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Shunning what they refer to as “the flashy-ness of the modern carbon fiber” cyclocross scene…meaning both materials and graphic aesthetic, Hispania (out of Spain) is offering a couple unique options for cyclocross bikes in Europe. The Barrizal is built with Columbus XLR8R Scandium and Zirconium Triple Butted. The more bling-ready Cross is a titanium rig with custom chainstays and seatstays. © Jeff Lockwood

The Hispania Barrizal is built with Columbus XLR8R Scandium and Zirconium Triple Butted. © Jeff Lockwood

by Jeff Lockwood

A simple stroll through the Eurobike trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is impossible. It’s the largest bicycle trade show in the world, and such a distinction means it’s a sensory overload of all things bicycle. Two-wheeled (and three- and four- and one-wheeled) eye candy of all shapes, sizes, colors and versions assault the visitor’s senses on several levels.

However … Eurobike and its visitors enjoy a picturesque setting in southern Germany, featuring a vast lake shared by Germany, Austria and Switzerland a rather quite town center and a generally way more relaxed atmosphere. It’s a striking contrast to the Interbike trade show held in Las Vegas every year. Not only is the scenery outside the exhibit halls calming, the show itself is much larger than Interbike, the food is cheaper, and the beer is better.

And since it’s Europe … there’s also a lot of cyclocross booty on the floor.

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