Jeremy Powers wins his second National Championship. © Matthew Lasala

Jeremy Powers wins his second National Championship. © Matthew Lasala

We caught up with current National Champion Jeremy Powers during the Trans-Sylvania Epic, where he’s been acting as part of an Epic Team with some of his JAM Fund racers. We wanted to find out about his return to mountain biking, and more on his mystery plans for next season, including BTBtv.

Cyclocross Magazine: So, this is your return to mountain biking, how has it been?

Jeremy Powers:  A lot of learning experience! My sixth mountain bike ride was today. Not to belittle anything, I’m just learning.

CXM: And out here, you don’t have anyone pitting, so you have to change all of your flats.

JP: I know how to change a flat and I don’t mind doing that stuff, but it’s been new trying to figure out, should I bring a thing to seal this or a tube, how much gear do I need! On the road, I always have a frame pump, and in ’cross I just pit or ride the tire until I get to the pit, so I haven’t had a lot of experience changing or doing that stuff in a race.

CXM: Any plans for mountain bike nationals?

JP: Nationals is the Grand Fundo weekend [Powers’ race in Massachusetts], but you’ll see me at Catamount for sure, and maybe even [Nationals] short track… The Fundo is crazy so it’s hard to get away the day before, but maybe short track. Who knows?

CXM: Any word on your team for next year?

JP: Big announcements coming. Everything is in its final contract execution. We’ve got a couple more people who need to be executed on, I have a call tonight on it… But everyone is verbally agreed to, and it is happening. It’s coming. New website, new launch, new kit design… It’s all coming.

CXM: You can say that Focus is one of the partners though?

JP: Focus is going to be one of the partners.

CXM: Is there anyone else you can tell us?

JP: You see the bike. You see the stuff that’s on the bike. All that’s correct.

CXM: Have you found a new crew for BTBtv to replace those who left?

JP: We have replaced quite a few people, gotten some new talent. We’ve got a bunch of people helping with social media, we’ve been reaching out to promoters, it’s all going really positive and exciting. We’re looking to do the absolute best job we can.

Check back soon for Powers’ team announcement.