Powers and Vervecken did battle until only one remained. © Amy Dykema

Powers and Vervecken did battle until only one remained. © Amy Dykema

September 26th, 2009 – (Sun Prairie, WI)  The USGP of Cyclocross raced in Sun Prairie, WI today under beautiful sunny skies and warm weather.  The racing for the inaugural USGP Planet Bike Cup was fast and aggressive from the gun. 

After suffering from a crash in Wednesday’s Cross Vegas, all eyes were on Luna’s Katerina Nash to see if she could hold on to the frantic pace of Katie Compton (Planet Bike). The Planet Bike Cup set the stage for another battle between the heads of the American cyclocross state. For a few laps, it looked like Nash would prove again to be a close equal to Compton, but Compton clearly had other plans.

On a course where power and technical skills were of equal merrit, Compton and Nash seemed to be about equal in terms of straight line speed, but Compton’s unparalleled technical skills proved to be a difference maker. Nash did her best to hang on to Compton’s wheel as long as she could, but Compton persistantly openened up gaps through the course’s technical sections. Inches turned into feet, and before too long, Compton had shed Nash as she powered away to extend her gap. Compton cruised across the line, putting 38 seconds between herself and Nash,who took home the silver medal.

Behind Compton and Nash, Georgia Gould (Luna) was on her own desperately chasing the leading duo. Gould would continue to lose time as the meters ticked away. Behind her, a group of four formed that included Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain-Maxxis), Amy Dombroski (Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix), Sue Butler (Monavie-Cannondale.com) and Deidre Winfield (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes). Sydor had started her race quickly, coming through the first few turns of the race on the wheels of Nash and Compton. Possibly starting too quickly, Sydor faded back a bit but clawed her way back into the group riding for fourth place. The group stayed together for much of the race, before it was Dombroski who put in a string of attacks on the final lap of the race to distance her chase group, a gap she would hold to the finish.

Sydor continued to ride well, often chosing to ride up the vicious run up that was the most feared feature on the course, and was also able to gap her chase group to finish fifth. Sue Butler out sprinted Winfield to take home sixth. Alison Dunlap (Luna) had suffered from the early pace and dropped off the main chase groups, but continued to fight through in eighth, despite concerted chases from the likes of Devon Haskell (Velo Bella). Dunlap held off the chase to finish in eighth. Haskell finished up ninth, holding off Planet Bike’s Krisin Wentworth.

Katie Compton took home the first USGP leader’s jersey of the year, but she will not likely hold it much longer than this weekend, as her European campaign will take her out of the running for the overall title. This puts Nash in the early hot seat for a repeat USGP series title. Alison Sydor was awarded the SRAM Most Aggressive Rider Award, most likely for her decision to ride up the course’s run up.

The Elite men’s race was packed with high drama, as the attacks and chases came fast and furious. Jeremy Powers (Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld) took the race’s first initiative by taking the second wheel in the holeshot and continuing his assault through the first lap, extending his lead first from bike lengths and then to seconds. Behind him, Jonathan Page (Planet Bike), Erwin Vervecken (Revor-Baboco) and Ryan Trebon (Kona) did the lion’s share of the chasing, hoping to bring back the flying Powers.

Chris Jones and Geoff Kabush battled all day, with Kabush taking home fifth. © Amy Dykema

Chris Jones and Geoff Kabush battled all day, with Kabush taking home fifth. © Amy Dykema

Behind the chasing group, Chris Jones (Champion System), who had moved up from a slow start, and Geoff Kabush (Rocky Mountain – Maxxis), who had been earlier dropped from the chasing group, were chasing in fifth and sixth place. Further Back, Jamey Driscoll (Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld) and Jesse Anthony (Jamis Bicycles) were holding on to seventh and eighth. Andy Jacques-Maynes (Bissel Pro Cycling), who had faded since taking the holeshot, was riding in ninth, just ahead of Tim Van Nuffel (Rendementhypo) who was trying to save face for his team, after teammate Christian Heule was victim of a mechanical and dropped down to second to last.  Heule consistently picked up rider after rider, but decided to abandon and save himself for Sunday.

