00:52:43.002064SKC Racing
59Kyle Smith1 Lap Down2009Ridley Factory Team
60Karl Jackson1 Lap Down2040FSR Development Team
61Tyler Schumacher1 Lap Down2012KCOI/Boulevard
62Matthew Reynolds1 Lap Down2099the bicycle store
63Stuart Robson1 Lap Down2091Ghisallo Racing
64Thomas Kenny1 Lap Down2092Team Extreme
65Dustin Ridgway1 Lap Down2082CRRC
66Michael Benedek1 Lap Down2228Unattached
67Jeremy Smith1 Lap Down2085Renaissance Cycling
68Kenneth Kehoe1 Lap Down2087Canadian River Racing Club
69Jonathan Greene1 Lap Down2056Colavita FL
DNSChad Rivetti2011Team Bearclaw
DNSShawn Meinke2013Fond du Lac Cyclery
DNSPeter Ozolins2016Thompkins Courtland Community
DNSNick Tinsler2019Darkhorse Racing – Smitty’s Cy
DNSConal Groom2021NA
DNSDavid Labarr2024Kona FSA
DNSDavid Neis2026Bike Surgeon
DNSJonathan Puskas2028HUP United
DNSRick Thompson2033Monkey Wrench Cycles
DNSRich Anderson2035Cowtown Cycling
DNSJohn Rich2036NA
DNSScott Shulda2041Trekbicycleofkc/localcycling.c
DNSDan Farrell2042Blue Sky Velo
DNSJustin Howe2044NEBC
DNSChad Christian2046
DNSRoberto BARRIOS2047Mack
DNSNaz Hamid2050Half Acre Cycling
DNSMichael DiCenso2052NRC/Pedalmasher
DNSJon-Paul Shores2061Glory Racing
DNSDonald Galligher2063Hayes/Sunringle
DNSJoel Hammontree2067360 Racing
DNSKervin Quinones2069NA
DNSTony Stanislav2070360 Racing
DNSWalter Bleser2071KCOI Boulevard Racing
DNSMichael Duarte2073Rocky Mountain Spine & Sport
DNSGuy Alvarez2076Birchwood
DNSMichael Weiss2078Big Shark Racing
DNSChris Hudson2079Cycle City Racing
DNFNed Dowling2017BioWheels/Deltec
DNFTyler Henson2027localcycling.com
DNFJesse Petersen2062Monkey Wrench Cycles
Men – B – 40-99
1Jeffrey Welch43:27.01739Sledgehammer Charlies
2Troy KRAUSE43:40.01680Lincoln Industries/Highgear
3Thomas Price00:43:40:001684Lincoln Industries/Highgear
4Darron Cheek00:43:40:001703copper mtnhigh country racing
5Thomas Feix00:43:40:001751Peninsula Velo Cycling Club
6Bryan Harwood00:43:40:001728NA
7Jared Shuttleworth00:43:40:001682Red Rocks Velo
8Andy Lucas00:43:40:001769360 Racing
9Daren Cottle00:43:40:001694Porcupine / Specialized Racing
10Wayne Cunningham00:43:40:001691NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Den
11Jared Roy00:43:40:001697Crossniacs
12Brendon Jenks00:43:40:001709360 Racing
13Randy Shields00:43:40:002229Carolina Masters
14Rudy Sroka00:43:40:001749Lake Effect Cycling Team
15Timothy Hopkin00:43:40:001790North Carolina Cyclocross
16harold stephenson00:43:40:001687HSDC
17Stephen Songer00:43:40:001771360 Racing
18Gregory Goblirsch00:43:40:001722Loon State Cyclists
19Bill Teasdale00:43:40:001681Blue Sky Velo
20Doug KARET00:43:40:001795NA
21Logan Kelsey00:43:40:002214Vertical Online
22Todd Davis00:43:40:001689KCOI Boulevard
23Robert Kuhn00:43:40:001685HUP United
24Daryl Rains00:43:40:001791MOB Racing
25Geoffrey House00:43:40:002210Housatonic Wheel Club
26Blaine Heppner00:43:40:001741Bike Clicks/Team Louisville
27Robert Kramer00:43:40:001762Ridley Factory Team
28Robert Pugh00:43:40:001735Sledgehammer Charlies
