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Katie Compton on her way to a crushing win at Boulder Cup 2009. © Dejan Smaic / sportifimages.com

Katie Compton on her way to a crushing win at Boulder Cup 2009. © Dejan Smaic / sportifimages.com

by Brook Watts

No one could have blamed the media for making use of carbon paper to draft their stories of the Boulder Cup race Sunday.  Recycling the story from Saturday’s Blue Sky Cup could have saved time and would have been 99% accurate.

Consider Katie Compton’s replay runaway victory – the only change to that story line was Amy Dombroski’s superb second-place performance after a less spectacular sixth on Saturday.   Or take Giant Bicycle’s Adam Craig, his 4th place ride on Saturday set the stage for a potential threat to Cannondale/CyclocrossWorld.com domination on Sunday that unfortunately never developed for the National Short Track Champion on Sunday.

A thousand or so spectators came out on a sunny and warm day that had many wondering why the course change a few days earlier.  The Boulder Reservoir course, a late substitution for the traditional Harlow Platts Park in Boulder because of an early season snowstorm that dumped up to 20 inches in some s[pots. Course conditions were fast and dry Sunday afternoon for the 30 Elite Women and 69 Elite Men after the Colorado sun baked it in 60 degrees temperatures all day Saturday and Sunday morning..  The 2.5 km course featured multiple sand stretches including a 150 meter section used just by the men’s field that succeeded in the goal of making laps times longer because of the long run.  Even with the sand run the lap times for the men still hovered in the 6:00 range.

Compton continues win streak

Katie Compton (Planet Bicycle)  was clearly on a mission to use the Boulder Cup as training for her upcoming World Cup race in Nommay France.  She stormed from the gun and quick overtook the fast-starting Amy Dombroski (Richard Sachs – RGM) then never looked back.  With an eight second gap by the end of lap one she piled on more time each lap to finish almost three minutes on the eventual second place Dombroski with Alison Dunlap (Luna Chix) a few seconds back holding off Meredith Miller (Cal Giant Berry Farm) who’s been showing great strides in her cross development.  Kelli Emmett (Giant Bicycles) faded to fifth after a strong early race that saw her battling for a podium spot. 

Boulder Cup Elite Women from Michael Beck

Each lap through the Northwave Sand Pit of Doom Compton looked like a a smooth machine while other riders struggled to keep a straight line and make it thorough cleanly.  With Koksijde and its famed sand looming in her November race program it looked even more like a training ride.

With the absence of North American Cyclocross Trophy series leader Natasha Elliot, and nobody placed high enough to dislodge her from the top spot, the awards ceremony was absent the NACT jersey presentation.  Elliot will hold her lead until the final series races in South Hampton NY later in the month.

Johnson spearheads another podium sweep

Johnson in the NACT leader's jersey. © Dejan Smaic / sportifimages.com

Johnson in the NACT leader's jersey. © Dejan Smaic / sportifimages.com

The men’s side started out like a greyhound race with Jeremy Powers playing the rabbit for a strong group of pursuers that included his Cannondale/CyclocrossWorld.com teammates Tim Johnson and Jamey Driscoll, Davide Frattini (Team Fuji), Jesse Anthony (Jamis Bicycles), Christopher Jones (Champion System), Geoff Kabush (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain Bicycles),  Danny Summerhill (Garmin) and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Subaru-Gary Fisher).  But one couldn’t help but think that Johnson was holding back waiting for the right moment to spring free which he did to join his teammate leaving the chasing group utterly destroyed behind.  Driscoll dangled dangerously close to his teammates but never gained contact so it was a two-man race in front until a slight mishap gave Johnson a gap over Powers.

Tim Johnson, wearing the NACT leader’s jersey he captured in the previous day’s Blue Sky Velo Cup, was drilling it on the front even after the threat of getting caught by friend or foe was past.  He finished a half a minute up on Powers and almost a minute on Driscoll making it a clean sweep of the podium for the second day.  Kabush raced in for fourthwith a 20 second gap over Jeremy Horgan Kobelski.  Carl Decker (Giant Bicycles) rounded out the top five.

