Page in his DIY National Champion kit at Kings CX. © Cyclocross Magazine

Page in his DIY National Champion kit at Kings CX. © Cyclocross Magazine

After storming to a solo win at Nationals earlier this month, Jonathan Page proved that living, training and racing in Belgium might just be the right move for an American racer trying to make his or her way in the sport. And at Kings CX in Cincinnati yesterday, he left is mark on the course as one of the three Americans to make the way into the top five in the men’s race, spending much of the race in the lead group heading the futile chase toward Niels Albert.

We caught up with Page post-race to talk about the day, the upcoming World Championships, and his slightly DIY-style kit, complete with a sewn-on Challenge Tires patch. As far as the race went, a mud-covered Page was unimpressed with himself. “Ehh, it was pretty good … Actually, it wasn’t a very good day.”

He continued, “I was OK. I kind of … had a little bit of tough legs near the end. They’re feeling a little stale right now. But I guess that’s to be expected, I’ve been doing quite a bit of training, but they’ll be fresh for Louisville.”

And as for his kit, which was an amalgamation of starred leg- and arm-warmers under his new team kit, Page laughed and said, “It really comes in on Tuesday. I left Verge a little short on time.” So what was he wearing? “This is an old Richard Sachs’ skinsuit [from his Nationals win while on Sachs’ team], I found it in my mother’s attic.”

When I said he had collected a lot of those kits with his four National Championship wins, he laughed and added, “Yeah, but it collected a lot of dust in the meantime.”

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