Video: Junior Men’s Race Highlights, 2014 Cyclocross World Championships in Hoogerheide

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Screenshot: Watch the Junior Men Battle for Supremacy in this 8-minute highlight video.

Screenshot: Watch the Junior Men Battle for Supremacy in this 8-minute highlight video.

Missed the Junior Men’s race? Perhaps you were in bed, or couldn’t get access to a live feed because you lived in the States and didn’t have Universal Sports and didn’t want to muck with your computer? We’ve got you covered. In addition to our ever-expanding 2014 Cyclocross World Championship Junior Men’s report, we have this 8-minute highlight video that shouldn’t require any tinkering with a proxy, VPN or browser extention.


Consider sharing this video with a youngster who might be curious about the sport but hasn’t given it a try yet.

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One thing that struck me in rewatching this race was the bike and rider setup.  The juniors, almost to a man, are riding smaller frames than we see at the Elite level or any level of say 5-10 years ago.  In addition, most of the bikes have the lower BB style and they are all running extreme saddle to bar drops.

So to my eyes it appears that either the new breed of rider is long arm/leg and short torso or cross "fit" is going the way of the road - more forward with bigger drop rather than more upright and relaxed.

Useless musing done ...

Matt Grummer
Matt Grummer

any update on the rider that smacked his face into the fence? that looked awful.


He got 8th overall.  He was the French rider, I believe ... looked gruesome though!

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