European Fantasy Cyclocross League Relaunched – Enter Today

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After a successful re-launch of Fantasy cyclocross for the 2010 National Championships (and after a hiccup with the full-season league), we’re back with a  shortened Euro-centric league from now til the remainder of the season.  To be fair to previous entries, we are using the same ranked rider list from the beginning of the season. We’ve got simpler scoring that rewards consistency and racing a lot. First race starts this weekend, but enter any time for a chance at bragging rights and swag!

Spread the word via our Twitter, Facebook and Share This buttons to make Ryan Malinchak’s efforts touch the lives of many. We’ll aim to resume weekly updates again as well.  Enter right now, it only takes a minute, and bring your buddies over so you can finally talk trash and not have to do intervals to back it up. 

Rules of Fantasy Cyclocross

Here’s what you choose:

  • 1 UCI top 1-3 Men
  • 2 UCI top 4-10 Men
  • 3 UCI top 11-25 Men
  • 1 UCI top 1-3 Women
  • 2 UCI top 4-10 Women
  • 3 UCI top 11-25 Women

Scoring will begin Christmas weekend, and include all remaining World Cups, Superprestige races, GVA races, and the UCI World Cyclocross Championships.

The Point Scheme for a World Cup, GVA, or Superprestige race is as follows:

  • 1st…..60
  • 2nd…..50
  • 3rd…..44
  • 4th…..38
  • 5th…..32
  • 6th…..28
  • 7th…..24
  • 8th…..20
  • 9th…..16
  • 10th….12
  • 11th….10
  • 12th….8
  • 13th….6
  • 14th….4
  • 15th….2

The Point Scheme for the UCI Elite World Championships is as follows: 1st…..90

  • 2nd…..75
  • 3rd…..66
  • 4th…..57
  • 5th…..48
  • 6th…..42
  • 7th…..36
  • 8th…..30
  • 9th…..24
  • 10th….18
  • 11th….15
  • 12th….12
  • 13th….9
  • 14th….6
  • 15th….3

Entry Form:



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