’Cross Domination: Anthony Clark and Maghalie Rochette Cross First in Paris to Ancaster—Brief Report, Results

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Maghalie Rochette at Gloucester Day 2 2013. © Meg McMahon

Maghalie Rochette at Gloucester Day 2 2013. © Meg McMahon

70 kilometers of road, mud and lots of gravel, from Paris to Ancaster in Ontario, Canada. Sound like a good time? Paris to Ancaster has been doing gravel since before gravel racing became the new “in” racing, for 21 years now.

This year, Cyclocross Magazine was out there in full force, with our columnists Christine Vardaros (see Vardaros’ Stevens Superprestige bike here) and defending champion Justin Lindine racing to top spots—third and fifth, respectively—with gravel reporter Aaron Cruikshank and this reporter (Molly Hurford) in the mix behind, determined to get the full experience for a gravel feature in our upcoming Issue 25. The team was rounded out with amazing photographer Ethan Glading on hand to follow the race action and capture the beauty of gravel racing.

Anthony Clark of the JAM Fund, brought up to the race by current National Champion Jeremy Powers, took the win, with Canada’s Evan McNeely (Norco) and Adam Morka (WFP Coaching/Trek) behind. In the women’s race—a race within the race, as all Elites start together—Rochette (Luna Chix) took the win using her technical prowess in the final mud section before the killer hill that headed straight to the finish line. Behind her, Belgian powerhouse Ellen Van Loy (Telenet-Fidea) took second and Vardaros (Stevens) took third.

Stay tuned for interviews with Rochette and Clark, some bike profiles, photos and more!

