Bay Area Super Prestige Evolves and Expands, Haskell and Reaney Grab First Wins in Oakland

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Haskell survives the course, a crash and Barnholt's chase to win and take the leader's jersey. © Cyclocross Magazine

Haskell survives the course, a crash and Barnholt's chase to win and take the leader's jersey. © Cyclocross Magazine

by Paul Guerra and Andrew Yee

While there are several well-loved and well-attended race series in Northern California, nothing brings the Norcal cyclocross tribe together quite like the first Bay Area Super Prestige series. This year the series has made several significant changes, including adding a new venue, electronic timing, field limits, new categories and a soon-to-be-unveiled flyover.

This year’s series got its start on October 17, and although the much anticipated flyover didn’t make an appearance, this first race race brought added excitement with the inclusion of Oakland’s Merritt College as a new venue, just a few miles from the site of the first USCF Cyclocross National Championships in Tilden Park in 1975 (see Cyclocross Magazine’s History of Cyclocross article and photos in Issue 6). The venue returned cyclocross to the East Bay hills, and Merritt College provided a particularly scenic venue, with the team tent area and much of the course overlooking a majestic mountaintop view of the port of Oakland, the Bay Bridge and, off in the distance, the skyline of San Francisco. But clear views weren’t the story of the day, as Mother Nature also brought something special for Bay Area racers expecting dry, dusty conditions: the first serious rain of the season. The later start times saw a loose and dusty course turn into an authentically sloppy race, a true treat for Norcal cyclocrossers longing for the more “traditional” conditions.

The blueprint for the Bay Area Super Prestige Flyover

The blueprint for the Bay Area Super Prestige Flyover, coming soon. It will initially have ramps on both sides.

The Bay Area Super Prestige Oakland event lured 630 race entries, filling several fields to capacity, and offered racers several new changes: A new C 35+ category, field size limits, electronic transponder-based timing and concession stands. The new timing system promised fast, accurate results and lap times but had its costs, however, with entry fees rising by $5 to $35 to cover the technology and service fees. The new course was a short, serpentine, flowing, sandy route that wound its way between two parking lots and up and down a few short hills that were run-ups for all but the supremely skilled. One set of barriers greeted riders after the first pavement turn, on a slightly uphill grade. Two pits, supported by Zipp and Ritchey on opposite ends of the course, were primed to provide neutral support and spare wheels.

National Champions and Flat Tires Rule the Day

Kerry Barnholt (Scott / Ritchey) led the race but suffered two flats and would finish second. ©

Kerry Barnholt (Scott / Ritchey) led the race but suffered two flats and would finish second. ©

The opening race at the new venue had a bit of a rocky start (no pun intended) as the flint-filled course served up dozens of flat tires and quickly had racers running for spare bikes or the spare wheels. Promoter Tom Simpson proactively warned racers the day before about the flat tire potential, encouraging all to leave the expensive Dugasts at home, but flat tires still ruled the day. As predicted the day before by Simpson, the hidden rocks proved to be a factor, with flat tires affecting the outcome of each race.

The Women’s A race, held in increasing showers, saw a sprint finish duel between former collegiate cyclocross national champion Devon Haskell (Bike Station Aptos) and current 35+ Masters cyclocross national champion Kerry Barnholt (Scott/Ritchey). Both Barnholt and Haskell suffered early flats, and while Barnholt led much of the race, a second flat gave Haskell the opportunity to rejoin Barnholt with one lap to go and fight for the win. The two entered the final straight together, with Haskell taking the final corner in the lead and sprinting to the win.  Sara Maile (Ventana), Sarah Jordan (Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster) and former time trial world champion Karen Brems (Team Rambuski) rounded out the podium.

The Men’s A race saw periods of actual downpour, making the stone-strewn course all the more treacherous, leading to multiple wheel and bike changes and a well strung-out field. The winner of that race was Cal Giant Strawberry’s Steve Reaney (current Elite criterium champion). Reaney is a perpetual contender in the Masters A field, but suffered multiple flats in that event. Determined to end the day on a higher note, the Cal Giant rider grabbed his mountain bike for the main event, and used the fat tires and suspension to his advantage to stay flat-free and take the victory over Scott Chapin (Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster) and Brian Astell (Lost Coast Brewery). Krishna Dole (Sheila Moon) and Chris McGovern (Cycletron) completed the podium.

