Behind THE Barriers has a special double-feature lined up for you in the coming weeks from the Cincy3 Cyclocross Festival! This week, it’s off to Cincy to tag along with Tom Hopper, personal mechanic to 2012 National Champion Jeremy Powers. Tom’s been a constant in Jeremy’s pits for the last three years, and has forged one of the most effective rider-mechanic combinations in the sport. Tom is a unique personality on the cyclocross circuit, and can often be found shooting the breeze with his fellow mechanics, or up to some friendly hijinx with riders from opposing teams. On his list this week is cashing in on a favor with Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld’s Kaitlin Antonneau, talking October baseball, and most of all, making sure Jeremy’s bikes are operating in tip-top shape. Behind THE Barriers is proud to take you behind the scenes with a man who helps Jeremy Powers and Rapha-Focus tick.