Paris to Ancaster 2014 Top 100

PlacePlateNameTeamCategoryCat PlaceGender PlaceTimeGapSpeedWave
150CLARK, AnthonyJAM FUNDLM20-29Jan-871/10311h 54' 31"34.1EVIP
225MCNEELY, EvanNORCO FACTORY TEAMLM20-29Feb-872/10311h 54' 44"0h 00' 13"34EVIP
321MORKA, AdamWFP COACHING / TREK BILM20-29Mar-873/10311h 54' 51"0h 00' 19"34EVIP
424LESPERANCE, AndrewNORCO FACTORY TEAMLM20-29Apr-874/10311h 55' 00"0h 00' 29"33.9EVIP
51LINDINE, JustinREDLINE / NBXLM30-391/2255/10311h 55' 04"0h 00' 32"33.9EVIP
62SCHOOLER, AaronTEAM H&R BLOCKLM20-29May-876/10311h 56' 06"0h 01' 35"33.6EVIP
73GARRIGAN, MikeVAN DESSEL / SHIMANOLM30-392/2257/10311h 56' 39"0h 02' 08"33.4EVIP
814GLASSFORD, PeterTREK CANADALM30-393/2258/10311h 56' 53"0h 02' 22"33.4EVIP
9345DAIGLE, Marc-andreGARNEAU-QUEBECORLM30-394/2259/10311h 57' 09"0h 02' 38"33.3EVIP
1026MERRITT, GaelenWHEELS OF BLOOR/GRAYWOLM20-29Jun-8710/10311h 59' 31"0h 05' 00"32.6EVIP
11322DONAHUE, AlecJAM FUNDLM30-395/22511/10311h 59' 49"0h 05' 18"32.5EVIP
124CHOWN, NathanTEAM 905 P/B STEELMARKLM40-491/37612/10312h 01' 17"0h 06' 46"32.2EVIP
1345MARSHALL, TimMORNING GLORY CYCLINGLM30-396/22513/10312h 01' 45"0h 07' 14"32EVIP
1439OLIVER, TimSOUND SOLUTIONSLM30-397/22514/10312h 02' 36"0h 08' 05"31.8EVIP
15336ADAMS, ShawnWAS LABS CYCLINGLM40-492/37615/10312h 03' 01"0h 08' 29"31.7EVIP
1643MERRICK, AndrewMIDWEEK CYCLINGLM30-398/22516/10312h 03' 23"0h 08' 52"31.6EVIP
1746CARLETON, TimothyLA BICICLETTA CYCLINGLM30-399/22517/10312h 03' 37"0h 09' 06"31.5EVIP
187BLACK, KevinOCTTO-CERVELOLM30-3910/22518/10312h 03' 52"0h 09' 21"31.5EVIP
19338WEEKS, MatthewWAS LABS CYCLINGLM30-3911/22519/10312h 03' 59"0h 09' 28"31.5EVIP
2081KRISS, AlanB1 CIPOLLINILM40-493/37620/10312h 04' 08"0h 09' 37"31.4EVIP
21340TRUMAN, BrianNOVOFITLM40-494/37621/10312h 04' 10"0h 09' 38"31.4EVIP
2219FORREST, JarrodREBEC & KROES CYCLESLM20-29Jul-8722/10312h 04' 39"0h 10' 08"31.3EVIP
2370MORSE, PeterOCTTO-CERVELOLM40-495/37623/10312h 04' 52"0h 10' 21"31.2EVIP
24247HIGGINS, KevinMORNING GLORY CCLM40-496/37624/10312h 05' 12"0h 10' 41"31.2EVIP
259MOGG, PeterTEAM TYPE 1/LONDON HONLM30-3912/22525/10312h 05' 35"0h 11' 04"31.1EVIP
2642HUNT, ShannonMORNING GLORY CYCLINGLM30-3913/22526/10312h 05' 38"0h 11' 07"31EVIP
2794SULE, RobertERACE CANCER P/B BICICLM50-591/20627/10312h 05' 42"0h 11' 11"31EVIP
2815JOHNSTON, EricNONELM16-1920-Jan28/10312h 05' 48"0h 11' 17"31EVIP
2949PRITCHARD, BaydenOCTTO-CERV̩LOLM30-3914/22529/10312h 05' 56"0h 11' 24"31EVIP
30337CRUIKSHANK, AaronWAS LABS CYCLINGLM30-3915/22530/10312h 06' 06"0h 11' 34"30.9EVIP
3167JOHNSON, LanceTBS RACING P/B CHAMPIOLM40-497/37631/10312h 06' 14"0h 11' 43"30.9EVIP
3274MAKARCHUK, EdSOUND SOLUTIONSLM40-498/37632/10312h 06' 21"0h 11' 49"30.9EVIP
3351WATSON , AndrewNORCO FACTORY TEAMLM30-3916/22533/10312h 06' 26"0h 11' 54"30.8EVIP
3448DENNIS, MichaelSPEEDRIVER.COMLM30-3917/22534/10312h 06' 31"0h 11' 59"30.8EVIP