Steve Reaney (Cal Giant) held off the Rock Lobster / HRS / Bay101 juggernaut and won the A Men's race on a mountain bike. ©

Steve Reaney (Cal Giant) held off the Rock Lobster / HRS / Bay101 juggernaut and won the A Men's race on a mountain bike. ©

Three of the top five racers finished on mountain bikes. Many podiums were missing the usual suspects, as flat tires hurt the chances of many of the favorites. Perhaps suffering the worst luck was former national champion Don Myrah, who typically fights for victory in both the Elite and Masters A races. Myrah suffered multiple flats and broken wheels and did not finish either event.

Alex Work of team Bay 101-HRS-Rock Lobster took the top step in the 35+ podium while Kevin Merrigan of Team Rambuski Law dominated the 45+ category. Complete results below (may not be final). Unfortunately, the first trial of electronic timing was not successful, as results were initially inaccurate and slow to post.

The Bay Area Super Prestige series continues next weekend with a return visit to San Mateo county’s Coyote Point Park, the site of one of California’s earliest UCI-sanctioned cyclocross race. For more information on the series, visit the Bay Area Super Prestige website.

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Full Results:
(subject to change)

Bay Area Super Prestige Race #1 Merritt College
Junior Men 10-14
Junior 10-14 Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1486JovanniStefaniSprocket RocketSan Francisco
2477ChanceTinerSanta Cruz Jr Cycling Club/Bicycle TripSanta Cruz
3484WaylandChiuRichard Sachs/Rex ChiuPalo Alto
4482JacobLaboskyTreadSan Jose
5478Robert “Bobby”TerraDJ’s Produce/Rocket sportsLodi
6483JasonRhodesFreewheelSan Francisco
7479ChrisHydeBuy-Cell.comSan Jose
8476NolanVan DineAC Above CategoryCorte Madera
9481MaxHarrodSwamp Chicken Jr DevelopmentSan Rafael
10480SamuelWaldenJelly BellyAlbany
12485CalvinHerseyTeam SwiftNovato
Junior Women
Junior Women Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
177EmmaMyallCal GiantLafayette
279ElianaStefaniSan Francisco
376MadelineMyallCal GiantLafayette
Junior Men 15-18
Junior 15-18 Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1832TobinOrtenblachSpokeman BicyclesSanta Cruz
2835DillonCharlton-Mill Valley
4833WyattMorinTeam Mad CatRoseville
5834DavidCormickTeam Racing MouseSouth San Francisco
Master Men 55+
Master 55+ Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1784NormKreissCal Giant StrawberryOrinda
2781GeorgeSmithwebcor/Alto ViewMenlo Park
3778JohnElgarwebcor/Alto ViewSacramento
4782BrianBirchTeam Mad CatOakland
5777BrentHarrisBay101/HRS/ Rock LobsterLaganitas
6776PaulSadoffBay101/HRS/ Rock LobsterSant Cruz
7786ThomFoxSF Sport and SpineSan Francisco
8783MattSharpSharp BicycleLafayette
9785ChrisBurgesonEagles Racing TeamNapa
10780RonRileyBike Station AptoaAptos
11779MikeMcDonaldBeerRancho Cordova
C Women
Cat C Women’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
2661HeatherCambellTeam BeerPDX
3668MaliaByersBike Station AptoaSanta Cruz
4665ErinDurkeeSan Francisco
5662SofiaMarinSan Francisco
6680MariaCurranVanderkittenSan Francisco