29Jeffrey Appeltans00:43:40:002222Primus Mootry
30Tim Kelley00:43:40:001718Fitzgeralds Bicycles
31Brett Batchelder00:43:40:002230
32Brian Williams00:43:40:001725360 Racing
33James Smart00:43:40:001695Atomic Race Team
34Mark Krause00:43:40:001715Bicycle Shack Racing
35Joe Collins00:43:40:001745Team Louisville
36John Bliss00:43:40:001756Rocky Mounts – Izze Racing
37Mathew Eastlack00:43:40:001798Localcycling.com
38Jeffrey Craft00:43:40:001723Lake Effect Cycling Team
39Bob Prieto00:43:40:001727Blue Sky Velo
40Doug Foxworth00:43:40:001692Bicycle Heaven
41Paule Bates00:43:40:001696Roaring Mouse Cycles
42David Parker00:43:40:001706solar eclipse
43David Bell00:43:40:001704NA
44Kelly Cline00:43:40:001683Wissahickon
45Steve Reynolds00:43:40:002212All9Yards.com
46Dan Hansen00:43:40:001767Unattached
47Brian Moran00:43:40:001774Louisville Cyclery Velo Club
48Brian McInnis00:43:40:001779JRA cycles
49Paul Fancher00:43:40:002211TREK OF KC/LOCALCYCLING.COM
50Scott Mares00:43:40:001719SIBEX
51John Pahlmann00:43:40:001793NA
52Dave Pearson00:43:40:001782Bicycle Centres/Collision-1
53Timothy Simanski50:09.01720Roaring Mouse Cycles
54David Romisch00:50:09:001733GP Velotek
55Theodore Fleming00:50:09:001746Spike Shooter Cycling Team
56J Bradley (Brad) Schrock00:50:09:001770360 Racing
57David Burns00:50:09:001713mountain pedaler/squirt lube
58Andrew Ammon00:50:09:002213CAROLINA MASTERS
59Paul Watkins00:50:09:001717Pedalers Racing Team
60James Klages00:50:09:001732Big Shark Racing
61Carl Schipfmann00:50:09:001786KCOI/Boulevard
62John McManus00:50:09:001721Durango Wheel Cub
63Todd McKean00:50:09:001747Trek China Racing
64John Jones00:50:09:001750Ozark Cycling Club
65Chris SHOTWELL00:50:09:001781NA
66Chris Locke52:15.01736Cow Town Cycling
67Brant Ronning52:32.01759SKC Racing
68Larry Grossman52:50.01724SQUIRT Lube
69Sean Jackson53:05.01785SKC
70Bob Clark53:05.01742Slimen und Grossen
71Scott Fliegelman53:42.01690FastForward Sports
72Brian Milnick53:42.01775green mountain sports velo
73John Reimbold54:14.01714Bike Surgeon
74Kent Baker1 Lap Down1766Bicycle Shack
75Michael Wakeley1 Lap Down1711Blue Competition Cycles
76Craig Sparks1 Lap Down1744NA
77Robert Walker1 Lap Down1716Bountiful Mazda
78Thomas Prehn1 Lap Down1705Rocky Mounts
79Doug Hamilton1 Lap Down1763BioWheels Racing/Reese-Campbel
80Joseph Houston1 Lap Down1693BRBC
81Eric Swenson1 Lap Down1789Crossniacs
82Mark Badger1 Lap Down1794Brazen Dropouts
84Dale Sargent1 Lap Down1796Ozark Clcying Club
85Robert Ades1 Lap Down1764BRBC
86Ronald Dreasher1 Lap Down1688BlueSky Velo
87Keith Walberg1 Lap Down1772360 Racing
88Gary Calton1 Lap Down1729gp velotek
89Larry Jones1 Lap Down1740Cycle City Racing
90Gregory Booth1 Lap Down1752GP VeloTek
91Calvin Ridgeway1 Lap Down1743rio grande racing team
92Ronnie Bratcher1 Lap Down1699Aarons/L5Flyers
93Tom Kelly1 Lap Down1788Endeavour Cycling
94Michael Berning2 Laps Down1773KCOI/Boulevard Racing
95David Mathews2 Laps Down1778NA
96James Young2 Laps Down1792Planet Bike
