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Are you a cyclocross race promoter or know one? We have a limited amount of free mags, subscriptions, discounted ads, and primes/prizes for a few ‘cross race promoters that would be psyched to have our support and sponsorship.  If your race or series would be interested in working with us, please contact us at info [ at ]  Include your race name, date(s), expected attendance, the race’s history, and a phone number and email. We will evaluate the interest and contact you in the next few weeks.



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Ted Schweitzer
Ted Schweitzer

Hi, I am hosting a cross race for the first time on October 12, 2008 in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois. This race will be part of the Chicago Cross Cup Series, which is a growing series here, in the Chicagoland area. This will be the fourth - or fifth - year for the series I believe. There may be as many as 10-12 races in our series this upcoming season.

My race is going to be called "Psycho Cross 2008" and features a brutal multi ride and run up toboggan hill, lot of off camber turns and situations where geography will enable, lots of fast asphalt sections (which racers will welcome after several times up and down the toboggan hill, every lap) and if the Village permits this, we are going to run the race through the middle of a gazebo for a unique barrier.

I am seeking any kind of SWAG, support, primes, prizes, advice, reporting, flming, etc. I would appreciate anything I can get. I would also add that I am a sales rep in the bike and outdoor industry and as such I have gotten some of the companies that I represent behind this series; Blue Competition Cycles and Hincapie Sportswear to name a couple. I am trying to get other companies involved, as well. I am working early and diligently to not only pull this race off, but have it done well. I want it to be a stellar race for the riders, a beneficial event for the sponsors, a fun and interesting event for the Village, and hopefully an opportunity for me to make some money in order to contribute to a park beautification program. In short, I don't want to just survive this race, I want it to be a worthwhile and successful day.

Obviously, my race, being its first year has no history. The series will hopefully attract a lot of racers from southern Wisconsin, as that is only about a half hour away, as well as people from all over the Chicago and northern Illinois area and beyond. I believe that our series has also purchased an ad in your magazine. Based on the past couple of years, I am expecting about 200+ racers and at least as many (most likely more) spectators to show up. I have been talking this race up at shops for several months already.

Please contact me, at: (224) 234-8004. Thank you very much.

Tom Hall
Tom Hall


Last year was our first event and so many people were very excited to receive your magazine when we passed it out last year - I hope & think it turned into quite a few subscrioptions in the area, as we heard at later races people talking about the magazine.

Last year we had 420 people at our event, which was the most for a non Boulder event in Colorado. Our sponsors last year were so pleased that we turned it into a series and have 2 dates, November 8th and November 29th. We also have been awarded the Colorado State Junior Championships, so we are hoping to expand upon that. We would love to do the same sponsorship as last year, or if you want to do other items, we are open for that as well. Last year, we [passed out magazines, and then had a couple subscriptions that we gave out as prizes. Let me know what else you need. Thanks

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