Johnson now carries a lead in the NACT series that looks unreachable by even his second-placed teammate Powers.  With a stated goal to capture the series overall title it seems Johnson has that within easy reach with the  Cannondale/CyclocrossWorld.com team set up for a NACT series podium sweep as well. Full results below.

Photo Gallery:

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Full Results:

Place Name TEAM BIB Time
1 COMPTON, Katherine Planet Bike 1 42:05:00
3 DUNLAP, Alison Luna Chix 4 45:00:00
4 Miller, Meredith Cal Giant Berry Farm 26 45:12:00
5 EMMETT, Kelli Giant Bicycles 6 45:43:00
6 HOWE, Barbara Vanderkitten 5 46:18:00
7 POWERS, Alison Team Fuji 7 46:39:00
8 MATLOCK STRONG, Lisa Natural Grocers p/b 14 47:52:00
9 MAILE, Sarah Ventana Mountain Bik 16 48:35:00
10 BONI, Kristal Blue sky Velo 12 48:48:00
11 HANNON, Kathleen Freewheel/Hunter Cyc 17 48:51:00
12 Much, Rebecca Hudz-Subaru 25 49:46:00
13 BISHOP, Lindsey Mafia Racing 23 @ 1 LAP
14 SEEHAFER, Kori Team Type 1 18 @ 1 LAP
15 Blay, Becca Mafia Racing 28 @ 1 LAP
16 BUSH, Lynn Tough Girl / SCOTT 13 @ 1 LAP
17 BEGY, Cristina Gates/Spot /Dales 15 @ 1 LAP
18 COSTANTINI, Lauren Blue Sky Velo 9 @ 1 LAP
19 SCHEIDER, Kate Mafia Racing 8 @ 1 LAP
20 JOHNSON, Catherine Rocky Mounts/ Izze 21 @ 1 LAP
21 HECKMAN, Lora Peloton Cycles – Spe 11 @ 2 LAPS
22 LONG, Melanie Mafia Racing 22 @ 2 LAPS
23 HALL, Lauren Hudz-Subaru 19 @ 2 LAPS
24 Prieto, Susan Blue Sky Velo 24 @ 2 LAPS
DNS GOULD, Georgia Luna Chix 2
DNS CURRY, Lisa GAS/Intrinsik 10
DNS DUKE, Nicole The Gear Movement 20
Place Name TEAM BIB Time
1 JOHNSON, Timothy Cannondale/CycloCros 3 1:01:40
2 POWERS, Jeremy Cannondale/CycloCros 2 1:02:15
3 DRISCOLL, James BikeReg.com / Cannon 1 1:02:33
4 KABUSH, Geoff Maxxis/Rocky Mountai 5 1:02:51
5 Horgan Kobelski, Jeremy Subaru/Gary Fisher 67 1:03:11
6 DECKER, Carl Giant MTB Team 48 1:03:24
7 JONES, Christopher Champion System 4 1:03:26
8 SUMMERHILL, Danny VMG/Felt 15 1:03:52
9 FRATTINI, Davide Team Fuji 6 1:04:12
10 CRAIG, Adam Giant MTB Team 16 1:04:24
11 WELLS, Troy Team Specialized 9 1:04:35
12 PARBO, Joachim 8 1:04:39
13 WELLS, Jake MafiaRacing.com/Pabs 13 1:04:41
14 PACOCHA, Matt Hudz-Subaru 41 1:04:53
15 MC DONALD, Zach Stevens/Classic Cycl 43 1:05:10
16 ANTHONY, Jesse 7 1:05:15
17 KAPPIUS, Braden ClifBar 23 1:05:18
18 DWIGHT, Brandon Boulder Cycle Sport 18 1:05:24