97Christopher Snead2 Laps Down1757ALAN North America
98Charles Kyle2 Laps Down1787Renaissance Cycling
99Eric Pacheco2 Laps Down1707GP Velotek
100Bryan Kidney2 Laps Down1797NA
DNSAdam Austin1686Team MBS
DNSTelford Crisco1698NA
DNSMike Magnuson1700Bike Surgeon
DNSDavid Twinam1708Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team
DNSGregory Ferguson1710MadCity Velo Club
DNSWade Hess1712Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beac
DNSJim Gentes1726Family Cycling Center
DNSJohn Riedel1730ALAN North America Cycling
DNSAndrew Klumb1731Bicilibre
DNSBrent Hankins1734SKC
DNSPaul Jensen1737All9Yards.com
DNSTom Harbert1738Bike Surgeon
DNSRaymond Fortner1748myvelocoach.com
DNSDouglas Felkley1755Boulder Cycle Sport CX Team
DNSMark Robson1758Nerac Cycling
DNSCharles McDaniel1760Secret Henry’s
DNSMark Fasczewski1761Krystal/SCV
DNSKenneth Woodrow1765Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
DNSBrendon Jenks1768
DNSJames White1776ICE/Rocky Mountain Surgery Cen
DNSRobb Rempel1777NA
DNSFrank Brummer1780Team MACK
DNSDavid White1783KCOI/Boulevard
DNSHoracio Gutierrez1702BLUE SKY VELO
DNFPatrick Morrissey1701NM Team Cross
DNFJeff Huser1784Rio Grand Racing Team
Men – Master – 55-59
1Gary Thacker37:09.01479chipotle/titus
2Fred Wittwer39:02.01450Van Dessel Factory Team
3Torre Smitherman40:15.01454GTC
4Joseph Brown40:28.01456Flying Rhino Cycling Club
5Michael Longmire40:48.01487Northern Rockies
6Wayne Gorry40:52.01463Hammer Nutrition/Moots
7Dan Meyer41:30.01469Loon State Cyclists
8Jon Miller41:41.01453Amgen/ Giant/Masters
9D Douglas Long42:12.01458360 Racing
10Tom Palmer42:45.01490Brazen Dropouts
11Douglas Adams43:08.01475MosaicSmalti.com
12Richard Sachs43:19.01459RGM WATCHES – RICHARD SACHS -
13RIchard Pearson43:19.01474Team Kaos/Nebraska Medical Cen
14Michael Spak43:19.01478Schwab Cycles Racing Team
15Landon Beachy44:12.01485Bike Tech Racing
16Kerry Shields44:33.01461carolina masters
17Jeff Huser44:33.01483Rio Grand Racing Team
18Lee Waldman44:47.01464Green Mountain Sports Velo
19Christopher Rycewicz45:00.01468southtown velo
20Harold Parker45:03.01481360 Racing
21Jerry White45:12.01465Naults Cyclery/Naults.com
22Scott Glasscock45:14.01484Team Rio Grande
23David Parks1 Lap Down1488mirage
24John Pierce1 Lap Down1480US Navy
25Bill Hall1 Lap Down1486ozark cycling club
26Paul Weston1 Lap Down1472The Wheel Cyclery
DNSDavid Rath1452Corner Cycle Cycling Club
DNSDan Coy1460GTC – Gwinnett Touring Club
DNSDouglas Cottle1462Porcupine/Specialized
DNSDavid Beals1466CBRC
DNSGlen Jones1467Brazen Dropouts
DNSGordon Paulson1470Planet Bike
DNSKim West1471all9yards.com
DNSMichael Humphries1473The Bike Surgeon
DNSCharles Townsend1476Bianchi/Grand Performance
DNSGreg Sage1477NA
DNSRick Swanson1482Acme Racing Team
DNSChris Canfield1489Blue Sky Velo
DNSLarry Yancey1491Meech Factory Team
Men – Master – 60-64
1Phillip Bannister38:35.0695Putney/West Hill
2John Elgart38:59.0691Webcor/Alto Velo
3John Rubcic39:40.0690UC Cyclery/JW Flooring
4Frank Cuaresma39:41.0681Cal Giant
