The bikini women take over the single speed race at Jingle Cross © CXMLive

The bikini women take over the single speed race at Jingle Cross © CXMLive

by Brian Morrissey

IOWA CITY, IA – Clouds and wind arrived as the Elite women staged in the starting grid, chasing away the spring-like sunshine enjoyed by the racers on Saturday. The final iteration of the Jingle Cross course was much dryer, however, and many riders even in the lower categories were riding up what previously was a muddy slog.

Both Todd Wells and Meredith Miller escaped early on in their respective races, each growing insurmountable gaps throughout the race to cross the line comfortably alone to complete hat tricks for the weekend. Planet Bike, however, was equally impressive on the teamwork front, posting a series-long podium presence in both fields.

High school senior Kaitlin Antonneau passed teammate Kristin Wentworth (both of Planet Bike) and got a gap of her own with two to go, taking it to the line for second place. Wentworth fended off yesterday’s podium finisher Linda Sone, also a Planet Bike teammate, for third while World’s road race silver medalist Rebecca Much of Chicago rounded out the top five.

Todd Wells rides away early from the pack © Nikki Cyp

Todd Wells rides away early from the pack © Nikki Cyp

The men’s field was blown apart before the first lap was in the books as the Wells brothers furiously attacked to get away early with Ryan Iddings clinging to their wheels like a pit bull. A very sick Troy Wells (CLIF) was unable to hold the pace, however, and was soon overtaken by the group of four behind. Soon huge gaps were growing between leader Todd Wells (Specialized), Iddings in pursuit and the hard-charging chase which included yesterday’s third place finisher Brian Matter.

While Todd Wells’ victory and Iddings’ second place were virtually assured with four to go, the battle for third riveted the crowd as Dave Towle’s iconic “onetogoonetogoonetogo!!!” call whipped them into a fervor. Matter led the chase group most of the way but was overtaken late by Mark Lalonde and Tristan Schouten.

Spectators lined the treacherous turns of Mt. Krumpit as racers clattered down as fast as they dared. One-two-three, out they came from the last barn, down the straightaway to the line, with Lalonde hanging on for third, Schouten in fourth and Matter for fifth.

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Full Results:

Elite Men:

1Todd WELLSUSA3557:413030
2Ryan IDDINGSUSA2659:092020
3Marko LALONDEUSA2859:231515
4Tristan SCHOUTENUSA2859:261212
5Brian MATTERUSA3259:341010
6Jake WELLSUSA3259:3888
7David HACKWORTHUSA2159:5066
8Jack HINKENSUSA191:00:1644
9Alex HOWESUSA221:00:5922
10Edmund OVERENDUSA361:01:1411
11Duane DICKEYUSA411:01:42
12Mitch HOKEUSA221:02:22
13Brian JENSENDEN341:02:54
14John CURRYUSA291:03:04
15Scott MCLAUGHLINUSA411:03:11
16James LALONDEUSA251:03:16
17Joseph SCHMALZUSA201:03:46
18Ben POPPERUSA281:04:08
19Ryan KNAPPUSA261:04:21
20Kevin KLUGUSA391:04:30
21Kevin MCCONNELLUSA291:04:59
22Brady KAPPIUSUSA231:05:24
23Jesse RIENTSUSA331:05:39
24Michael HEMMEUSA311:07:04
25Shadd SMITHUSA39
26David BLOCKUSA19
29Teodoro RAMOSUSA34
30Mathew ALLENUSA29
31David SACHSUSA29

Elite Women:

1Meredith MILLERUSA3747:262020
2Kaitlin ANTONNEAUUSA1849:271515
3Kristin WENTWORTHUSA3150:091212
4Linda SONEUSA3850:131010
5Rebecca MUCHUSA2451:4188
6Kari STUDLEYUSA3052:2155
7Marne SMILEYUSA2852:4844
8Robin WILLIAMSUSA3152:5733
9Kris WALKERUSA4953:1222
10Lisa CURRYUSA2955:1211
11Megan ELLIOTTUSA2857:06
12Holly KLUGUSA39
13Kathryn STEUDELUSA25