7667ShaunBaesmanPeninsula VeloBelmont
8679JennTomlinsonSan Francisco
9676Emily HouHoustonSan Francisco
10682NatiraHarrisVelogirlsRedwood City
11674KateFurtnerEchelon CycleyForestville
13673Mary KatherynLynchOakland
15601BrookeBatesTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
16664SaraHarleySheila MoonSan Francisco
17675AlicePillatTEAM Roaring MouseSan Francisco
18681KelseySimmenSheila MoonSan Francisco
19670NancyHowellSan Francisco
Cat C Men
Cat C Men’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
3546ClayWagersBay Area BikesOakland
4517ChristianParkerMenlo ParkSan Mateo
5522DeanSantosSan Bruno
7623MatthewAdlerUCR Cycling ClubSan Francisco
8548JohnLukPeninsula Velo/PomodoroMillbrae
9512NicholasNesbittZeitgeist RacingSan Francisco
10559DarrenSmithSan Francisco
11514AlexBrannsteinMorningside VeloOakland
13523ErikLautermanSanta Barbara
14550AaronNathanSF2GSan Francisco
15513ThomasManselTeam Oakland Kaiser PermanenteSan Leandro
16560MichaelSpinaliPeninsula Velo/PomodoroSan Carlos
17549ChristopherRhodesTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
21526GregAllenMission CyclingSan Francisco
22521JonathanKreirtranSan Jose BicyclingSan Jose
23527MarkSullivanSF2gSan Francisco
25524JustinWestLos Angeles
27518AlexBullittPalo Alto
28515GrahamMattinglySan Jose
29501BryanCheungSan Mateo
30529ZachBassMission CyclingSan Francisco
32531TedKetaiSheila MoonSan Francisco
33504ChrisDufourTaleo RacingPleasanton
34509JasonMillironRedwood City
35506BrettAtkinsonTeam CrashPalo Alto
36546ClayWagersBay Area BikesOakland
37525EricAltendorfSF2GSan Francisco
38554DougGelattiCyclesport ChicoSan Rafael
39542TylerNewellLos Gatos
40534JonathonPotterTeam Cliff ShotBerkeley
41547KentMokMission CyclingSan Francisco
42557GreggOglesbyBerkeley Bike ClubPiedmont
44555CaryLyallSan Ramon
46502RyanWenkerTeam Mad CatOrangevale
47540RichardNgSan Francisco
48544EamonnReckenSan Francisco
49532RyanKustanskiRedwood City
50528GeraldYuMountain View
52510AmosScacattergoodJohnny SprocketsBerkeley
54556AlecFlettKnackered TyresBerkeley
55535Peter DolanDolanSF2GSan Francisco
Cat C Men 35+
Cat C 35+ Men’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1625MichaelLodoenMurray-RenaissancePortola Valley
2603MichaelStollTaleo RacingLafayette
3650MatthewHoughMission CyclingSan Francisco
4649WarrenJohnsonEagle Racing TeamYountville
5636RonStadeAmber TileOakland
6617EricMcConkieEvergreen RacingLafayette
7628JohnPotsiadloSan Mateo
8606BradBasfordMurray-RenaissanceSan Jose
9648BrandonDeschCorte Madera
10616MichaelMcCabeEvergreen RacingSan Francisco
11624BrianFerrarioRocket FuelSan Jose
12653BrandonTylerPeninsula Velo/PomodoroSan Mateo
13626JonathanHuntMission CyclingSan Francisco
14645SteveSternSan Francisco
15619RalphKinjThird PillarSan Mateo
16639ChrisKingDolce VitaSan Francisco
17609MichaelBrownPen Velo/PomodoroSan Mateo
18634ThomasLeachSan Leandro
19644PatLoganSharp BikesSan Ramon
21602RexLierlySports BasementOakland
22619RalphKinjThird PillarSan Mateo
23622AndrewMcIlvruyValley SpokesmenLivermore
24655ArthurRodriguezSan Jose
25605GregBalcoTeam Maciel VeloLivermore
26637MikeReedWebcor/Alto VeloMenlo Park
27615PeterChangSF2GSan Francisco
