Last week, Behind THE Barriers showed you what it was like to go racing with The JAM Fund / NCC’s Anthony Clark. Anthony is a unique cyclocross racer, in that he’s routinely mixing it up at the front of professional bike races, but has a full-time job back at home. Anthony’s work is more than your run-of-the-mill office work, too. Anthony’s family runs Taylor Rental in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and day-in, day-out, Anthony is out delivering rental equipment to parties, gatherings, meetings and more. Behind THE Barriers got the opportunity to go behind the scenes with Anthony on a day of real work, from morning deliveries, to Anthony’s mid-day trainer break, to more deliveries, all across Western Massachusetts. Anthony is one of the rising stars in American cyclcoross, and Behind THE Barriers was there to show you what keeps him going, and what allows him to pursue the sport he loves so much!