Go behind the scenes in Euro 'cross.

Go behind the scenes in Euro ‘cross.

Behind the Stare by Geoff Proctor

From the same publishers who brought you Mud, Snow and Cyclocross: How ‘Cross Took Over US Cycling comes a book about the other side of the pond. Focusing on his experiences in Euro cyclocross, particularly with his well-known junior development camp, EuroCrossCamp, Geoff Proctor talks about what life behind the scenes is like. And he’s seen it from all possible angles: “I’ve not only been a fan, but also a competitor, a U.S. team coach, a manager, a technical director, a promoter, an official, and—now—a member of the International Cycling Union (UCI) Cyclocross Commission, a multi-national panel that oversees the development of the sport.” A great read for a personal look into the inner workings of the sport from someone who is obviously in love with it.

MSRP: $19.95

Website: http://behindthestare.deedspublishing.com/ or available in paperback or on the Kindle at Amazon