32638MarkLyttleSan Jose
33635DanielCivelloKaiser/Team OaklandAlameda
35612GregTsutaokaBerkeley Bike ClubOakland
36608FrancisJoseTeam CrashRedwood City
37630MichaelWolfeVertical PandasSan Francisco
38653BrandonTylerPeninsula Velo/PomodoroSan Mateo
39622AndrewMcIlvruyValley SpokesmenLivermore
40620JohathanHalperinTeam Roaring MousePiedmont
41640JeffKazanRaleighSan Jose
42633CarlCunninghamThe Endurance TrustSunnyvale
43660ScottKildallSheila MoonSan Francisco
44632BillIsaacsonWillow Glen BicyclesSan Jose
45614JohnParadineSan Mateo
46659EdRubleGold River
47629MichaelShweVertical PandasSan Francisco
48623MatthewAdlerUCR Cycling ClubSan Francisco
49642AninTomarizWebcor/Alto VeloBelmont
51627GregTrumplerSan Mateo
53643MarcoSoldanoWrong WaySan Jose
54631WillyNevinMission CyclingPacifica
55652MichaelPyleSJBCSan Jose
56654RobbieO’BrienCAFSan Francisco
Master Men 45+ Cat B
Cat B 45+ Men’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1410DougAldrichMissing LinkSan Jose
2411WilliamStachanSterling CrossSan Francisco
3429Marty pPauosTaleaMoraga
4412MikeBodgeBicycle Trip/SymanticSanta Cruz
5428RussWrightMissing LinkCastro Valley
6435ShawnMillerDavis Bike ClubDavis
7416JimLundValley SpokesmanSan Leandro
8409RobStarkTeam Mad CatElk Grove
9419JoeFabrisPlus 3 NetworkLos Gatos
10416JimLundValley SpokesmanSan Leandro
11407MikeEvansThe SpokesmenSanta Cruz
12420FeffTraugottBay101/HRS/Rock LobsterSanta Cruz
13414CliffordLeeInvision OptometrySan Francisco
14405Dave DSamsVertical PandaMill Valley
15401GaryJohnsonCyclypath Pleasnatonlivermore
16438CraigBallVan DesselSan Carlos
17437TomCrandesburyKitchen AntsPiedmont
19418MaxThompsonMissing LinkSan Anselmo
20417JorgePontWebcor/Alto veloMenlo Park
21436DarrelBrokesholderLos Gatos Bike ClubSan Jose
22404RussCarmickTeam Roaring MouseSouth San Francisco
23440FredMartinTeam Oakland/KaiserOakland
24424PeterBrisboWalnut Creek
25421BenoitDubuissonBay101/HRS/Rock LobsterMountain View
26440FredMartinTeam Oakland/KaiserOakland
27423JamesEnglishTeam DuvelSan Leandro
28424PeterBrisboWalnut Creek
29422DavidtOmMissing LinkDanville
30430WayneCottrellOgden OnePittsburg
31415StephenNishimuraDolce Vita CyclingMill Valley
32425PaulMussoMissing LinkOakland
33441JeffSobulTeam Oakland/KaiserOakland
34406JimLentferPlus 3 NetworkCupertino
35432ChristopherHolmesTeam Mad CatFolsom
36439LeonelQuinterosTaleaSan Francisco
37426RobertTarozziMarciel VeloDanville
39431JohnBehringpeninsula veloFoster City
40433FredHonsalSan Leandro
Master Men 35+ Cat B
Cat B 35+ Men’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1213ShawnO’MearaVelo RenoReno
2201MichaelCoffinoKnackered TyresPt Reyes Station
5258JesseFreeseMissing Link/3rd RailOakland
6278MikeMorgenfeldTeam Roaring MouseBerkeley
7280VeeBhoplaTeam Mad CatSacramento
8274GeoffreyGundersonKaiser/Team OaklandOakland
9243RichardReffnerTTS RacingSan Francisco
10275EdLaiKaiser/Team OaklandOakland
11281RobeutGodarBicycle EmporiumGrass Valley
12215WayneMackeyVelo RenoReno
14240StephenKentFreewheel HunterSan Francisco
15232TomTaylorTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
16250MatthewBlairSheila MoonSan Francisco
17209ChadRosserSJBCSan Jose
