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Zack McDonald on his way to the win at the 2014 Kingsport Cyclocross Cup.  © Ali Whittier

Zack McDonald on his way to the win at the 2014 Kingsport Cyclocross Cup. © Ali Whittier

With valuable shares of USA Cycling’s $40,000 prize purse at stake, the competitors raised their performance at the final stop of the USA Cycling Professional Cyclocross Calendar (Pro CX), the Kingsport Cyclocross Cup, in Kingsport, Tennessee on January 5.

Zach McDonald (Rapha-Focus) topped the Elite Men’s field in Tennessee on Sunday, while Allison Arensman (Sophisticated Living-Bob’s Red Mill Cyclocross) bested the Elite Women’s field. Jonathan Anderson (Essex County Velo) won the Juniors Men’s race at the Kingsport Cyclocross Cup by over one minute.

Kingsport Cyclocross Cup Gallery:

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2014 Kingsport Cyclocross Cup Elite Men's Results

1Zach MCDONALDUSA1:02:02
2Kerry WERNERUSA1:03:00
3Adam MYERSONUSA1:03:43
4Robert MARIONUSA1:03:43
5Jared NIETERSUSA1:04:10
6Joseph WELSHUSA1:04:19
7Alex RYANUSA1:04:32
8Tristan COWIEUSA1:04:54
9Robert RIMMERUSA1:04:55
10Andrew MESSERUSA1:05:38
11Andrew REARDONUSA1:05:53
12Oliver VRAMBOUTUSA1:06:04
13Andrew BAILEYUSA1:07:19
14Paul MESIUSA1:09:53

2014 Kingsport Cyclocross Cup Elite Women's Results

1Allison ARENSMANUSA39:25:00
2Erica ZAVETAUSA39:41:00
3Meghan KOROLUSA39:48:00
4Emily SHIELDSUSA40:01:00
5Julie HUNTERUSA40:03:00
6Katherine SHIELDSUSA43:04:00
7Cinthia LEHNERUSA43:54:00
8Melissa PRESNELLUSA44:47:00
9Cooper AMBJORNUSA45:04:00