358SIMONSON, Michael616 FABRICATIONSLM30-3918/22535/10312h 06' 36"0h 12' 05"30.8EVIP
3647SCHILLER, JeffTO WHEELS EPIC SPORTSLM30-3919/22536/10312h 06' 45"0h 12' 14"30.8EVIP
37564MONASTERO, AnthonyRACER SPORTIFLM50-592/20637/10312h 06' 50"0h 12' 19"30.7W1
3852KINGS, PatrickSOUND SOLUTIONSLM40-499/37638/10312h 06' 52"0h 12' 21"30.7EVIP
3922SREBLOWSKI, AnthonyWHEELS OF BLOOR/ GRAYWLM20-29Aug-8739/10312h 06' 53"0h 12' 22"30.7EVIP
4066MORROW, ScottMORNING GLORYLM40-4910/37640/10312h 07' 05"0h 12' 34"30.7EVIP
41321SMITH, ScottJAM FUNDLM20-29Sep-8741/10312h 07' 19"0h 12' 48"30.6EVIP
4262BISHOP, GregPETERBOROUGH CYCLING CLM40-4911/37642/10312h 07' 49"0h 13' 18"30.5EVIP
43188RYAN, GusLAPDOGS CYCLING CLUBLM30-3920/22543/10312h 07' 57"0h 13' 26"30.5W2
4427BENHABIB, LarbiREALDEAL/GEAR P/B FIELLM30-3921/22544/10312h 08' 08"0h 13' 37"30.4EVIP
45350STAPLES, GraydonNEXT WAVE CYCLING TEAMLM11-157-Jan45/10312h 08' 18"0h 13' 46"30.4W1
46210MORETTI, CaryTEAM IFGLM40-4912/37646/10312h 08' 28"0h 13' 56"30.4EVIP
47660JONES, JordannTEAM NCCH P/B DEC EXPRLM16-1920-Feb47/10312h 09' 02"0h 14' 31"30.2W1
48120DAVIS, KevinNACSWORLD.COM NORCOLM50-593/20648/10312h 09' 12"0h 14' 40"30.2EVIP
49460MCCLURE, TimINDEPENDENTLM30-3922/22549/10312h 09' 15"0h 14' 43"30.2W1
50341ROCHETTE, MaghalieLUNA PRO TEAMLF20-297-JanJan-862h 09' 19"0h 14' 48"30.2EVIP
51496BLATT, WarrenERACE CANCERLM40-4913/37650/10312h 09' 32"0h 15' 01"30.1W1
52380MILNE, StewartMORNING GLORY CYCLINGLM20-29Oct-8751/10312h 09' 52"0h 15' 21"30W1
536POWERS, JeremyRAPHA-FOCUSLM30-3923/22552/10312h 09' 53"0h 15' 22"30EVIP
5495KOFMAN, PeterERACE CANCER CYCLING TLM50-594/20653/10312h 09' 56"0h 15' 25"30EVIP
5529MANN, MartenTEAM T1C / LONDON HONDLM30-3924/22554/10312h 10' 31"0h 16' 00"29.9EVIP
56362BOUCHER, TylerWHEELS OF BLOORLM20-29Nov-8755/10312h 10' 34"0h 16' 03"29.9W1
57622CAUCHI, JohnTEAM CAUCHILMTEAM213-Apr56/10312h 10' 37"0h 16' 06"29.9EVIP
5835GALE, TimINDEPENDENTLM30-3925/22557/10312h 10' 38"0h 16' 06"29.9EVIP
5975RICHARDS, DougPBRLM40-4914/37658/10312h 10' 44"0h 16' 12"29.8EVIP
60342GAGNON, DavidPOWERWATTS NORDLM20-29Dec-8759/10312h 10' 56"0h 16' 25"29.8EVIP
6138DOUCET, EdELITE LEVEL HEALTHLM30-3926/22560/10312h 11' 03"0h 16' 31"29.8EVIP
6279MANN, RobertSOUND SOLUTIONSLM40-4915/37661/10312h 11' 07"0h 16' 36"29.7EVIP
6317BARSON, ChrisCOACH CHRIS. CALM20-2913/8762/10312h 11' 10"0h 16' 39"29.7EVIP
64116VAN LOY, EllenYOUNG TELENET FIDEA CYLF30-3925-JanFeb-862h 11' 19"0h 16' 48"29.7EVIP
6578WOOD, ChrisSOUND SOLUTIONSLM40-4916/37663/10312h 11' 23"0h 16' 51"29.7EVIP
6628PATTE, MikeTHE HUB RACE TEAMLM30-3927/22564/10312h 11' 29"0h 16' 58"29.7EVIP
67371ROEDDE, NigelINDEPENDENTLM20-2914/8765/10312h 11' 30"0h 16' 58"29.7W1
681388AMARAL, MikeNEW WORLDLM30-3928/22566/10312h 11' 30"0h 16' 59"29.7EVIP