18230MakoJohnsonRedwood City
19217DanhTranSterling Cross p/b sendmailSan Jose
20257HenryWuEvergreenSan Francisco
21267MattLarsenMatthew Larsen WheelbuildingReno
22206MikeUpchurchTeam Mad CatSacramento
23234RefoMuellerSan Francisco
25229ChrisUdarbeFolsom BikeFolsom
26239AllanSherlockTeam Wrong WayPleasanton
27285MaxIngersollJohn Muir HealthBerkeley
28219GlenVarnHagenPlus 3San Mateo
29252SethTaylorZeitgeist RacingPleasanton
30245ZenonCulverhouseSan Mateo
31222TravisMaPeninsula Velo/PomodoroBelmont
32212JonMasonBay 101/HRS RocklobsterKensington
33251SassanPazirandehMissing Link/3rd RailOakland
34224MikeBowerPeninsula Velo/PomodoroSan Mateo
35207DennisMcGovernSycipFoster City
36233JoePessanoThird PillarFoster City
37244JamesBauerKaiser/Team OaklandOakland
38270ScottPriceTaleo RacingLafayette
39241KjeldChristensenSpokesman BicyclesScotts Valley
40271JasonRossomZeitgeist RacingSan Francisco
41282BrentBornkampSpecializedSan Jose
42227ThomasFarleyFreewheel HunterSan Francisco
43269JeremiahJohnsonVertical PandasSan Francisco
44204DavidKrattliProfessional Benefit ServicesWalnut Creek
45235JeffBoiseGodspeedSan Francisco
46231AlanBennettBay 101/HRS RocklobsterSanta Cruz
47237PatrickWollieverCyclesport ChicoHalf Moon Bay
48236ChadThomasPeninsula Velo/PomodoroSan Mateo
50273AngusNesbittHUP United NorcalLos Altos Hills
51203JasonHarrod420 WearSan Rafael
52211OdeBernsteinBrotherly LoveOakland
53272JonBonwockStudio VeloLarkspur
54221DavidGillDolore GrottaBerkeley
55284CarlosCorujoSan Francisco
56225KevinGrundmannPeninsula Velo/PomodoroSan Mateo
58253JeremanSteeleSan Francisco
59228MatthewBeebBellup RacingMenlo Park
61216MattSchwartzHUP UnitedSanta Cruz
63210JoeCarpenterTeam Mad CatSan Jose
64218AndrewFrenchSoil SaloovSan Francisco
65226ChristopherMinkTaleo RacingRichmond
66220RayAlvarezPeninsula Velo/PomodoroBelmont
68247BrianKrayWalnut Creek
69208RichardRhodesFreewheelSan Francisco
70248BrianKadonPorte VelosSan Carlos
71277BrianBrookDDC/UBCSan Francisco
72265PeterSpencerTaleo RacingPhoenix
73202MikeHydeIbis/Buy-cell.comSan Jose
74260ShaneRankinSan Francisco
75249KevinKrugLos Gatos
76256PeterRudolphSheila MoonSan Francisco
77283ShaunO’BryanPedal Revolution/Chica SexyOakland
Master Men 35+ Cat A
Cat A 35+ Men’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1333AlexWorkBay101/HRS/Rock LobsterSanta Cruz
2302TimThompsonBASP CyclocrossSan Jose
3352TodHoeferCal GiantAptos
5356MikeSooderIbis/Buy-cell.comSan Jose
6331SteveOuzounianDelore Grotta/Big Swinging CyclesMoraga
7314JesseScattonBullseye/East SacramentoScacramento
8307BasilMoutsopoulosUnitedPalo Alto
9345DanielMcNallyDFLSan Francisco
10310BrianStabyBay101/HRS/Rock LobsterSanta Rosa
11309BrijLunineABS/SccccSanta Cruz
12321JamesBadiawebcor/alto veloRedwood City
13326jonhMundeliusWells FargoAlamo
14311MikeMorganSyCipSan Jose
15324StoshBankssonNevada City
16343SteveReaneyCal GiantSan Jose
17305TedBurnsTeam Bell LapMenlo Park
18347PhilipRobertsMissing linkOakland
19322PhilipHynesThirsty BearMill Valley
20325TaoBernardiVan DesselDublin
21350larryHibbardSpokesmen BikesWatsonville
22337Rob SayuboltSaybolthunter/FreewheelSan Francisco
