Kevin Pauwels finished second in Hoogerheide. © Bart Hazen

Kevin Pauwels came out on top this weekend. ©Bart Hazen

by Bart Hazen

LILLE, BELGIUM – Kevin Pauwels has won the GVA Trofee Krawatencross in Lille. The Telenet-Fidea rider was the fastest in the sprint over world champion Zdenek Stybar (Telenet-Fidea) and Sven Nys (Landbouwkrediet). After the finish, Nys crashed into Pauwels while pulling the brakes to slow down. Belgian champion Niels Albert (BKCP-Powerplus) finished in fourth. Bart Wellens (Telenet-Fidea) rounded out the top five. Jonathan Page (Planet Bike), who became a father of his third child last week, had a solid ride and finished in 14th position.

From the start, Sven Nys took control of the race – followed by Stybar, Albert, Pauwels and Wellens. Nys increased the pressure on his rivals several times but was not able to drop the others. Turning into the penultimate lap Albert, Nys, Stybar, Pauwels and Wellens still had a chance to win the race.

Cyclocross stalwart Wellens attacked with less than two laps to go, but a mechanical problem ruined his chances. The big five turned into the final lap together but, despite several attacks by Stybar, a sprint was unavoidable. The world champion started the sprint early but clearly didn’t count on his teammate Pauwels’ kick, and the Belgian outsprinted him to the line. Due to the win, Pauwels comes within two points of GvA overall leader Nys, with the final race in Oostmalle in two weeks’ time.

Kevin Pauwels was surprised with his win. “I didn’t catch too much wind and therefore I could gain lots of speed. I wanted to pass Sven but never thought to beat Zdenek too. I am now close in the GvA ranking and everything is possible in Oostmalle.”

Sanne Cant Takes First International Win in Hometown

Belgian champ Sanne Cant looking strong, as always ©Bart Hazen

Belgian champ Sanne Cant looking strong, as always ©Bart Hazen

Dreams came true for Sanne Cant (BKCP-Powerplus) in her hometown of Lille. For her home crowd, the Belgian champion took the first international win in her career and the lead in the GvA Trofee. World champion Marianne Vos (Nederland Bloeit) and German champion Hanka Kupfernagel (Stevens) completed the international podium. British champion Helen Wyman (Kona) and Dutch Junior champion Sabrina Stultiens completed the top five. Cyclocross Magazine contributor Christine Vardaros (Baboco), who is still recovering from an injury, was anxious to start in the race and finished in 23rd.

From the start, Kupfernagel, Vos and Cant broke clear from the others. Halfway through the race Kupfernagel changed bikes, which didn’t go smoothly, and dropped off the break. In the penultimate lap the same happened with Vos, but the world champion was able to bridge up to Cant again. In the final lap Cant got rid of Vos after the world champion had to deal with a mechanical problem and was forced to run to the finish to secure the second place. Kupfermagel finished in third just behind Vos.

In the GvA standings Sanne Cant is now the new overall leader, followed by Wyman and Daphny van den Brand. The GvA leader before today’s race, Sanne van Paassen, who also claimed the World Cup overall, wasn’t able to start due to breathing problems.

Jim Aernouts Best in Lille U23 Race

Jim Aernouts takes the U23 win ©Bart Hazen

Jim Aernouts takes the U23 win ©Bart Hazen

Former Belgian champion Jim Aernouts again had the chance to raise his hands this season. In Lille he finished solo after an interesting race. World champion Lars van der Haar won the sprint for second over Micki van Empel and Wietse Bosmans. GvA leader Joeri Adams finished in fifth and lost his overall series lead to teammate van der Haar.

From the start, Vincent Baestaens took control of the race. The KDL-Trans rider created a gap of about 10 seconds on a group with van der Haar, Eising, Aernouts, van Empel and Bosmans. Halfway through the race, Baestaens was reeled in by Aernouts, van der Haar and Eising. The latter one dropped off the break due to a flat tire and van der Haar had a botched bike change. Due to that, Baestaens and Aernouts remained in the lead. It looked likely to become an interesting battle between the two Belgians until Baestaens had to deal with a mechanical problem with three laps to go. For Aernouts it was his fifth win of the season after Ruddervoorde, Hamme-Zogge, Hasselt and Stabroek.

