Peter Van den Abeele, the UCI Coordinator for cyclocross and mountain bike will be in Las Vegas this week but he won’t be have much time for the casino or shows.  Van den Abeele will be at CrossVegas for the second time – he was at the largest cyclocross race in America last year as a special guest of the promoters, and is using the occasion this year for another visit to CrossVegas and to attend the Interbike Show.

With the rapid growth of cyclocross in the U.S. and the desire by the UCI to spread the discipline worldwide it’s an ideal time to take care of business since Interbike is the largest bicycle trade show in the world attracting over 22,000 attendees.

Van den Abeele commented on his visit, “With the global leaders of the bicycle industry gathering annually in Las Vegas it’s an ideal opportunity to combine cyclocross business and MTB business and see the progress of U.S. cyclocross racing from the highest level at CrossVegas.   The long season of World Cup Mountain Biking has come to end and the World Cup Cyclocross will start in early October so this is perfect timing to take care of business for 2010.”

Cyclocross has been the fastest growing discipline of bicycle racing in the U.S. and is beginning to make an advance to other regions globally.  CrossVegas promoter Brook Watts added “We’ve issued Media Credentials for several journalists from south of the U.S. including Central and South America.  We demonstrated with CrossVegas that a warmer climate is not a handicap to the growth of cyclocross.”

CrossVegas takes place Wednesday September 23 after the first day of the Interbike show.  Interbike is the largest bicycle trade show and is scheduled September 23-25.