23312KenGallardoPeninsula VeloBelmont
24319MonteBoyleTem CloverReno
25353JustinRobindonCal GiantBonny Doon
26316DeanDealyVerge/GuProSanta Cruz
27323JordiCortesCal GiantBerkeley
28348JustinMorganCycleton/ Cal NortePortola Valley
29334ChrisDonahueVertical PandaSan Francisco
30320MurphyMackSheila MoonSan Francisco
31330AjKennedyCycleton/ Cal NorteMTL
32301EricBustosCal GiantAlameda
33344GregKlingstonHUP UnitedMenlo Park
34329JamesCoatsCal GiantCampbell
35303DavidHopkinsSpokesmen BikesSanta Cruz
37341JasonBenfordhunter/FreewheelSan Francisco
38340BradKoesterDFLSan Francisco
43332MattRolandsondFLSan Francisco
45304DanHorndaschCyclocrossworld.comSan Francisco
46313Murray SwansonSwansonPeninsula VeloWoodside
Master Men 45+ Cat A
Cat A 45+ Men’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1706KevinMerriganTeam Rambuski LawCastro Valley
2718DavidEastwoodStevens FactoryReno
3734ThomasHoeffelMissing Link/3rd RailOakland
4726SteveHessTeam Santa CruzSanta Cruz
5704GannonMyallCal Giant/SpecializedLafayette
6710DavidSchaeferPeninsula Velo/PomodoroHayward
7724ThomasFiexPeninsula Velo/PomodoroMoss Beach
8705EdwinRambuskiTeam Rambuski LawSLO
10708TomFoxBay 101/HRS/RocklobsterIncline Village
11712DonalGallegosWally’s Bicycle WorksSLO
12745RossTinlinePeninsula Velo/PomodoroSan Carlos
13709FrankKalcicBay 101/HRS/RocklobsterSunnyvale
14703NormKreissCal Giant/SpecializedOrinda
15732BrettLambertBay 101/HRS/RocklobsterScotts Valley
16738KeithDeFiebreRitchey ScottPrunedale
17743PhilipSimsABS/SCCCCSanta Cruz
19721RichardStoneSterling Sports GroupHMB
20707LoganKelseyTeam Rambuski LawMill Valley
21713MarkHowlandBay 101/HRS/RocklobsterSanta Cruz
22731DavidAndersonCal Giant/SpecializedMartinez
23725ChrisGaffneyWebcor/ Alto VeloSan Jose
24735DaveTricamodflSan Francisco
27722MarkMastorasDolore Grotta/Big Swingin CyclesSan Francisco
28715ErikSalanderPeninsula Velo/PomodoroBelmont
29729LeslieAusterePeninsula Velo/PomodoroBurlingame
30737PauleBatesTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
31720TomCarpenterKaiser/Team OaklandOakland
32742BlairPetersonAbove Category RacingMill Valley
33739JeffHaneTeam Roaring MouseSunnyvale
35723JohnKnutsonStover SeedSan Francisco
36711DaneGrantTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
37747MattSmithTalk GrovetSan Francisco
38740BrianOrtTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
40744AlexOsborneThirsty BearBerkeley
41730DonLangleyCal Giant/SpecializedMorgan Hill
Women A
Cat A Women’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1807DevonHaskellBike ? AptosSanta Cruz
2819KerryBarnholtScott/RicheyMountain View
3808SaraMaileVentana MTBSacramento
4823SarahJordanBay101/HRS/Rock LobsterScotts Valley
5803KarenBremsTeam RambuskiRedwood City
6827GinaHallCal GiantOrinda
7817CorinaBinghamStone RacingDaly City
8828BeverlyChaneyTeam Roaring MouseCarmel
9802TrinaBaumsteigerTeam RambuskiSLO
10826AllisonBaumhefnerHunter/ FreewheelSan Rafael
12815EmilyThurstonMissing LinkSan Pablo
14822CortneyDimpleBike Station AptosAptos
15814HeleneDrummPeanut Butter & CoSan Anselmo
16809JenJordaniPass/Team AffinintySan Fransisco
17813StellaCareyBay101/HRS/Rock LobsterFelton