Photo Gallery:

Elite Men

1Kevin Pauwels (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)BEL00:58:4725
2Zdenek Stybar (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)CZE22
3Sven Nys (Landbouwkrediet)BEL19
4Niels Albert (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL00:00:0217
5Bart Wellens (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)BEL16
6Klaas Vantornout (Sunweb – Revor)BEL00:01:2615
7Tom Meeusen (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)BEL00:01:3114
8Sven Vanthourenhout (Sunweb – Revor)BEL00:01:3613
9Dieter Vanthourenhout (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL00:01:4412
10Rob Peeters (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)BEL00:02:2011
11Jan Denuwelaere (Rendement Hypo Cycling Team)BEL00:02:2410
12Kenneth Van Compernolle (Style & Concept Cycling Team)BEL9
13Thijs Al (AA Drink)NED00:02:478
14Jonathan Page (AA Drink)USA00:02:507
15Ben Berden (Champion System)BEL00:02:596
16Eddy Van Yzendoorn (Baboco – Revor Cycling Team)NED5
17Marco Bianco (Sdc-Rogelli Cycling Team)ITA00:03:024
18Gerben De Knegt (Avb – Cycling Team)NED00:03:193
19Petr Dlask (Van Goethem – Prorace)CZE00:03:252
20Philipp Walsleben (Flemisch Cycling Projects)GER1
21Thijs Van Amerongen (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)NED00:03:300
22Francis Mourey (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)FRA00:03:480
23Robert Gavenda (Landbouwkrediet)SVK00:03:510
24Stijn Huys (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL00:04:040
25Mariusz Gil (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)POL0
26Christian Heule (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)SWI00:04:260
27Kevin Cant (Landbouwkrediet)BEL00:04:320
28Patrick Van Leeuwen (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)NED00:04:490
29Gianni Denolf (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)BEL00:04:550
30Bart Verschueren (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL00:05:120
31Kendric Van Grembergen (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)BEL00:05:190
32Dave De Cleyn (Sunweb – Revor)BEL0
33Tim Van Nuffel (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)BEL00:05:240
34Mike Thielemans (Rabobank-Giant Off Road Team)BEL00:05:290
35Martin Zlamalik (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)CZE0
37Steven De Decker (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL0
38Mitchell Huenders (Sunweb – Revor)NED0
39Jimmy Tielens (Rabobank-Giant Off Road Team)BEL0
40Wilant Van Gils (Bkcp – Powerplus)NED0

Elite Women:

1Sanne Cant (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL00:38:0125
2Marianne Vos (Nederland Bloeit)NED00:00:4322
3Hanka Kupfernagel (Stevens)GER19
4Helen Wyman (Kona)GBR00:01:2817
5Sabrina Stultiens (
6Nikki Harris (Baboco – Revor Cycling Team)GBR00:02:0215
7Pavla Havlikova (Bkcp – Powerplus)CZE00:02:4214
8Joyce Vanderbeken (Kona)BEL00:03:0813
9Arenda Grimberg (
10Daphny Van Den Brand (Brainwash)NED00:03:4211
11Reza Hormes-Ravenstijn (Nederland Bloeit)NED00:03:5310
12Nicole De Bie-Leyten (
13Tessa Van Nieuwpoort (The Chainstay-Renner)NED00:04:138
14Nancy Bober (Baboco – Revor Cycling Team)BEL00:04:267
15Sophie De Boer (Hudz-Subaru)NED00:04:376
16Ellen Van Loy (Bob’s Red Mill p)BEL00:04:455
17Karen Verhestraeten (Fischer-BMC)BEL00:05:084
18Hilde Quintens (Benelux Team)BEL00:05:213
19Nathalie Nijns (Edegem Bicycle Club V.z.w.)BEL00:05:312
20Anja Geldhof (WV Eemland)BEL00:05:421
21Katrien Aerts (Onmouseout)BEL00:05:510
22Lana Verberne (Onclick)NED00:06:160
23Christine Vardaros (–)USA00:06:450
25Anja Nobus (–)BEL0
26Kristien Nelen (–)BEL0
28Katrien Thijs (–)BEL0
29Katrien Vermeiren (–)BEL0
30Liisi Rist (–)EST0
31Britt Jochems (–)NED0
32Caren Commissaris (–)BEL0
33Liga Smite (–)LAT0
35Jaanice Geyskens (–)BEL0
36Valerie Boonen (–)BEL0
37Greete Steinburg (–)EST0


