Milwaukee, Wisconsin – When Ian Haupt, a former national champion junior, joined the mwi cross team for the 2011-12 cross season, he decided it was okay to let his mom join too.

But even though his mother, Patti Kaufmann, is also a former masters national cross champion, 15-year-old Haupt still gets first family dibs on the famous mwi cross cupcakes.

Haupt said he joined mwi cross because of the cupcakes, created by Lebam Bakery and tradition at the mwi cross compound at races, as well as the unique kit.

Haupt, who is racing the junior 15-16 category, attended the invitation-only USA Cycling Cyclocross Development Camp run by Geoff Proctor in Montana in July and has one simple goal this year:  “Win nationals with bare hands and bare legs.”

Nationals this year, of course, will be in Madison, WI. In January. The average high for Madison in January is 27 degrees and the low is 5.

mwi cross’s long-term goal is to promote regional racers like Haupt. “Ian is a great kid,” says Mike Heenan, mwi cross team manager “When he lost his support from Planet Bike, we were lucky enough to be in a position to give him support. We can provide him with some equipment support, but also with pit support, race transportation, and race preparation.”

The team wants to help Ian develop as a racer, Heenan said. “I would love to see Ian make the junior worlds’ team when worlds are in Louisville if that is his goal. We’ll do whatever we can do to make that happen for him.”

Haupt plays soccer for his high school team, which he says will keep him fit and enable him to peak just at the right time.

Most of the mwi cross team has raced – and been beaten – by the young Haupt as he’s risen up the categories. “He’s been the kid who’s always been around, we know him and he’s one of those kids who we don’t want to see fall in the cracks because he doesn’t get the support he needs. He’s got serious potential.”

Haupt now gives the team a focus beyond just racing cyclocross. “We’re not a bunch of guys only racing for ourselves, but a team with a focus who are trying to giving something back too, in this case Ian,” Heenan said.

mwi cross has its own brand of coffee and embrocation that it’s selling on its website. Proceeds go to support Ian’s pursuit of his goals.

Bringing Ian and his mother Patti on board shows the growth of mwi cross. “As cross is getting bigger, we’ve gotten more serious about racing and traveling across the country. Patti is a strong competitor who fits our team well,” Heenan said.

mwi cross is a small, Milwaukee-based cyclocross team that has been around since 2005. mwi cross now has 13 members in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Kansas. Even before Haupt and his mother joined, the team had several state category and masters champions on the roster. Look for the mwi cross tent at Wisconsin, Illinois, select USGP races, and Midwest regional and national races.

Maybe you’ll get lucky with a cupcake.