18818Mary EllenAshBay101/HRS/Rock LobsterMenlo Park
19820HaleyJuno Galdeswebcor/alto VeloMenlo Park
20829Katie JayMilenaBay101/HRS/Rock LobsterSanta Cruz
21811KellyChangMissing LinkOakland
22824StacyEvans#REF!Mill Valley
23825NataliaGardiolCambridge/GlenheartSan Fransisco
24812YukieNakamuraMissing LinkLos Altos
25816CaitlinTrahanSheila MoonOakland
26804AngelaAldrienMissing LinkSan Jose
Women B
Cat B Women’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1574E.AliaSalimSheila MoonBerkeley
2572RachelLambertSpecializedSanta Cruz
3562StarlaTeddergreenVanderkittenSan Francisco
4578MaryPerezCiclista BonitaLa Selva Beach
5568ArenaReedSheila MoonSan Francisco
6561KathleenBoyleTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
7567ChristineFoxVertical PandaSan Francisco
8563MarrisaAxellTeam Roaring MouseEl Cerrito
9577HeatherLangendorferRedwood City
12564EmilyMcLanahanSheila MoonSan Francisco
13570MayWooSheila MoonSan Francisco
14565TheresaZaro KnutsonStover SeedSan Francisco
15575HeatherPughChica SexySan Francisco
Master Women 35+ Cat A
Cat A 35+ Women’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1758HollieMcGovernCycleutionNevada City
2759KristinDrummDivine Electric NorcalNovato
3757KathleenBortolussiBay 101/ HRS/ RocklobsterAptos
4752JanelLodgeBay 101/ HRS/ RocklobsterSanta Cruz
5753JulieBatesTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
6751LindaElgartWebcor Alto VeloSacramento
7760AsaSalasTeam Mad CatOrangevale
8761LiviaPerasCiclista BonitaSanta Cruz
9754YvonneWalbroehlPeninsula Velo/PomodoroMountain View
10805SoniAndreini PoulsenVelo BellaArnold
11755AimeeBakeriPass-AffinityMenlo Park
12756JeanineBatesTeam iPassSan Francisco
Cat A Men
Cat A Men’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
16SteveReaneyCal Giant
260ScottChapinBay101/HRS/Rock Lobster
356BrianAstellLost Coast Brewery
428KrishnaDoleSheila Moon
63RichMaileMike’s Bikes
79FrankSpiteriPeninsula Velo
863DavidWyandtBay101/HRS/Rock Lobster
91DevonVigasSharp Bicycle
1130CodyKaiserCal Giant
1213BrueSylvertsenDe La Paz Coffee
1435JonathanSchantzThe Spokeman
1525JeremyFergusonCal Giant
1746AaronPeaseLost Coast Brewery
194AnastasoiFlores JrCal Giant
2254MitchTruxWrench Science
2320AaronKeralilcBay101/HRS/Rock Lobster
2529BenDodgeBay101/HRS/Rock Lobster
2850AnthonyCoandoDolore Grotta/Big Swinging Cycles
302MattObregonSierra Nevada
3257TimKnudsenDevine Electric
3337DustanwhiteSheila Moon
3653SpenePedersonAbove Cateory
3849NicholasSloneDelore Grotta/Big Swinging Cycles
4438GabrielByrneDolore Grotta/Big Swinging Cycles
455AndrewBrooksInglis Cycles/ Retrotec
4943StephanDeyWrench Science
508PaulGuerraWebcor/Alto Velo
5323EricRussellClif Bar
5436KeithHillerDavis Bike Club
SingleSpeed A
Cat A Single Speed Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
4393PatrickKitFresnOakland/Totally Tubular
6394RonShevockTeam Mad Cat
7383RubenVillaealVan Dessel
9387TroyEvansBoo Bicycles
10386EvanSarnaMissing Link/3rd rail
11392UriFriedmenChica Sexy
13384Hans (Chip #384)KellnerSycip
14391SashaMageeSheila Moon
15379ChrisPilletteGodspeed Courier
16377ScottJunerTotally Tubular
Cat B Men