5Lewis Rollins39:57.0680Contender Bicycle
6Rick Abbott40:28.0683excelsports.com
7Richard Elliott40:34.0687International Christian Cyclin
8Charles South41:07.06843 RVS
9John Adamson41:25.0696bike tech racing club
10Hunter Smith42:00.0692Boulder Cycle Sport
11Richard Wall42:08.0682Kauai Bicycle Club
12Al MARVIN44:39.0685Team E Mortgage Strategy
13John Collins46:23.0694NA
14Richard Bagienski46:41.06863D Racing
15E Michael Ozment48:05.0689team mack
16David Wamsley1 Lap Down693Fuji Sports team
DNSWalter Lay688Team Louisville
Men – Master – 65-69
1Robert Lea44:16.02152T.E.A.M. Fuji
2Joe Saling47:17.02159Team Somerset/Van Dessel
3R Lee Willmore48:54.02151Celo Pacific
4Philip Thompson49:15.02157Sonne’s Racing
5William Jennings50:22.02156High Drive CC
6Loren Hettinger52:45.02158Schwab Cycles RT
DNSJerry Shere2155KHSnm.com Cycling Team
Men – Master – 70-99
1Walter Axthelm50:37.02173Durango Wheel Club (DCCX)
2Ronald Riley52:28.02172Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC)
Women – B
1Nicole Borem00:44:40.002276DRT Racing
2Kristin Jo Markham00:45:04.002292NA
3Allison Snooks00:46:15.002268Landrys Bicycles
4Christina Tamilio00:46:15.002266Minuteman Road Club
5Evie Boswell-Vilt00:47:39.002285BMW-Bianchi
6Leah Sanda00:47:39.002272Flatlandia
7Susan Prieto00:48:12.002259Blue Sky Velo
8Sarah Huang00:48:24.002288Hayes Disc Brakes
9Sally McInnis00:50:12.002286JRA Cycles
10meghan korol00:50:12.002280Team Magnus
11Allison Baker00:50:42.002270Bicycle Shack
12Jennifer Horn00:50:54.002283Sorella Cycling p/b BVM Engine
13Deirdre Garvey00:51:06.002258Team Louisville Cycle
14Kim Bishop00:51:12.002282Tri-Cities Road Club
15Clarissa Freeman00:51:12.002274KHSnm.com Junior Cycling Team
16Janet Trubey00:51:23.002289North Carolina Cyclocross
17Carol Ruckle00:51:48.002275Team Possibilities
18Theresa Carilli00:51:48.002251NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Den
19Kathleen Porter00:52:48.002294BIKETECH RACING
20Terrina TAFOYA00:53:22.002260Fort Lewis College
21Gina Kenny00:53:59.002290ABD
22Ashley Hudson00:54:40.002277Feedback Sports
23Tracy Lea00:55:48.002250TEAM Fuji
24Kathryn Mueller1 Lap Down2273KCOI/Boulevard
25Melissa Putzer1 Lap Down2293Wheel and Sprocket
26Cynthia Milnick1 Lap Down2287NA
27Wendy Guilbeau1 Lap Down2281Spoke Wenches
28Julie Lockhart1 Lap Down2263NEBC/CycleLoft/Devonshire Dent
29Kayla Thomason1 Lap Down2295Schwab Cycles
DNSBeth Ross2252Utah State University
DNSKimberly Bailey2253
DNSDayna Deuter2255Ridley Factory Team
DNSlaura kozlowski2256velo bella/kona
DNSJulie Bates2257Team Roaring Mouse
DNSTrish Albert2261Team Medplan
DNSChristina Briseno2262C3-Sollay.com
DNSPamela Dobrowolski2264NA
DNSJulie Lewis-Sroka2265Lake Effect Cycling Team
DNSKerry Combs2267Hup United/Zanconato Custom Bi
DNSMartha Iverson2269Durango Wheel Club
DNSCatherine Walberg2271KCCX/Verge
DNSMaria Benson2278Outspokin’
DNSSusan Council2284Sorella Cycling
DNFElizabeth White2254NEBC/ Cycle Loft/ Devonshire D
DNFVictoria Gates2291NEBC\Cycle Loft\Devonshire Den