At the front, Page and Vervecken were successful in chasing down Powers, if only for a short time. After making contact, Page and Powers took turns trying to rid themselves of the former World Champion, Vervecken. Page and Powers’ efforts led to small gaps forming between them and Vervecken. Disaster struck for Page when he rolled a tire far away from the nearest pit. Page managed to replace his tire, and rode his way gingerly back to the pits to grab a new bike. Page had been passed by Trebon, but page was determined to get back to the front.

The Mens Podium, with Page (3rd), Powers (1st) and Vervecken (3rd). © Amy Dykema

The Mens Podium, with Page (3rd), Powers (1st) and Vervecken (3rd). © Amy Dykema

Powers had a bit of a gap over Vervecken, now that Page was nowhere to be found, and he used that to fuel his fire for victory. Not to be out done, Vervecken doggedly chased his way back on to the wheel of Powers. Powers seemed to sit up a bit when he saw how close Vervecken was, and this small tactical move spelled the difference in the race. Powers again attacked Vervecken, and this time, the Belgian, who will retire at the end of this year, could not respond. Powers extended his lead with every pedal stroke, and held a comfortable margin when he crossed the finish line for victory. Vervecken just held off a charging Page who made his way past Trebon to grab third place. Trebon was fourth, followed by Kabush, who dropped Jones late in the last lap to take fifth. Seventh place went to Driscoll who used the last lap to shed Anthony, who finished eighth. Jacques-Maynes held on to ninth place, as the top ten was rounded out by Van Nuffel.

Powers moved himself into the USGP series lead, which he seems to have a good chance at defending, if his form from Saturday was any indication. Chance Noble (Cal Gian Berry Farms/Specialized) was the best placed Espoir rider in the race, and took over the U23 leaders jersey. After his rolled tire and brave chase back, Page was awarded the SRAM Most Aggressive Rider award.

Video of Page rolling tire on the staired run-up:

Photo gallery:

Elite Men:
placebibnameteamcountryUCI pt
16POWERS Jeremy Cannondale / USA 50
21VERVECKEN Erwin Team Revor-Baboco-BEL 40
35PAGE Jonathan Planet Bike USA 34
511KABUSH Geoff Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain CAN 26
617JONES Christopher Team Champion System USA 23
77DRISCOLL Jamey Cannondale / USA 20
810ANTHONY Jesse Team Jamis Bikes USA 17
99JACQUES-Andy Bissell Pro Cycling USA 14
1020VAN NUFFEL Tim Rendement-Hypo Cycling BEL 12
1116LALONDE Mark Planet Bike USA 10
1228KNAPP Ryan BikeReg.Com USA 9
1315MATTER Brian Team Geargrinder USA 8
148WELLS Troy Team Clif Bar USA 7
1546SCHOUTEN Tristan Planet Bike USA 6
1613WICKS Barry Kona USA 5
1723NOBLE Chance California Giant-Specialized USA 4
1826SHERER Mike Alderfer Bergen USA 3
1921CAMERON Molly Portland Bicycle Studio USA 2
2053SCHMALZ Joseph KCCX/Verge USA 1
2125ROBINSON Justin California Giant Berry USA
2262LALONDE James Planet Bike USA
2345WOODRUFF Travis Pioneer Racing USA
2448BLACK Will Moots USA
2655HACKWORTHY Dave Bianchi/Grand Performance USA
2741KERSTING Mitchell Rapid Transit Racing USA
2832SKERRITT Shannon Vanilla Bicycles USA
2929HULICK Kevin The Vanilla Workshop -USA
3019MCGRATH Adam Thule/Van Dessel USA
3142ROESSINGH Jordan ISCorp Cycling Team/Nova USA
3212WEIGHALL Nicholas Rad Racing NW USA
3361LEMIEUX Pat Texas Roadhouse Cycling USA
3430SIEGLE Jason Bear Valley Bikes USA
3518SELANDER Bjorn Ridley Factory Team USA
3731RIENTS Jesse Nature Valley/Penn Cycle USA
3859FAWLEY Bryan Park Place Dealerships USA
3936KLUG Kevin Courage Cycles Inc USA
4037KENNEDY Michael Barbasol/ Rapid Transit USA
4156KENDALL Robert Barbasol USA
4249REARDON Andrew Starbrite Carwash / MOAB USA
4333HANSON Lyle Great Dane Velo Club USA
4460LENZI Luca The Pony Shop USA
4551HINKENS Jack Ridley team USA
4635ALLEN Matthew behind bars/ lgr USA
4744LOWETZ Jason Team Bearclaw USA
4834HAUGH Spencer Behind Bars/LGR USA
4952VONBOKEL Logan Mesa Cycles Racing Team USA
5043STREET William Sisu Custom Cycles USA
5158HOLMES James Unattached USA
DNF 2HEULE Christian Rendementhypo Cycling SUI
DNS 4JOHNSON Timothy Cannondale / USA
DNS 14KEOUGH Nicholas Team Champion System USA
DNS 24KAPPIUS Braden Clif Bar USA
DNS 27LALONDE Jesse Planet Bike USA
DNF 38POPPER Ben HRS / Rock Lobster USA
DNF 39EDWARDS Zachary DRT Racing USA
DNS 47NEFF Isaac Alderfer Bergen USA
DNF 50BERGMAN Adam Texas Roadhouse Cycling USA
DNS 54SACHS David Vision Quest USA
DNF 57BLACKWELDER Mark Gentle Lovers USA
Elite Women:
placebibnameteamcountryUCI pt
11COMPTON Katherine Spike Shooter USA 50
24NASH Katerina Luna Pro Team CZE 40
32GOULD Georgia LUNA Pro Team USA 34
46DOMBROSKI Amy Richard Sachs-RGM USA 30
521SYDOR Alison Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain CAN 26
63BUTLER Susan Monavie-Cannondale.com USA 23
75WINFIELD Deidre C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes USA 20
822DUNLAP Alison LUNA Pro Team USA 17
109WENTWORTH Kristin Planet Bike USA 12
1114STUDLEY Kari Velo Bella USA 10
1215SONE Linda Planet Bike USA 9
1316ANTONNEAU Kaitlin Planet Bike USA 8
1417FLYNN Kimberly Vantaggio/Specialized USA 7
1510DALLAIRE AnnaJean Cannondale Factory Racing USA 6
1628BOREM Nicole DRT Consulting USA 5
1723WILLIAMS Robin Mercy-Specialized USA 4
1812SCHWARTZ Anne Flying Rhino Cycling Club USA 3
1920KLUG Holly Courage USA 2
208KERLIN Sarah Velo Bella USA 1
2129PLAYMAN Erin gentle lovers USA
2213SMILEY Marne Scott USA
2330JAMES Ashley Team Kenda USA
2419COOGAN Corey Ridley Factory Team USA
2525CLEVELAND Rebecca The Bike Hub USA
2626STEUDEL Kathryn Team Pegasus USA
2731MEEK Therese Bikeclicks.com/Team USA
2824KAUFMANN Patricia USA
2932LUKAS Sarah USA
3018KROLL Whitney USA