Cat B Men’s Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1150ZACHwiCKDavis Bike ClubSanta Cruz
3101RyanMooreCityCycles of San FranciscoSan Francisco
6117DarylRogersSan Francisco
8115SethCallahanTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
9128ScottHarringtonAbove Category RacingSausalito
12103ChrisMatthewsThird PillarRedwood City
13154BillLaddishBerkeley Bike ClubDanville
14107RobBrandtGBI.Kinetic CyclesSparks
15138SkylerTaylorAbove Category RacingMill Valley
16108RobertGodarBicycle EmporiumGrass Valley
18109DinAbdullehMissing LinkOakland
19110JustinBucktroutTRSSan Francisco
20145CiscoMoranNorth American VeloSan Francisco
21130John AdamsAdamsTeam OaklandOakland
22136JohnnyMullaneBike Station AptosWatsonville
23125CodyTapleyBike Station AptosDavis
24146MikeEwersNorth American VeloSan Rafael
25105TylerBumpMoustache/Bent SpokeOakland
27112KenDickWrench ScienceEmeryville
28147TerryBlanchetNorth American VeloCastleton
29155KyleNGSan Francisco
30131MarkWheelerSheila MoonSan Francisco
31144ToddChrisafulliNorth American VeloMill Valley
32106JuozasMartinaitisVelo RenoReno
33127ChrisStevensGodspeedSan Francisco
34124NicholasNavarroCrossniacsSan Francisco
35115SethCallahanTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
36114NicholasTudoniPeninsula VeloBurlingame
37120BillyCraneWebcor/Alto VeloMountain View
38168KevinRuschSports BasementSan Francisco
39140TristanWilliamsonMissing LinkOakland
41123MatthewTriskaDelore Grotta/Big Swining CyclesSan Francisco
45141TobySchultzMoustache/Bent SpokeSan Francisco
47149AlexWickDavis Bike ClubSanta Cruz
48111MattBrettTeam CrashSan Mateo
49134MartinAcostaSterlingsEast Palo Alto
50116AnthonyGiammonaTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
51132BrandanDarrowTeam OaklandPalo Alto
52159JoelSellmanCrossniacsSan Francisco
54156LeeSloneSheila MoonCampbell
56117DarylRogersSan Francisco
57115SethCallahanTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
60154BillLaddishBerkeley Bike ClubDanville
61107RobBrandtGBI.Kinetic CyclesSparks
62125CodyTapleyBike Station AptosDavis
63105TylerBumpMoustache/Bent SpokeOakland
64115SethCallahanTeam Roaring MouseSan Francisco
65111MattBrettTeam CrashSan Mateo
66155KyleNGSan Francisco
SingleSpeed B
Cat B Single Speed Results
Place#First NameLast NameTeamHometown
1862WayneMackeyVelo RenoReno
2878JasonMetzlerDead DeerSan Francisco
4868LeifFlemingMike’s BikeOakland
5875AndrewLeeHUP UnitedMountain View
6870DavinPukulisSheila MoonSan Francisco
7880GarrettChowMash SFSanta Cruz
8879Ric RodriguezRodriguezFreemont
9869GaryLandTeam BeerSacramento
10882JonSuzukiMissing LinkOakland
11865JonPalmerTeam CrashHalf Moon Bay
12874EricLoweHUP UnitedSan Jose
13886JamaicaWorksDavis Wheel WorksWoodland
15867BlairPetersonAbobe Category RacingMill Valley
16863AdamFranchSan Francisco
17881RobertJamesTeam Toms/SpecializedLos Gatos
18885DerrickChaoSheila MoonSan Francisco
19871DaveSchindehetteWells FargoCampbell
20867BlairPetersonAbobe Category RacingMill Valley
21884AndrewLyndonMissing LinkBerkeley
22888RyanPriceSanta Rosa
23883MikeMcCarronOlympic ClubSan Francisco
24872HarryConstantinVan DesselDanville



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