Danny Summerhill to be Sponsored by K-Edge and Felt

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Summerhill leads in a tricky technical section. © Cyclocross Magazine

Here, Summerhill leads in a tricky technical section at the USGP in Bend, Oregon. © Cyclocross Magazine

K-EDGE and Felt have announced their joint sponsorship of Danny Summerhill for the 2013/14 cyclocross season. The list of sponsors includes Felt, SRAM and Zipp and K-Edge, which steps up as Summerhill’s chain catcher of choice to help back his return to a full-time cyclocross focus.

“We are thrilled to have Danny back on our bikes, especially in conjunction with K-Edge and this new cyclocross program.” says Doug Martin, Sports Marketing Director for Felt Bicycles. “Danny has always been an exceptional talent and his ‘cross skills are well suited to our FX-line. Felt has always been a competition-driven company and we take great pride in aligning ourselves with quality athletes and people—Danny is both. We are excited to be racing together.”

“I’m very excited about the K-Edge / Felt Bicycles partnership,”  Summerhill said. “For the past several seasons I’ve not really been supported for the ’cross season—riding select races independently with no real structure in place. This year I’m part of the United by Sport program and I’ve got great cyclocross  sponsors in place.  It’s really great to be supported specifically for ’cross and I’m very happy to be riding for FELT.  I’m also really lucky to be working with amazing people like Kristin Armstrong and Joe Savola of K-Edge. I am really motivated for the season and I hopeful that with all of this backing I will be able to deliver a strong season and results for my spons

“K-EDGE’s roots are in Chain Catchers. Like Kristin Armstrong, Danny cannot afford to lose a race due to a derailed chain, so it’s a perfect fit with our brand,” stated Joe Savola, Co-Founder of K-EDGE and its original Chain Catcher.

Summerhill will debut the new K-EDGE/FELT skin suit at Interbike’s CrossVegas. His season will target the top US UCI races including Madison, Boulder, Louisville, Los Angeles, Bend and the US National Championships on his home turf in Boulder.

“Summerhill will be running our new K-EDGE cyclocross chain catchers, and Garmin computer mounts,” explained Tim Kelley, K-EDGE Director of Marketing. “His aggressive racing style will be the perfect testing ground for K-EDGE.”

Stay tuned for a look at Summerhill’s bike when he races on Wednesday!



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Sean Wittmer
Sean Wittmer

@Craig, we have 'a unified group of athletes who can collectively make a greater impact' up in the Great Pacific Northwest. RADracing NW is 15 years old and going strong.

Sean Wittmer
Sean Wittmer

@Craig, isn't that what USAcycling is supposed to be doing? Please find the 'cross enthusiast/ corporate sponsor that will pluck down the money your idea.

Craig Randall
Craig Randall

@christian because it gives sponsors an easy, short tern stake in the game. They're not investing in a unified group of athletes who can collectively make a greater impact...and then develop programs for other generations to come up through.

Craig Randall
Craig Randall

Do you guys think these individually sponsored riders help or hurt CX? It's great for Summerhill but I wonder if the model is good - for the rider and the sport - in the longterm.

Laurel Elaine
Laurel Elaine

That's awesome Danny!! I am so happy for you.

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