6916DISERA, QuintonCSAJCC P/B NORCO & LGLM16-1920-Mar67/10312h 11' 33"0h 17' 02"29.6EVIP
70430GILLESPIE, EwanMORNING GLORY CYCLINGLM30-3929/22568/10312h 11' 39"0h 17' 08"29.6W1
71117VARDAROS, ChristineTEAM STEVENS - T. STROLF40-4922-JanMar-862h 11' 43"0h 17' 12"29.6EVIP
72264MARTIN, StevenLAPDOGS CYCLING CLUBLM40-4917/37669/10312h 11' 54"0h 17' 23"29.6EVIP
73229PAYN, JeffreyKLM/COLD STONELM40-4918/37670/10312h 12' 04"0h 17' 33"29.5EVIP
7456CHESTER, StephenERACE CANCERLM40-4919/37671/10312h 12' 20"0h 17' 49"29.5EVIP
7557BUSCHLEN, ScottINDEPENDENTLM40-4920/37672/10312h 12' 25"0h 17' 54"29.5EVIP
76243CONNOR, GregMORNING GLORY CYCLINGLM40-4921/37673/10312h 12' 29"0h 17' 58"29.4EVIP
77115KRUSHEL, KelseyTUF RACK RACINGLM20-2915/8774/10312h 12' 42"0h 18' 11"29.4EVIP
7877BEIT, PaulBLACKSMITH CYCLESLM40-4922/37675/10312h 12' 59"0h 18' 28"29.3EVIP
7937PALMA, MarkTEAM NCCH P/B DEC EXPRLM30-3930/22576/10312h 13' 01"0h 18' 30"29.3EVIP
80104POULTON, NathanHUB BICYCLELMSS26-Jan77/10312h 13' 10"0h 18' 39"29.3EVIP
8111DREYER, MandyTUF RACK RACINGLF30-3925-FebApr-862h 13' 11"0h 18' 39"29.3EVIP
82105COOK, BryantCYCLE SOLUTIONSLMSS26-Feb78/10312h 13' 20"0h 18' 49"29.2EVIP
831324JAMES, AlexAPOLLO BICYCLESLM20-2916/8779/10312h 13' 36"0h 19' 05"29.2W3
84269MACEWEN, RobLAPDOGS CYCLING CLUBLM40-4923/37680/10312h 13' 42"0h 19' 10"29.2EVIP
8571MOORE, DavidMORNING GLORY CYCLINGLM40-4924/37681/10312h 13' 50"0h 19' 19"29.1EVIP
8693RODEN, JohnBBCLM50-595/20682/10312h 14' 11"0h 19' 39"29.1EVIP
8736TEARLE, KevinNACSWORLD.COM NORCOLM30-3931/22583/10312h 14' 42"0h 20' 11"29EVIP
88445HAUSER, JohnTHE WHEELING DANDIES PLM30-3932/22584/10312h 14' 44"0h 20' 13"28.9W1
89381ROWLEY, ChristopherCOACHCHRIS.CA/TED VELILM20-2917/8785/10312h 14' 47"0h 20' 15"28.9W1
90398MCKEEVER, PaulBEACHES CYCLING CLUBLM30-3933/22586/10312h 14' 47"0h 20' 16"28.9W1
91449JAFFRAY, MichaelTO WHEELS/EPIC SPORTSLM30-3934/22587/10312h 14' 48"0h 20' 17"28.9W1
9268MACLENNAN, JeremyINDEPENDENTLM40-4925/37688/10312h 14' 59"0h 20' 28"28.9EVIP
9318MOOTE, JeffREALDEAL/GEARS P/B WASLM20-2918/8789/10312h 15' 11"0h 20' 39"28.8EVIP
9423KINSIE, JonTHE HUB RACE TEAMLM20-2919/8790/10312h 15' 23"0h 20' 52"28.8EVIP
9555DEBOER, SteveTEAM 905LM40-4926/37691/10312h 15' 25"0h 20' 53"28.8EVIP
96280MILLER, RolstonMORNING GLORY CYCLINGLM40-4927/37692/10312h 15' 26"0h 20' 54"28.8EVIP
97597STAPLES, DavidINDEPENDENTLM50-596/20693/10312h 15' 27"0h 20' 56"28.8W1
98367MACKILLOP, BrendanCYCLEPATH MARKHAMLM20-2920/8794/10312h 15' 30"0h 20' 59"28.8W1
9965TRANT, RyanCYCLEPATH OAKVILLE RACLM40-4928/37695/10312h 15' 39"0h 21' 07"28.8EVIP
100513KRITZ, JamesINDEPENDENTLM40-4929/37696/10312h 15' 45"0h 21' 14"28.7W1



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Awesome race today - the mud was thick and heavy - harder than the last two years.  Good times.

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