U23 Men – Top Ten
1. Chance Noble – California Giant /Specialized
2. Joseph Schmalz – KCCX / VERGE
3. David Hackworthy – Bianchi / Grand Performance
4. Adam McGrath – THULE/Van Dessel
5. Kyle Fry – MCOR
6. Luca Lenzi – The Pony Shop
7. Jack Hinkins – Ridley Team
8. Logan Van Bokel – Mesa Cycles Racing Team

USGP Juniors 17/18
1. Cody Kaiser – California Giant /Specialized
2. Yannick Eckmann – SV Kirchzarten
3. Robin Eckmann – SW Kirchzarten
4. Thomson Remo – Baraboo Sharks
5. William Bain – BikeClicks/Team Louisville

Masters 35+
1. Ali Goulet – Church of the Big Ring
2. Michael Wissink – Specialized
3. Jeff Weinert – Wolverine Sports Club
4. Richard Feldman – Durance-Colnago
5. Brian Conant – The Pony Shop
6. Jerry Long – emdsports.com/fitness
7. Raif Warmuth – Westwood Velo
8. Andrew Messer – DRT Racing
9. Jonathan Card – Saturn of Toledo
10. Tim Butler – River City Bicycles

Masters 45+
1. Michael McShane – Calistoga
2. Christian Zauner – Verdigris
3. Wayne Simon – Verdigris
4. Troy Krause – Lincoln Industries-Highgear
5. Bob Bergman
6. Jeff Appletans – Mambo Kings Racing
7. Gregory Ferguson – MadCity Velo Club
8. Paul McKinney – Curt Goodrich Racing Team
9. Scott Arrigoni – Verdigris
10. Mark Wolowiec – Flying Rhino Cycling Club