19 SCHOOLER, Aaron Team H&R Block-Kona 10 1:05:31
20 WEBBER, Pete Boulder Cycle Sport 21 1:05:50
21 BAKER, Jonathan Hudz-Subaru Cyclocro 52 1:06:16
22 TONKIN, Erik Kona/FSA 58 1:06:20
23 STEVENSON, Russell First Rate Mortgage 12 1:06:50
24 POWLISON, Spencer Mafia Racing 34 1:06:52
25 WHITE, Brad Hudz-Subaru 46 1:06:55
26 HEITHECKER, Troy 33 1:07:02
27 PAXSON, Spencer Team S&M Young Guns 49 1:07:31
28 CARRINGTON, Taylor Team Lanterne Rouge 19 1:07:33
29 KRUGHOFF, Allen Team Rio Grande 55 1:07:33
30 RICHEY, Craig Blue Competition Cyc 11 1:07:55
31 IDDINGS, Ryan Lapierre USA 14 1:08:13
32 BARKER, Andrew ClifBar 61 1:08:14
33 FOUNDS, Darian 38 1:08:37
34 ALLEN, Tim Sports Garage 56 @2 laps
35 MULLERVY, Kevin ClifBar 65 @2 laps
36 Berry, Joshua Bode Cycling 75 @2 laps
37 GUESS, Martin Rocky Mountain Bicyc 31 @2 laps
38 MULLERVY, Connor ClifBar 66 @2 laps
39 HOKE, Mitchell ClifBar 64 @2 laps
40 Brandt, Chris Brandt Sorenson 72 @3 laps
41 Snyder, Adam Team Jamis 69 @3 laps
42 HARSHMAN, Shawn Konig Racing pb Hars 42 @3 laps
43 MICKIEWICZ, Bryan MAFIA/Hammer Nutriti 39 @3 laps
44 FRIEDBERG, Mike mafia 25 @3 laps
45 Wells, Chad Hudz Subaru 68 @3 laps
46 SCHMALZ, Joseph KCCX/Verge 40 @3 laps
47 RABY, Ben SRAM-KCCX 26 @3 laps
48 HURST, Chris Team Wheel and Sproc 37 @3 laps
49 COYLE, Chuck Subaru/Vista Auto Gr 53 @4 laps
50 Hill, Casey Mafia Racing 71 @4 laps
51 FINSTERWALD, Russell ClifBar 62 @4 laps
52 STATMAN, Katriel Pioneer Racing 29 @4 laps
53 Peterson, Chris Mona-Vie 74 @4 laps
54 STEINBERG, Brent Wolverine Sports Clu 57 @4 laps
55 CARES, Colin ClifBar 63 @4 laps
56 GIORDANO, Jesse Nob Hill Velo 51 @4 laps
57 VONBOKEL, Logan KCCX/ Verge 30 @4 laps
58 ARCHER, Jimmy Hudz-Subaru Cycling 35 @4 laps
59 TADDEUCCI, Joe Natural Grocers pb X 20 @4 laps
60 Studel, Dylan Mafia Racing 70 @4 laps
61 SIEGLE, Jason Bike Religion 17 @4 laps
62 LOUDERMILK, Derek Horizon Organic p/b 24 @5 laps
63 SALSKOV, John Bicycle Haus Racing 59 @6 laps
64 MILLER, Lane Louisville Cyclery 22 @6 laps
65 Harwood, Brian Blue Sky Velo 73 @6 laps
DNS FERGUSON, Jeremy California Giant/Spe 27
DNS CURRY, John GAS/Intrinsik 36
DNS MELIS, Chad Oskar Blues Brewery/ 44
DNS BERRY, Grant Rocky Mtn Choc Facto 47
DNS COLE, Brad KCCX/Verge 54
DNS COX, Cody ClifBar 60
DNF SHRIVER, Matt Rocky Mountain Choco 28
DNF BOUPLON, Aaron Rocky Mounts / Izze 32
DNF LLEWELLYN, Andrew Texas Roadhouse 45
DNF NENNINGER, Geoffrey Unattached 50