1Jim Aernouts (Sunweb – Revor)BEL00:54:1725
2Lars Van Der Haar (Rabo – Giant Offroad Team.)NED00:00:2722
3Micki Van Empel (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)NED00:00:3019
4Wietse Bosmans (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL00:00:3217
5Joeri Adams (Rabo – Giant Offroad Team.)BEL00:00:4716
6Tijmen Eising (Sunweb – Revor)NED00:01:0715
7Jens Adams (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL00:01:2014
8Matthieu Boulo (Sunweb – Revor)FRA00:01:3613
9Vinnie Braet (Sunweb – Revor)BEL00:01:5312
10Jiri Polnicky (Bkcp – Powerplus)CZE00:02:1411
11David Van Der Poel (Sunweb – Revor)NED10
12Sven Beelen (Rabo – Giant Offroad Team.)BEL9
13Emiel Dolfsma (Sunweb – Revor)NED8
14Stef Boden (Team Kuota – Senges)BEL00:02:167
15Marcel Meisen (Apb Cycling Team)GER00:02:306
16Ruben Veestraeten (
17Kobus HerijgersNED00:02:414
18Corné Van Kessel (Apb Cycling Team)NED00:02:423
19Kristof CopBEL00:02:522
20Jens Gys (Koninklijke Hoboken W.a.c. V.z.w.)BEL1
21Ingmar Uytdewilligen (Sunweb – Revor)BEL00:03:080
22Angelo De Clercq (Kdl Trans – Your Mover)BEL00:03:310
23Raf Risbourg (Palmans – Cras)BEL00:03:320
24Stijn Mortelmans (Baboco – Revor Cycling Team)BEL0
25Floris De Tier (Telenet Fidea Cycling Team)BEL0
26Arnaud Grand (Apb Cycling Team)SWI00:03:450
27Niels Koyen (Van Goethem – Prorace – Cycling Team)BEL00:04:000
28Jelle Cant (Baboco – Revor Cycling Team)BEL00:04:040
29Ritchie Denolf (Sport En Steun – Leopoldsburg)BEL00:04:080
30Sieën Veestraeten (Heylen Meubelcentrale Zlwc St.truiden)BEL00:04:170
31Jeffrey Mellemans (Sport En Steun – Leopoldsburg)BEL00:04:240
32Zeb Veestraeten (Baboco – Revor Cycling Team)BEL0
33Robin PoelvoordeBEL1 Lap0
34Kenny Maes (Kdl Trans – Your Mover)BEL2 Laps0
35Hendrik Sweeck (Landbouwkrediet)BEL0
36Mathieu Willemyns (Koninklijke Hoboken W.a.c. V.z.w.)BEL0
37Bart BarkhuisNED0
38Lex Reichling (Hageland Cycling Team)LUX3 Laps0
39Max Podschun (Revor Cycling Team)GER0
40Nick Van Dijke (Kon. Balen B.c. V.z.w.)NED0
41Kevin Neirynck (Jonge Rakkers Vollezele)BEL0
42Mathias Van Der SandenBEL0
43Mike Van Aken (Sport En Steun – Leopoldsburg)BEL0
44Jordy Van Staeyen (Rabobank-Giant Off Road Team)BEL4 Laps0
45Rutger Lahaye (Rabobank-Giant Off Road Team)BEL0
46Pieter Dewitte (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL0
47Bert Vermeiren (Bkcp – Powerplus)BEL0
48Laurent ReichlingLUX0
49Klaas Vankersschaever (
50Robin DelangheBEL5 Laps0
51Kenneth Goossens (Jonge Rakkers Vollezele)BEL0
52Mitchell Van Der HaasNED0
53Joachim Janssens (Cyclocrossteam Freddy Sport Dilbeek)BEL0
54Ruben Van DingenenBEL0